How it all started   added 8 years ago    

  By: dana

When I was a teenager, I had this girlfriend, Julia. We were best friends and we didn't have any secrets. When we grew older and boys became interesting, we wanted to be prepared, so we sorta drifted into playing with each other. I shared my first kiss with Julia, we both had our first sexual experiences exploring each others bodies. We spent sleepovers kissing, touching, then licking each others pussies. I've had some of the best orgasms in my life with her sucking my clit and fingering my cunt.


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One day, the subject of anal sex came up. A friend of us mentioned, telling us her boyfriend wanted to fuck her up her ass. Little did we know that that "other hole" was available aswell, we considered it rather dirty and disgusting. Julia caught fire and wanted to experiment. I liked the sensation of her touching my butt (even more than fondling my tits, actually) when she licked me, so I was definitely up for that. I was wet just thinking about what we are going to do during our next sleepover.

The other day, Julia came over because my parents were out of town. We didn't have to say a word - as soon as the door was closed, she was all over me, stripping me out of my clothes. She furiously kissed all of my body, sucked my tits, then drove her tongue between my legs. God, was she hot that day and I was dripping wet as well. Three fingers entered my pussy easily, blowing my mind. Then I felt her little finger poking at my ass and I came hard just thinking about what a dirty, nasty act we were about to do. I told her she had to be careful, she just looked me in the eyes with her big, brown eyes, then licked all of her fingers enjoying the taste of my pussy and making her hand all wet, then continued her play, only using two fingers on my cunt and the other two touching my little hole.

Her spit made it even more wet and the touching and fingering soon merged to one sensation. Then I felt her finger trying to enter my ass again. I relaxed a bit and one finger slid slowly into the forbidden hole. At first it felt strange, but her tongue on my clit and the continued fingering soon made me relax and it began feeling sooooo good. I guess she decided by the look on my face that I was up for more, so she carefully tried to add another finger which soon slid into my ass. Then she began wiggling her fingers around inside me, hitting my g-spot and sucking everything that came inside her mouth. I exploded in a blast, covering her face with my juices. My orgasm lasted for ages, I guess that was the incident that hooked me to anal stimulation.

Much has changed since then, I wonder what happened to her after she moved away.

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Comments for How it all started

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magictonic    (2009-01-25 00:35:55)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic Great story dana! It seems quite authentic.
easypeasy    (2008-11-19 20:36:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, short but super hot! Thanks!
Soohard08    (2008-03-02 06:21:26)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Wow,great experiens.I lowe to do it to you. Anyway, give me more nasty stories to make my cock hard.
kinkygirl    (2008-02-29 23:26:39)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoa! This story really got me horny. I gotta have some of this for myself I guess. :)
davil6    (2007-12-22 19:59:37)    Flag as inappropiate
yes,hell yes,a ure fire way to reach that over the top outta your mind blowing up that ass ...I love it...everyday.we should talk.DNG, real.:)
Ron1x    (2007-11-21 04:54:01)    Flag as inappropiate
very nice hun
djfred    (2007-11-15 03:08:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice one i liked it wooo
keep em comming
woohoo    (2007-11-12 11:44:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Sara25702    (2007-11-08 15:46:58)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice, it makes me want to try it.
prawnstar    (2007-10-31 03:30:43)    Flag as inappropiate
What a nice way to start, thx!
phil1796    (2007-09-28 08:43:22)    Flag as inappropiate
I really want to hear more stories from you!
Michael    (2007-09-26 19:01:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Michael Nice

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