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Its not everyones cup of tea.... I do apologise in advance for anyone that I have offended...


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I hear strange and unusual noises... not the usual kind that is associated with banking. No clicking on keyboards, no idle chit chat about weather, not even printing. I look up from my daze and stare into the eyes of evil. I don't even recall the words that he used... It was a strange silence, it seemed the scene that was unraveling before me was in slow motion... Even though I couldnt hear what he was saying, his eyes screamed at me. I was frozen with fear. Before I even registered that he had a gun pointed at me I felt a hard jab into the lower or my back and an arm taking me away from the face of this evil.

I turned to face another man in a mask. He was yelling at me to take him to the strong room now. I looked around and could see the spray of destruction that they had already brought upon us... Laying in a pool of blood I see pleading eyes of work collegues, gasping their last breaths, I pass them looking down and staring. my eyes trying to send them my last goodbyes... I am out back now fumbling with keys trying to remember all the rules and regulations. I knew them all by heart yet at this moment, I couldnt recall one..

I opened the strong room and he dragged me to the treasury safe... His screams were making my ears ring... As I opened the safe the lights in the room faded. Before I could realise what was going on I panicked and slid my arm away and ran for the door... I thumped my clenched fists on the heavy steel door but soon realised we have been locked in the time delay room. I turned to face my enemy. I could read panic and rage in his eyes... He went silent and flicked the switch on the safety of his revolver... my heart fell.

I knew this is the end of days and the moment of truth had arrived.. this is how I would end my last moments. Locked in a cold steel room, with a maniac holding a loaded gun to my face. Making peace with myself, I lowered my head and led my body slide down against the cold steel door. I could hear the faint shots of artillery in the distance... He kept staring at me, seeing the look of defeat in my eyes. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see him lick his lips and stare deeper into me... I started to concentrate on the stinging sensation I was feeling in my right shoulder, I look down and notice I am bleeding. I put my hand to my shoulder and panic. Did I take a bullet? Am I going to bleed to death and slowly have life sucked out of me or will he take mercy and follow it through with another shot?

I looked at him with pleading eyes.. He was silent, licking his lips again he inched closer to me to inspect the damage. I used my blood soaked hand to push his face away but he was too strong, I instead took of his mask exposing the face that he worked so well to hide. I looked at his face, smeared with my blood. I stare pleadingly into his eyes as the room around me went into darkness.

When I finally woke I didnt even have time to digest what had happened... I realise i am on the floor on my back I am still locked in the cold steel room. The same man was on top of me staring at me, I didnt realise what was happening till it was too late. I hurt so much in other areas of my body but from fear lay so still. I have finally come to the realisation that he is forcing himself inside of me. His strong thighs are no match for my weak body. His hand covers my face as he enters me. Covering the shame that he has created, hoping that if he doesnt see my pleading eyes he wouldnt need to feel more guilt. I try and relax because it hurts so much. The pressure against my shoulder is creating so much pain, it tortures me with every push he makes inside of me. His cold hand now forgetting to cover my face, remorse is overtaken with power and pleasure...

I try and squirm but he taps my head with the revolver as a gentle reminder of his subordination. I am cold with fear i try again to plead with my eyes but his sense of humanity is lost inside of me and he hits the side of my head with the barrel of the revolver so hard the room goes white and then fades out to dark... The first thing I hear is the shuffling of his feet I turn my throbbing head to investigate. He has not realised that I am now again concious. I bring my healthy arm to my face and feel the degredation that has been drizzled on my face, I quietly try to wipe his memory away with the sleeve of my soiled shirt... i bring my hand down and realise he has left the bottom half of my body exposed and bruised... A reminder of his perfect act of violence against me.

In pain i slowly turn my body to my side. I look around the room and realise that his revolver has been left laying next to me. In a made dash of heroism I decide to leap to grab hold of it... He turns but I am too quick... Holding this powerful cold gun in my shaking hands has turned and given me strength. He tries to plead but I do not recall or want to recall his words... All I think about is the humiliation and depravity he left behind on my face.... I stand slowly and face him. I look into his eyes with pity and sadness and without even considering the consequence of my action i squeeze the trigger.

His body flops like a rag doll that is dropped by a child in the playground... The colour red flows along the floor... I see him coughing and gasping for air... the compassion has been drained out of me and now I am just staring coldly at him as I squeeze again. His hapless body now drained off life lay still on the floor. I drop the gun and turn to face the steal door. I sit in the corner against it and close my eyes... the darkness giving me the blanket of warmth that I needed during the wait to be rescued.....

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Michael    (2007-10-01 16:16:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Michael Pretty intense fantasy, I liked it.

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