My Ugly Duckling: Part 3   added 8 years ago    

  By: stokely

I dumped the soda cans into a bucket of ice water and sprinkled salt with the mix.

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“Why’re you salting up the ice water?” my sister asked leaning over my shoulder, her breasts resting nicely around my neck.



“The salt chills the water faster,” I replied, trying to think cold water = shrinkage.



“You know, for a college drop out, you sure are smart,” she commented.



“Hey,” I warned, “I had something better going for me.” I pushed her playfully, but the new weight on her chest caught her off balanced and she fell over. I thought she was wearing some uber short shorts under that gigantic sweater of hers, but there was nothing but her pink panties. I couldn’t help but stare.



She just laid there sprawled on the floor looking up at the ceiling, her perfect new body mocking me. I could feel the heat from her pussy toasting my face just by gazing at it, or was it just my face reddening? I turned back to the ice water. “Hey Jimmy?” she broke the silence, “why don’t you have a girl friend?”



As I desperately tried not to follow the curvatures in her legs, I thought back to our short trip through the market a few minutes prior.



“Who’s your new girl friend?” my usual cashier inquired making my sister blush her usual rosy red. Thinking I would take care of the explanation, she continued on strutting her new stuff down the soda aisle. “She’s fuckin’ hot,” he partly said and mainly drooled.



“She’s my fuckin’ sister,” I wanted to reply, but all I could muster up was, “Yeah.” I found myself leaning to the side with the cashier as my sister bent over to pull out a box of soda. Realizing the severity of my actions, I shook my head.



“No?” my sister asked.



Confused, I asked her the same question, “No?”



“It wasn’t a yes or no question, Jimmy,” she scoffed, “Why don’t you have a girl friend?”



“Oh, no reason,” I simply put it. But truthfully, it’s because I did not have time for one with a baby sister named Chloe taking up all my free time.



She finally sat up freeing me from the burden of her panties, but I hadn’t realized her thighs teased me more than her crotch. “Don’t lie, Jimmy,” she accused, “I see you looking at these.” She grabbed her breasts and I blanked.



“Jimmy?” a familiar, yet cute voice woke me. “Are you okay?”



“No, I’m embarrassed,” I said looking up into her big brown eyes. “I would love to say I passed out, but no, I feinted. I fuckin’ feinted.”



She laughed at such a stupid comment and punched me in the chest, “You dumbass.”



“Callin’ me a dumbass, biatch?” I exclaimed and cried out my famous warcry, the neighbors hear it often and complain without rest. I grabbed her shoulders and grappled her to the floor. Usually at this time she attempts to knee my package, but as I laid on top of her, her gaze was hypnotic. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “She’s beautiful.” I leant in for a kiss and just then, I felt a sharp pain in my gut.



I rolled around in agony never letting go of my Johnson. It seemed like an eternity had passed by the time my sister comforted me with a bag of ice, small bag at that. “Aww sorry big bro,” she cooed, “we ran out of ice.”



I tried to man it out, but no matter, I couldn’t sit up. “You’re getting slower,” she teased. Getting no initial response from me, she broke the silence, “I’m going to take a shower.” She stepped over my beaten body victoriously and walked off into the distance.



As my eyes enjoyed the view from the floor, the ice numbing my crotch reminded me that we didn’t even touch the soda.



…to be continued


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unknown    (2007-11-27 21:20:38)    Flag as inappropiate
Looking forward to part 4.

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