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  By: Slayzee


It was a Saturday like any other. Michelle and I slept in a bit, got up, had some breakfast and started on the days ‘To Do’ list. Most of the list was pretty standard by now. We put a load of washing in, did the dishes from the night before, it was also time for our weekly visit to the supermarket.

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The day was very hot, typical for that time of year. The place we were driving to was anything but typical for our usual Saturday morning outing. Adult World. 
We were heading there to buy a small but specific selection of goodies for a visit we were expecting from a certain someone later that day.

The shop hadn’t changed at all. The black painted walls held shelves of videos, magazines and toys. Display units filled the shop floor with more magazines, toys, adult games and novelties. We picked out two very specific video titles. Both were approximately two hours long and both contained a variety of scenes that we were looking for. From run-of-the-mill sex scenes to threesomes, lesbians, S&M, and fetishes. It was the threesomes in particular that we were interested in.

At the back of the store was the fetish section. It was a display of PVC skirts, French maids outfits, whips, and restraints. We chose a fairly mild restraint set that could be strapped to a bed with ease and removed just as easily. We then moved into the center of the store. There was a section there that specifically catered to lesbians. Here we picked out a latex molded dildo that was attached to a G-string. At the bottom of the string was a small ball shaped plug that was connected via two wires, to a battery pack and switch on one of the straps. This device allowed a woman to wear the G-string and fuck another woman with the attached dildo. The ball shaped plug was to be inserted into the wearer’s anus during the sex act. The switch on the strap activated a vibrator mechanism inside the plug which sent waves of pleasure through the wearer’s body. The last item on our list was an exceptionally long dildo with a molded penis at each end and two pairs of testicles in the middle. This object allowed two women to share the dildo and experience the same levels of pleasure.

We took our bundles of joy to the counter, handed over the cash, took our black bag to the car and headed home. The preparations were about to begin.

We got home. 

We decided to have a bath before things got started. Michelle got undressed while I ran a cool bath. The heat of the day had drained us and we needed to feel refreshed before out guest arrived. The bath was ready and Michelle got in. She began soaping herself down as I took my clothes off. She turned to face me and I smiled when I saw my handiwork from the night before. Her pubic area was still smooth as a baby’s butt and probably just as silky. As I removed my jockey’s, I was somewhat surprised as a rather stiff erection sprang free. My level of excitement was higher than I thought.
I joined Michelle in the bath and began washing myself.
By the time we got out, every nook and cranny of our bodies was clean and ready.

In the lounge, we moved all the furniture to the perimeter of the room to make space for duvets, blankets and towels. Our black bag of goodies was tossed onto the couch to be opened and used later. Both the bathroom and bedroom were raided. The bedroom gave us a king size duvet and two single duvets. These would be used as cushioning from the carpet. The bathroom provided us with towels to be used to cover the duvets. 

Around the duvets, we placed an assortment of pillows and scatter cushions. In one corner of the room we had a large silver candelabrum containing five lavender and sandalwood candles. The other corner contained another candelabrum with vanilla and coconut candles. 
We set out a large ice bucket filled with ice. Next to it was a table with a jug of water, we knew this would come in handy later on. In the VCR, we placed one of the tapes we had bought earlier. On the floor next to the duvet, we put the double dildo and the strap-on. We were almost ready.

I turned on the hi-fi system and put on a CD of new age relaxation music. Setting the mood right was all important. We both knew that when she arrived, there would be no small talk. No chit-chat. We had to be ready for her.
Michelle filled another ice bucket and poured another jug of water. This was to be placed in the bedroom along with the vanilla and coconut candelabrum. I took the restraints out of their packaging and fastened them securely to the mattress. Michelle closed the curtains and lit the candles. Barely a word had been said between us. The anticipation was all encompassing.
Moving back to the lounge, we closed the curtains there and lit the candles.

The sun had gone down and night had arrived

We turned off the last remaining light and sat down on the duvet, our naked bodies were bathed in candlelight.

Everything was ready. 

A knock at the door.

“It’s open”, I shouted.

A shaft of light grew across the carpet, a shadow followed, the door closed.

Elena stood in the candlelight. She was wearing a soft flowing white skirt and a long sleeve white lounge shirt with the sleeves carelessly rolled up to her elbows. She was barefoot, a silver toe ring glinted on her middle toe.
She dropped her handbag on the floor and made her way towards us. Michelle and I stood up to welcome her. 

She reached for Michelle first. She knew I would like that. The two of them embraced tightly. As they began to part, Elena lifted her head and pressed her lips against Michelle’s. I watched intently as their mouths opened to accept each others tongues.

I moved behind Elena and put my hands around her waist. I traced a line up her stomach until I found her breasts. She had no bra underneath her shirt, less to take off. Her mouth parted from Michelle’s and she turned towards me. I bent my head and kissed her. Almost immediately her mouth opened and my tongue darted in. Michelle’s hands replaced mine at Elena’s breasts and she squeezed lovingly. I pulled my lips away as Michelle and I began undoing the buttons of Elena’s shirt. The soft white fabric fell gently to the floor as I crouched down to pull her skirt off. As it joined the shirt on the floor, we discovered that Elena was not wearing underwear at all. Already I could see droplets of juice clinging to the neatly shaved Mohawk that attempted to cover her pussy.

The two women joined me on the floor. Michelle and I rained kisses up and down Elena’s body as sounds of Adiemus, Tom Aragon and Enigma filled the room.
For a few moments, the floor was a tangled mass of arms and legs as the three of us tried to get a close as possible to each other, almost wanting to become one with each other.
Then, as suddenly as the tangle had formed, it broke apart.
We sat back against the front of the couch and I reached for the VCR remote. I hit play. The screen came alive with sex. Women, men, cocks, pussies, wet, hot, thrusting, riding, pounding against each other.

I glanced over to see Michelle’s hand glide towards Elena’s leg and on to her waiting vagina. Elena’s legs opened willingly as the hand lost a finger inside our guest. I watched another hand move towards my throbbing erection. She scraped her long finger nails against my skin until she found what she was looking for. My cock jerked as she touched it. She leaned over and took it in her mouth, her legs were still open as Michelle thrust her fingers deeper into her. The fingers were soon replaced by a mouth, a tongue. I watched my wife tongue the soaking wet pussy of our guest. It was a sight I shall not soon forget.

“Somebody please fuck me.” Elena pleaded

Michelle retrieved the strap-on dildo and clambered into it, lubricating and easily inserting the vibrating butt plug. Elena moved in the doggy position and she continued sucking my cock. Michelle knelt behind her, grasped the rubber penis and guided it gently into Elena’s waiting cunt. She let out a moan and with that, swallowed my penis, nuzzling her nose where my pubic hair once was. As she was getting rammed from behind, she used one had to play with her clit, bring herself closer and closer to orgasm. I changed position so that I was kneeling in front of her, thrusting into her mouth. This must have excited her immensely for no sooner had the position changed when she began riding the wave of her first climax of that night. She could not hold my penis in her mouth any more. She pulled her head back and let out a long, deep, satisfied moan. I found out afterwards that she had actually squirted a stream of cum onto Michelle’s legs. This orgasm, however, was far from over.

Michelle continued thrusting as Elena rode out the rest of the orgasm. The vibrating plug in Michelle’s ass was causing her to reach her own orgasm. Elena, picking up on this, pulled away from the dildo, pushed Michelle onto the floor, moved the dildo out of the way and clamped her mouth over her pussy. Tonguing her clit for all she was worth, Elena brought the rest of the orgasm crashing down on Michelle. 

Both bodies were racked by post climax shudders. As they lay together, I took the double dildo and began inserting it in Michelle’s pussy. The other end slid easily into Elena. Taking the opportunity, they began thrusting against each other, still enjoying their orgasms.

I guess it’s true what they say; women receive the best orgasms from other women. Something about knowing each others bodies really well.

They rode this double dildo for a few minutes more. Elena then took it out and lay on top of Michelle. They shared a kiss the likes of which I had never seen. Each one’s face was covered in the others juice, their faces tuned into two tongues, licking, kissing, sucking. Hands on breasts, stroking, touching, exploring

They both turned to look at me. I was sitting on the couch stroking my saliva covered cock. Both women knelt in front of me and began licking, sucking and nibbling my manhood. Tongues lashed against each other, kisses were shared in between sucks. I could feel an orgasm approaching.

I got up from the couch and Michelle positioned Elena on her back in the middle of the duvet before retrieving a few blocks of ice from the ice bucket. We took turns running ice cubes up and down her body. The ice melted with the heat from her body, the water mixing with the sweat and juices. Her nipples were so hard, I thought they may explode if I ran the ice over them again.

Michelle positioned herself behind Elena’s head allowing her to rest on her lap. Meanwhile, I knelt between Elena’s open legs and began licking her. Her hands moved down to grasp my head as I thrust my tongue into her wetness. My tongue was replaced by two fingers and my mouth moved to her clit. I sucked the little bud into my mouth and moved my fingers in and out of her. I felt her thighs start to shake and her body tense.

“Come on Baby,” Michelle encouraged her as she played with Elena’s heaving breasts, “Cum for us.”

Her hands gripped the back of my head as she pulled me into her. I felt her legs straighten and tense even more. She arched her head back into Michelle’s lap. She began to convulse. She shuddered more. She moaned louder. 

It stopped,

Only for a second and then the full force of her second orgasm hit her.

She ground her hips into my face, squeezing out every last drop of the orgasm.

I lifted my face from her pussy. Her eyes had begun glazing over with contentedness. I eased myself between her legs and effortlessly thrust my cock into her waiting cunt.
This was what she had been waiting for all this time.

I thrust into her all the way, she grabbed my sides and dug her nails in. I could feel that her orgasm wasn’t completely over and she wanted to draw more of it out.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” she moaned, “Fuck me until I can’t stand straight”

I happily obliged and began fucking her with bull-like thrusts. She cried out to Michelle and I, moaning in ecstasy.
As her orgasm petered out mine began. Elena could feel it and Michelle could sense it. My thrusts became longer and deeper. My cock swelled even more as the cum traveled through my body towards its exit.

“Give her a bath Baby,” Michelle instructed.
“With pleasure!” I replied

As my orgasm hit, I pulled my cock out and began jerking it off. The cum shot out in a long white stream all over Elena’s waiting breasts. It shot across her left cheek. It shot over her head onto Michelle. As the pressure subsided, it squirted onto Elena’s pussy lips and dribbled onto the towel underneath. Michelle reached down and began rubbing my cum all over Elena’s body. Her hands joined Michelle’s and together covered as much skin as possible.

The three of us collapsed in a heap on the floor bathing in the afterglow of our first experience together. We were all breathing very heavily. Our eyes closed almost simultaneously as we drifted on a cloud together. Music still filled the room, we were carried away on the melody. 

It may have been too quick for our liking but that was why we had started the evening early. We knew that the first bout of sex would be fast, furious, passionate and energetic. 
Now that it was over, we could take the rest of the evening slower. We had all the time in the world

I bet you’re wondering what the restraints in the bedroom were for…
Well, that’s another story.



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