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  By: bighost

Actually this isn't a fantasy, it happened, but "imagination" asked me to describe how I ended with my friend's cock in the mouth... so it's a fantasy for him.

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The Naughty Meter

I asked this friend of mine to take some pictures of me and my (ex)wife having sex. It was all done nice and professionally, but later my wife confessed that all the time she was dreaming of him joining us. Slightly embarassed I told her that it was on my mind too. So I called him and asked him if he developed the photos yet - if he didn't we would like to join him in the dark room.

Lucky for us it was back in the days when digital cameras didn't exist. Fortunately he invited us in his dark room for the processing. He made a few enlargments of cocksucking and was pleased with the quality. I whispered to my wife that she should check if he's aroused but she choose another approach. She asked him if he liked the picture. When he confirmed, she asked if he would like the same treatment. He was surprised, but not shocked and he looked at me. "Dear friend, my wife would really love to be fucked by you and I agree, but only if I'm in the game too. Of course he was for the game, my wife was a very good looking slut.

They started kissing but I couldn't wait, I took her trousers and pants off and fingered her. In a minute we were all naked and for the first time she had two hard cocks for her. She said it was like a candystore for a child. And like candys she treated our cocks, licking and sucking them.

I lifted her on the table and spread her legs for him. He had a long but thin dick, but anyway it was a pleasure to see how he penetrated her.I was having a close lookup so I decided to intensify her pleasure and licked her clit.Till today I don't know if he did it on purpose or his cock accidentaly slipped out of her cunt and ended in my moth - I don't care. I liked it, he liked it. she liked it.

"Oh you naughty boys," she said. "Let me see what you're doing!"

"Don't just look," he replied to her. "Help him instead!"

So she did. We shared his cock and his balls and he became the master of the situation in a moment, as well we both agreed to follow his lead. When he wanted me to lick his ass I didn't hesitate and I continued doing it while he pounded my wife. It worried me a little when he said he wants fuck me also, but she helped me.

"Don't worry dear, I'll took it up the ass first so you'll see how nice it is!"

Actually she really really loved it, more than when I fuck her ass, she admitted later that day. I had no excuses more, in fact I was really curious and - as usually - I would do anything that makes my wife horny. He fucked me from behind and without lube, only with saliva of my wife who now and than spat on his cock. But it was great. I tought my erection was about to explode, I probably never had it so hard before. It changed my sexual life completely. I tried sex with men several times from then, but it was never that much fun like a good bisexual MMF. Of course my wife and I repeated the experience with different guys, not all were bi, but...

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Clarkee    (2012-07-15 14:30:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Loved it - would love something like this to happen to me!
farker    (2007-10-08 19:25:37)    Flag as inappropiate
farker great story, thanks

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