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There are 2 sisters who live a couple of houses down from mine and I have watched them grow into 2 beautiful young women and I mean beautiful young women over the last 5 years or so, the older sister is 21 and the younger 18 they both have long brown hair with blonde highlights they are both slim with maybe d cup breasts and around 5 foot 10 tall. 


over the last month or so both sisters seem to be making an effort to talk to me more and are becoming very flirtatious with me and they seem very close to each other as in touching each others hair and hugging in a caressing way in front of me, this sparked a dream I had the other night that I would like to share with you but unlike I have imagined it so many times me with both of them my dream included a few surprises to me.


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Well to start with my wife has gone on a night out and would normally get back home around 3 in the morning so I am at home alone drinking several cans of lager and starting to get drunk watching porn on the pc as usual : ) when there is a knock at my front door, wouldn’t you know it’s the 2 sisters in very revealing tight tops and mini skirts but both are looking upset, after asking what’s wrong and finding out they have split from there boyfriends I invite them in for a drink


I show the girls to the living room and go to the kitchen to get some drinks a little nervous as I can already feel my cock starting to twitch, upon my return to the living room to my delighted surprise there is a pile of clothes on the floor and both girls are sat next to each other completely naked, the twitch I had felt in my cock now almost instantly turned into a uncontrollable erection that I had no way of hiding, the girls seeing this proceeded to open there legs and start to rub each others pussies gliding their fingers over each others clit and sliding a finger inside their tight looking pussies


the one says to me “would you like your hard cock to be where my finger is baby”, my clothes where off in a second and my tongue was buried deep inside the younger sisters pussy while the older one wasted no time taking my now rock hard cock into her warm wet mouth sucking and stroking me while I licked her sisters clit and fingered her hot hole, the older sister took my cock from her mouth and said I want my pussy licked but as I went to I was pushed away by the younger one who then caressed her sisters clit with her tongue, so seeing the younger sisters wet pussy open while she licked her sister I moved behind her and started to slide my cock deep inside her hot tight little pussy, stretching it wide open she lets out a moan of delight as I proceed to thrust myself deep inside her causing her to have to keep stopping from giving her sisters pussy pleasure


unknowing to me my wife had returned early with one of her male friends from work and had been watching us through the window and had managed to get into the house without me or the girls hearing, after entering the living room while I was now pounding my cock into this tight little beauties pussy my wife said “having fun”, me and the girls all surprised shot up to see my wife and her friend, expecting the worst I was surprised when my wife noticed her friend had become aroused by this and could see his hard cock bulging beneath his trousers, so after seeing her husband with these 2 young girls she did what she had to and took her friends cock from his trousers and into her mouth pausing to say “I want to watch you fuck them both while he fucks me”


to cut a long story short the girls and my wife where fucked in every hole by both cocks in what turned out to be an orgy, me and my wife’s friend watched as the girls and my wife gave each other amazing orgasms and then we both emptied our pulsing balls with hot creamy cum all over 3 wanting faces. As you can probably tell this was an awesome dream and I haven’t been able to look at the sisters the same but here’s hoping dreams do cum true : )

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JMCF0321    (2010-09-07 03:36:03)    Flag as inappropiate
that was hottttttttttt !
gesundheit99    (2007-11-04 12:18:20)    Flag as inappropiate
damn... i thought it was true. but anyway that's just hot
agreek2nv    (2007-11-01 20:21:22)    Flag as inappropiate
Thats hot

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