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  By: StealingBeauty

I am walking down an alleyway... alone.. in the dark. I feel like I am being watched from a far. I clutch my bag tighter and walk faster, I hear the echo of my own footsteps. It is real dark.. I can barely see my own shadow when I feel his hand grab me... I feel a masculine hand pull me back and push me against the wall of an abandoned building. My head is racing, I gasp breathless not able to scream, I drop my bag and realise that this man has already pinned me and has me by the throat. I start to struggle but that makes him stronger and forceful, the taste of his saliva is strangely sweet and familiar. His hot breathe warms my neck as he makes his way down to my now exposed breast.
I breathe deeply and slowly, trying to make sense of the situation. Before I can plead for mercy he has my throat tightly in his hand. Holding my life at his disposal. I decide to trust and not to fight. Give him the power that he needs. I find his agression sickening at first. He uses his free hand to find his way thro my clothes, tearing my shirt, the sound echoing throught the alleyway. I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. I find that I cannot slow my breathing down anymore. I am confused by this. Shouldnt I be fighting this man? Shouldnt I be trying to break free from his clutches? I feel his cold hand rub against my lacey panties... I suprise him by moaning. He is caught off guard and squeezes my throat tighter hurting me. I use my free hand to feel his hold on my neck. This turns him on. He presses up against me real hard. I feel him ready for me against my navel.
He releases his own hand and clutches both my hands and puts them above my head and licks me from nipple to ear. I sigh and try to free my hands but he grunts and pins me harder. Why does this stranger choose to want so much power over me? Why am I letting him? I find his mouth with mine in the darkness and let him kiss me hard and wrecklessly... I feel hot and weak against his power... he takes one hand and is freeing himself, i can taste his urgency with his tongue, he then uses one hand to hitch up my skirt and pull down my panties... i dont say a word as to not break the spell... he can feel my heart pounding against him and he finds me again in the dark and forces his mouth so hard against mine i hit the back of my head real hard against the concrete wall. Not sure if my head is spinning from knock or the kiss, i let him use his free hand to explore me... i let him use his hand to open me up.
He is very excited and bites my nipple when he realises how ready i am to take him in... he uses his index finger to wipe up some of the juices that have run out of me and onto my thigh, and as he thrashes his tongue in my mouth he forces his index finger in also, pushing through hard with a panicked urgency to see my reaction... i use my tongue as a response, i ignore his mouth and firstly bite down on his finger... he is suprised but then breathes a sigh as i suck his finger all the way into my mouth, showing that he doesnt hold all the power over me... he takes his finger out of my mouth and uses that hand to guide himself into me... as he pushes himself forcefully in i try and free my hands again but to no avail. I am totally pinned against the cold concrete my heart pounding against his and i open my eyes and try to make shapes out the shadows...
he painfully thrusts himself deeper he grabs my breast and cups it in his hand and squeezes really tight, i try and moan in defense but i am suprised by him again as with the next thrust he has my hair and pulls my head to the side exposing my neck and he ravishes me with his mouth. I explode with warmth to which he responds more intensly. I know he can feel my wetness, I know he can feel it running down my thighs. This just enrages him, he has lost control over me... No matter how hard he grabs my throat or presses me against the cold wall, he knows that I am not reacting or responding to the way he wants... His thrusts hurt me.
It burns inside but i cant stop feeling sickly aroused by this pain and his anger. I feel he is nearing the end and he uses this chance to again grab my throat and bites my lower lip, i taste the metalic warmess of my own blood from my lip when he squeezes my neck and forces me on my knees. The ground is cold and it is still so dark... he moves his hand to my head uses both hands to clutch my hair and thrusts himself into my open mouth. He is excited again, he has taken hold of me again and is in charge. i feel the taste of myself on him and use my tongue to cleanse him of the memory of my own control. He starts to use a rhythm moving my head and himself into me.. his thrusts choke me, i gag on his hard thrusts... he takes one hand and feels my face through the darkness, he runs a finger down my teary cheeks and he moans.
He takes his tool of control out of my mouth and presses it hard against my tears and moans. I feel the heat explode all over my cheek across my nose up to my hair and burning my eyes. He is panting and rubbing himself against my wet slippery face. He moans in delight. He lets go of his throbbing manhood and picks me up and presses me against the wall once again. he pushes my sticky hair away from my face and is rubbing his warm juices all over my face and into my mouth. I taste him and let him push his fingers into my closed mouth... he leans his head against mine and kisses my mouth. Its the last act.
His kiss and his own taste on me seals his own gratification... his over powering need to force himself on me... as I open my eyes to try again to see him through the darkness I try and make out the outline of his face. It is strangely familiar. I decide I dont want to know who this man is and stand still with my eyes closed till the footsteps fade out......

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easypeasy    (2010-12-12 15:17:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah, I really got off on that. Loved the helpless fingering. Nice work!
christina09    (2009-02-14 08:02:05)    Flag as inappropiate
christina09 god i loved this it was like you picked my brain for the perfect story.. write more plzzz.x
unknown    (2007-12-22 12:52:54)    Flag as inappropiate
I really enjoyed this.
allyb    (2007-10-06 04:57:34)    Flag as inappropiate
You could make a living writing adult novels.A really good fantasy and very well presented, thanx.
Michael    (2007-10-03 20:41:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Michael This is god stuff. I can't wait to see more.

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