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  By: phil1796

It was late and everyone on the bus to Los Angeles was asleep except for you, me and a couple near the front kissing. Soon, they called it a night and it was just us in the back of the bus. The bus was full. There wasn't a single empty seat and our luck had landed us right next to the bathroom. You wondered aloud earlier if "someone" could do it in there.


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You are lost in thought when I reach over and grab your breast pinching it so I know I have your attention. You yelp a little and the woman next to you stirs but does not wake up. I brought you a traveling gift. I say. reaching down into my bag, I pull out a bright red vibrator. You eyes go wide in shock because you know I will want you to use it right now. Assume the position. I say. Your mind races but you soon realize that you have no choice but to comply. With that, you hike your skirt up exposing your smooth shaved mound. Unbutton your top and expose your breasts to the chilly bus air.


I reach up and adjust the AC nozzles so they are blowing right on your nipples and instantly they turn hard. You still wear the collar that I had gotten you before only now there is a small brass plate on the side with my initials. Less Permanent than a tattoo but far more erotic. I take a moment to gaze at you, completely exposed, surrounded by lightly sleeping people.

I run one hand over your curves and press the dildo against your cunt. To my surprise and pleasure it slides right in. Well, aren't you a horny girl today. Look how badly your pussy wanted that inside you. I hold a mirror up so you can get a good look. You feel hot from embarrassment then the heat moves between your legs and you clench to hold onto the toy or even take it deeper. You start to moan and It hasn't even been switched on yet. You catch yourself and clamp your mouth shut. I have just the thing for that. I say. Then I pull a ball gag out of my bag and fasten it. I Start to fuck you with this toy.


My free hand is rubbing on your clit. You moan a bti more and the gag seems to keep most of the noise from escaping. You are soaking wet as I thrust in and out, fast then slow. Hard and deep the softly. You can feel you body getting ready to come. I flick the switch and it buzzes alive. You feel your whole body tremble. Then I tweak your nipple. Hard. You come down fast but the buzzing and the thrusting don't stop. You moan a bit louder, trusting the gag. But It doesn't do much for it and the woman next to you starts to stir. I let go of the vibrator with it deep in you. You hand reaches up and starts thrusting. You pant thru the gag. You're sure the woman next to you is going to wake up but you can't stop. You cum. You bury your head in the seat to try to silence yourself.


The woman begins to turn saying what is all the noise? I toss a blanket over you just as she turns to see you. Thru hazy eyes she looks at your blanketed form and says "there's no need for nightmares, hun. Go back to sleep. And she turn over and goes back to sleep. You see some others turning to find a new sleeping position. Not awake not looking at you. When the bus Is quiet again I pull the blanket off and pull your clothes back into place. That was a close one. I smile. I'm so proud of you. But your have to leave this in you till we get to LA. If you drop it you'll be in big trouble!

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dana    (2007-09-29 07:04:41)    Flag as inappropiate
dana Hot! I love having sex with the possibility of getting caught. Thrilling experience. :)

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