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I had arrived home late one Friday night, Dad was working a night shift and my brothers had gone away for the weekend so I half expected to find mum camped out in front of the TV with a glass of wine. I came in and there was no sign of anyone so I called out to see if she was home. When there was no response I went up stairs to take a shower and get changed figuring she must just have popped. As I crossed the hall I stuck my head around their bedroom door just to double check and there she was lying on the bed, fast asleep.


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I turned to leave but stopped as a thought crossed my mind. I had often seen my parents naked, in the shower or getting out of bed, as we have always been a very open minded family but recently I had started to notice mums body more and more. I would often watch her when I knew she wasn't looking and of late I had even started to picture her body as I masturbated. As I stood there looking down on my mum's naked body I couldn't resist the temptation...

I reached down, slowly pulling back the covers to reveal mum's perfect 36DD breasts. As I stared down at her beautiful body I began to feel a swelling in my pants. I gently ran my fingers over the curve of her breast but as I reached the nipple she groaned and rolled over. I froze! Thinking she had felt me touch her or that she was waking up I didn't know what to do...

I wanted to run but I couldn't move. I regained my composure when it became clear mum was still asleep at which point I should have walked out and taken the shower I had originally intended but by now I was getting rather horny and without thinking about it I reached down again and started to stroke mums now exposed bum. Mum was in pretty good shape for a 45 year old woman with three kids, she was short at a little over 5' and while she was carrying a bit extra around the middle and behind she had fantastic breasts.

As I stroked I felt her buttocks wobble slightly and part just enough that I caught a glimpse of her wispy pubes. As she hadn't stirred again I took another chance and gently separated her buttocks, revealing her tightly puckered asshole and the furry lips of her pussy. I almost passed out from lack of blood to the head I became so hard! As I leant down and breathed in her sweet fragrance I lost myself and before I knew what I was doing I was lightly running my tongue down the small of her back, down between her buttocks to her asshole, as I pushed my tongue against the hole it slipped inside. It was at this point I realised the room was no longer silent... Mum was moaning!

I leapt up in a panic and was about to run out of the room but mum reached back and grabbed my pants! She was awake! I stuttered, trying to find words but nothing came out. Mum didn't move... she lay there, bum slightly raised (I had been so completely engrossed I hadn't noticed that she had actually been pushing back against my tongue!). I stood speechless, mum holding tightly to the front of my pants, not saying a word... she pulled until I had to bend down, my mouth hovering above her ear and she whispered two words: "fuck me", then she released her grip.

Stunned, I didn’t know what to do. I stayed perfectly still trying to think how I should proceed. My mum was asking me to fuck her, it was like all my dreams and my worst nightmare happening at the same time. Then she made the decision for me... she rolled over and kissed me on the cheek, without a word she started to undo my pants, reached inside and pulled my cock out. She looked at it for a moment, very proud of herself then started stroking back and forth, working my foreskin back over the shiny tip she kissed my cheek again, working her lips around to meet mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I felt like I was going to explode as she worked her magic with her tongue and her hands. She pushed me away just enough to reposition herself and suddenly my cock was buried deep in her throat! She bobbed back and forth as I watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth. I whimpered “Mum, what are we doing?” but she was far too busy with my cock in her mouth to respond. Without any warning and with my cock pushing hard against the back of mum’s throat I exploded shooting so hard that cum poured out of the sides of her mouth around my cock.

She slid back releasing me from her grasp and said again, this time firmer: “Fuck me!”

I had no qualms now, I stood up, stripped off and then pushed her forcefully onto her front “I’m going to fuck you alright, I’m going to fuck you in the ass!”, “Oh yes!” she cried, “even your father hasn’t done that! yes, fuck mummy in the ass... that’s my boy!”. I pushed my cock between her butt cheeks and guided it toward her asshole pushing gently it was obviously going to need some lubrication so I leant down and spat then slid my tongue deep inside as she squealed and writhed. After a few minutes I swapped my tongue for my cock, thrusting first into her soaking wet pussy then deep into her ass, then back to her pussy and so on, after a few strokes she was going nuts! She was writhing around and muttering “good boy, that’s my boy, yes, fuck mummy’s ass” when she tensed up with her first orgasm! I just gave my mum an orgasm!! How cool is that? I was thinking. And then she had another, and another. By this point I was thrusting furiously deep into her ass as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her until I finally exploded again thrusting so hard I was sure the cum was going to come out of her mouth again!

I slid out and we collapsed in a heap beside each other, cum dribbling out of mums bum. After a few minutes mum got up and without another word went and took a shower. After she had left I got up and went to my room.

In the morning I went downstairs for breakfast to find mum and dad talking. I sat down sheepishly and helped myself to orange juice as I caught mum looking at me out of the corner of her eye and telling dad that she felt a bit sore this morning. I almost choked on my OJ! Dad just told her she should take it easy...

My relationship with my mother changed that night... for the better!

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easypeasy    (2008-09-15 01:23:42)    Flag as inappropiate
Mmm, nice. That got my cunt wet and hot, so hot I need to go rub off. I've been into thinking about eating my mom's pussy lately, so this was good.

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