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  By: johnh7

We’re at the restaurant, waiting for a table. I am  leaning against the wall, and you have your back to me a bit. you are always slightly nervous in public with me. This vibrating line between us means that sometimes i can barely look you in the face in public,and you can barely stand to be near me, without touching .  you don’t know where we are going, how fast, how far. you know I don’t know either.


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I reach for you and my hands rest lightly on your hips, pulling you back into me, against me. you love when i hold you like this, you love the freedom my hands have to roam all over you, but you also loathe it, because you can’t touch me, you can only submit under my touch. you hold your breath, because you don’t know what you want: if you want to grope you in full sight of everyone, you know you won’t stop me. you lean back and my lips brush your hair, your neck. One hand trembles for a minute on your hip; you know that what I want to do is slide that hand up so that you can push your breast into my waiting palm. I grip your hips a little more firmly through the thin cotton of your skirt, and you can feel my cock getting hard, pressing a little against your ass.

I whisper in your ear:

I want to fuck your hot ass right here, cumming deep in you. I want you to feel my cum soaking your panties and running down your leg as we walk home.

Now your breathing speeds up, you know I hear it. you push back into me a little, subtly moving against my stiffening cock. I’m coming undone, and you are too.
There is this way we have, this thing between us, it means that the flame turns up right away. A word, a look, and it’s suddenly there, all consuming, devouring. Suddenly you are starving but you no longer want to eat. Why does this happen, why is it that for each of us, our desire veers straight to the utterly pornographic, when it comes to each other? I don’t know why, it’s something about being inside each other’s heads but it does, and I love it, crave it, you.

you want my hand between your legs now in full view of everyone, sliding up under your skirt. you wouldn’t stop me, you’d close your thighs on my hand and cum on me, crying out. you are afraid of what I might ask of you, because you are helpless with me, and you know i am with you.

Now i gently push you away from me a little, I tell you our table is ready. you are trembling and flushed and you can’t look at the waiter. you don’t know how you’ll walk but you do, you can feel that your panties are damp.
your not looking at me, you look down at the table and when you’re drinking the wine I ordered I lean over and tell you quietly what I want you to do.
your cheeks burn but you know you won’t deny me. you never do.

you get up and go to the women’s bathroom and lock the door.
you balance on the sink. you pull your skirt up.
Don’t take your panties off, I’d said. I want you to just pull them aside.
I want you to cum in them for me.

you pull the  silky fabric aside. you gasp when your finger parts your swollen smooth lips. you are already so hot, so wet. you’re thinking about me fucking your ass, you’re thinking about how I will gently ease the head of my cock into your ass, slowly deliciously stretching you
I want you to open your cunt for me.
I want you to take a picture with your phone and send it to me now, here.
I want you to show me your cunt belongs to me.
you do. your legs shake a little, holding yourself open like this. your hands shake too sending me this.

I’ve made you cum for me in public before, touching yourself in a public place subtly, when I couldnt be with you. Ihavent asked you for this before though.
Send me a picture of how wet you are now.
Send me a picture of your fingers on your clit.
Show me how open you are for me already.

you do.
you take them all, everything I asked you for. you send them to me at the table.

you can’t bear to look at them even, but you know I’ll make you look at them later when I take you back to your flat before I give you my cock.

you text me, please call me, please let me come, tell me when.
you are leaning back now against the mirror, and you have two fingers inside your aching cunt when your phone rings and I whisper into your ear, telling you what I want.

it takes a long time for your breathing to slow down. There is a knock on the door and someone impatiently rattling  the knob. you put yourself back together.

i didn’t let you come and I didn’t let you wash those fingers. When you are back at the table you hand me your underwear, this silky scrap rolled up into a tight ball. I lean over and take your hand as you sit and I put your two fingers into my mouth. my lips and tongue closing around them and sucking make you lean back in your chair and you close your eyes and shake as you lift your glass and the wine slides down your throat, it feels to you as if my lips were closing around your pulsing clit, and you don’t care who is watching us. What you feel is pleasurable abandon, and when I lean over again you know what I say is true, and it’s only because I alone can get inside your head that it’s true when I say to you,
your cunt is mine.

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anonimusrick    (2011-04-07 14:06:07)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Awesome. You are a lucky girl to have found a man like that.
shybutwannatry1    (2008-12-05 10:20:46)    Flag as inappropiate
OMG what a story......sounds like fun!

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