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  By: Slayzee


It was a piping hot Saturday morning.

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The Naughty Meter

The weather had been particularly unkind as far as heat went.

By the time you got to the third floor landing, you were sweating profusely. Your summer skirt and short sleeves were not helping at all.

You knocked gently on the front door, apprehensive about what would be on the other side.

I opened the door.

“Hi there” you sang

“Hey. How you? Come on in”

“Something to drink?” I asked

“Please. Something cold, it’s hot as hell outside”


You curiously looked around the apartment, like you were looking for something in particular.

“Here you go. Lots of ice to cool you down”

“Thanks” You replied, “By the way, where’s your wife?”

“Overseas. Business trip. Gone for two weeks.”

“Excuse me!” you exclaimed. “Two weeks?”

You could hardly believe your ears.

“So, we’re here alone?”

“Um, yeah. Pretty much”


I walked over to the lounge and sat down on the soft leather couch. You followed me. Before you sat down, you hiked your skirt up above your knees, showing off two smooth shapely legs. You sat down, your right leg bent, you knee pointed towards me, your left leg on the floor.


“So, how have you been?” you enquired.


We made some small talk for a while, touching each other any chance we got. Nothing serious, just small touches. You took long drinks from your glass, always making sure a block of ice slipped into your mouth, just so you could slowly let it slip back out your mouth into your glass.

The more we talked, the closer we seemed to get until you were almost on my lap.

I made some comment about the heat and dropped my hand onto your leg, just above your knee in an almost playful manner, and left it there. You realized that I wasn’t going to move it and placed your hand on top of mine. With the slightest effort, you pulled my hand further up your leg until it was sliding beneath the material of your dress. You looked at me and moved towards me.


Our mouths met. They were open even before we made contact.

We slid our tongues into each others waiting mouths, our lips pressed together. You dragged my hand further up under your dress until my fingers touched the waistband of your g-string. You left hand moved towards my crotch.


Suddenly, the LCD TV sprang to life.

You got a fright and jumped.


“What the fuck was that?”

“Sorry, I thought a DVD was in order”


You looked at the screen. High definition images of sex danced across the monitor. Men and women entwined together. Hands explored bodies. Tongues licked, mouths sucked.

Your mouth did not move back to mine. Your eyes were fixed on the porn on the TV. You were mesmerized by the bodies you saw.

Instinctively, your hand found its way back to the bulge in my shorts and you began to rub. I moved my right hand towards your breasts and gently squeezed. You moved closer to me, your free hand pulled your skirt up further, exposing your powder blue underwear. I reached down with my other hand and placed it on the front of your g-string. Your heat was instantly felt, as was the wetness that was beginning to soak the material.


I stood up and moved to the other couch.

You looked at me strangely.

“Where are you going?” you asked

“I want to watch you” I replied.


“Watch the movie and do what comes naturally. I want to watch you touching yourself”


You smiled naughtily at me and turned your head towards the screen. Your left hand drew your dress up as high as it could go while your right hand slid seductively up your inner thigh. You began rubbing the front of your g-sting. I noticed a small dark patch start to form as you rubbed, your wetness was making itself known.

You mouth opened slightly as your rubbing increased. The sex play on the TV screen was holding your attention exactly the way I hoped it would. Your index finger of your right hand slid beneath the material of your panties, you jerked as you finger made direct contact with your pussy. Almost immediately, you slid two fingers deep into your waiting wetness. You let out a moan and looked at me. I was rubbing my dick through my shorts as I watched you pleasuring yourself.

Using your free hand, you dragged your g-string off and threw it across the room. Your legs were spread as wide as you could make them, I had a perfect view of your hands and what they were doing.


By now, I had stopped rubbing my dick through my pants and rather decided to get rid of my pants altogether. My cock was so hard, it hurt. I wanted so badly to slam it into you, to hear you squeal with delight. But I knew what you would want first.

I slid off the couch onto the floor and crawled towards you. You hands stopped what they were doing, your fingers slid out of your pussy and instead, you held your pussy lips open for me. You knew what I was about to do.




I opened my mouth, my tongue snaked passed my lips and buried itself inside your velvety wetness. My hot breath crashed against your clit as I tongue-fucked you. Even so often, I would suck your clit between my lips and flick it with the tip of my tongue. I eased two fingers into you and began to rub deep inside your pussy. I tongued your clit up and down, side to side, any way I could. Each time I changed, you body would spasm a little. I stopped licking and began rubbing your clit with my thumb, I looked up at you, your eyes were locked onto my hands. You were watching each movement, somehow, it made the experience better for you, watching someone else, masturbate you.

The sex scenes on the TV now were nothing more than background sounds. Women whose moans were drowned out by your own.

I moved my mouth back to your pussy, back to your clit. I removed my fingers from you and stuck my tongue back inside you. My top teeth raked against your clit.

You bucked your pubic bone against my mouth, urging your orgasm on.

When you came, it was like time stopped.

A splash of musky liquid hit my face. You sat up on the couch, you entire body tensed, you stopped breathing, your eyes shut tight.

Then, the wave broke.

You flopped back onto the couch, limp.

Your breathing happened in ragged gasps, your chest rising and falling each time you sucked in another breath.

The last of the clear, musky liquid oozed from your scarlet coloured pussy.

A few orgasmic aftershocks caused you to twitch a little, caused another little gasp to escape your lips, another droplet of cum to leave your pussy.


I climbed up onto the couch next to you and place my hand behind your head. Instinctively, you bent down towards my lap. Your left hand grabbed at my cock, pointing it at your waiting, gaping mouth.

You nearly swallowed the entire length.

Your head bounced up and down in my lap, each time taking a bit more of my cock into your mouth.

Your legs were wide open and your hand was furiously rubbing away at your clit, desperate for another orgasm.

“Bring your pussy over to my mouth” I said.

You swiveled around until we were in a 69 position. You had perfect access to my cock and I had perfect access to your pussy. Your second orgasm was on its way!


After much moaning, licking, sucking, fingering and rubbing, I needed to get my cock into you.

You stretched out across the couch as I positioned myself between your legs.

In one very fluid motion, I slid my length all the way into you. I collapsed onto you and you wrapped your sweating legs around my waist. I began to thrust in and out of your now thoroughly soaked pussy.

In and out I went, harder and harder. You whimpered with pleasure as our pubic bones ground together.

“Let me ride your cock”

“With pleasure” I replied

You straddled my lap and sank down onto me. You braced yourself against my shoulders and I grabbed your waist. I held you fast, you were going nowhere, only up and down!

You rode me for all you were worth, you tits bounced against your chest every time you reached the bottom of my dick.

“I’ve dreamed about bouncing on your cock for so long”

“That makes two of us! You pussy feels incredible. It’s so wet and warm, I just want to fuck you all day”


“I love your cock so much…it feels so good inside me…fuck me, please fuck me, please…cum…” you pleaded

Your pleading sent me right over the edge. At the last moment, you jumped off my cock and began jerking me off.

My dick sent a fountain of hot cum into the air.

It splashed down on your legs, onto my stomach, even onto your still heaving chest.


You fell down on top of me, both of us breathing very heavily, you mouth crushed mine, you tongue found its way back into my mouth.

“Mmm, I can taste my juices on your tongue!” you stated

“Do you like the taste of your own pussy juice?”

“Very much so!”

My softening dick got hard again immediately. The fact that you enjoyed tasting your own juice was like an instant aphrodisiac.

I lifted you back onto my cock.

I look of surprise swept across your face.


“Oh yes!”


You once again began rising and falling my dick.

Your mouth found mine once again and we fucked like it was the first time.


“I’ve got something I want you to try” I said after a few minutes.

“What?” you enquired

I reached down and opened a drawer in the coffee table. There lay a flesh coloured 7 inch vibrating dildo and a pink double vibrator set.

“What must I do with those” you asked with a bit of a shocked look on your face.

“Have you ever masturbated using a sex toy” I asked

“I can’t say that I have” you replied.

“Well, now’s your chance to see what it’s like”

“Whose toys are those anyway?”

“They’re my wife’s”

“Let me get this straight, you want me to fuck myself with your wife’s sex toys?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. If you enjoy them, I’ll buy you some of your own!”




A naughty grin appeared across your face and you reached forward to grasp the dildo first.

You leaned back against the leather couch and placed the head of the dildo at the entrance to your pussy.

“Are you ready to watch me slide your wife’s dildo into my wet little pussy?” you asked lasciviously

“Do it” I replied, “Stuff that little hole with that cock”


You obeyed and started sliding the sex toy into yourself. Once it was as far in as you could take it, you reached for the base of the toy and twisted the red lid. The vibrator inside the dildo sprang to life.

“Oh shit Steve. This feels incredible”

You began moving the toy in and out of yourself. I watched you pleasure yourself while I stroked my hand up and down my cock.

I got up onto my knees and guided my penis towards your mouth. Without any prompting, you opened your mouth and took my dick into it. Your right hand slid the toy in and out of your pussy, your left hand stroked up and down the hard penis that you now had in your mouth.


I came back down to the couch and our mouths met in another wet kiss. I reached down and placed my right hand over yours, helping you fuck yourself with my wife’s dildo.


“I want to try the other one now” you said

I obliged and retrieved it from the drawer. It was a duo of vibrating egg shaped objects with a single controller. I took the larger of the two and inserted it into your waiting and very well lubricated cunt.

“Put the other one on your clit” I commanded

Doing so, you looked up at me with a pleading look on your face. A look that was begging for another orgasm.

I turned the switch on the pink controller and the eggs began to vibrate.

You came almost straight away.

This time however, a small but noticeable squirt of pussy juice was expelled from your body.

“Oh fuck” you exclaimed, “I’ve never had that happen before”

“That’s quite okay, lots of women do it. Actually, I find it a huge turn on!”

“Can we make me do it again?” you asked

“I’m sure we could!”


I got up and went to the DVD player that was still transmitting porn to the TV screen. I ejected the DVD and placed another one in the tray.

I returned to the couch beside you and switched the vibrators off. They would be used again shortly.

Over the next 10 minutes, we watched woman after woman ejaculating their juices all over the place. From small squirts like the one you had to huge long range squirts that reduced the actress to a twitching wreck on the screen.


We sat on the hot leather, playing with ourselves while the women on screen came again and again.

After a while, I picked up the dildo again and slid it back inside where it belonged. I took larger egg vibrator and slid it into your pussy as well, just underneath the dildo. The smaller one, you placed on your clit. I switched all three of them on and your body jumped

You fucked yourself with the dildo and rolled the egg over your clit. The other egg stayed where I had put it.


I looked at you.

Your eyes were slightly glazed, a thin line of saliva was edging its way down the corner of your mouth. Your body was limp except for your hands.

I watched you masturbate as I jerked myself off.

Your body began to tense up and your breathing became ragged again. Your third orgasm was on its way.

“Do you like watching me masturbate Steve? Do you enjoy watching me play with myself, huh? Do you like watching me fuck myself until I cum, hey baby, do you…do you like to watch? Does it turn you on…does it get you off, watching me play with your wife’s sex toys, covering them with my juices…” you were nearly delirious with pleasure.

“I love watching you.”

“Fuck yourself with those toys…fuck yourself…I love watching you…your pussy looks so good with that dildo buried inside…I can see your juices oozing out of your cunt…I want you to cum for me…I want you to squirt for me…I want to watch your cum spray…cum all over me baby…squirt that juice all over me…I want to feel your cunt juice all over my body…”


Talking like that brought your orgasm quickly.

At the last possible moment, you yanked the dildo out of your pussy as I pulled the egg out as well.

I long jet of hot juice sprayed out of your sex.

It hit my chest squarely in the middle and ran quickly down towards my cock that I was still jerking off. The spray stopped as suddenly as it has started but was followed by another jet, not as strong but strong enough to hit me.

It was then that I realized that I had also started cumming and was liberally ejaculating all over your tits and stomach.


As our orgasms petered out, we collapsed onto each other, mixing our cum together and spreading it over our bodies.

We kissed again, body fluids mixed once more.


“I think we need a shower” I stated.

“Not a bad idea if I ever heard one” you replied


We lifted ourselves off the leather and moved to the bathroom.


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easypeasy    (2010-12-12 15:13:00)    Flag as inappropiate
Daaaaaamn, that was really hot. Mmmm, my cunt is throbbing hard, I want to get off now! Thank you!!

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