If I Only Could   added 8 years ago    

  By: LadyEleanor

I love to give my fiance oral sex. The throbbing of his heartbeat against my tongue while I inhale his heady musk and the power of the orgasms he gets that way give me almost undescribable pleasure.


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I would love to take it further and explore deep throat on him but I gag on my toothbrush, never mind 8 inches of thick hard cock. I've tried so many times and just can't manage to take it.

Has anyone else overcome this problem? What can I do? Can anyone share a surefire technique to overcome the gagging urge? Pl;ease help make my fantasy come true if you know how.

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Comments for If I Only Could

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LadyEleanor    (2007-12-27 14:13:18)    Flag as inappropiate
LadyEleanor That was the most helpful suggestion. I can definitely go further now and hopefully become very good at it.
bane    (2007-12-08 15:41:07)    Flag as inappropiate
bane ok, here goes. to really open up your throat lay on your back on the bed with you bed tilted back off of it and get him to kneel or stand in front of you. You'll find you'll be able to go alot deeper without gagging on his head. Try it, it does work.
woohoo    (2007-11-12 08:48:49)    Flag as inappropiate
another of the many amazing feats women are rarely given credit for?
LadyEleanor    (2007-11-01 14:39:11)    Flag as inappropiate
LadyEleanor I didn't realize the men could read the ladies fantasies. Ideally Id like to take him completely by surprise by doing it like a pro one day when he least expects it.
wolfman7421    (2007-10-29 12:32:53)    Flag as inappropiate
wolfman7421 Ask him to train with you, I'm sure he'd find it fun, failing that, I'd train you.....
LadyEleanor    (2007-10-26 16:06:23)    Flag as inappropiate
LadyEleanor I worry about getting a dildo stuck and choking on it. But there's a fantasy. Start with a small guy and work my way up to bigger and better things.
dana    (2007-10-26 13:26:07)    Flag as inappropiate
dana I hate that 250-characters-per-comment-limit. ;)
dana    (2007-10-26 13:25:11)    Flag as inappropiate
dana It will take time to overcome the gag reflex, but you'll finally be able to deepthroat.
dana    (2007-10-26 13:25:03)    Flag as inappropiate
dana It's a matter of training, you just have to keep trying. Start with a small sized dildo and try to take it as deep as possible every day. Once you're able to take it, use a bigger one...

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