The Meeting   added 8 years ago    

  By: angelkitty

We had planned and prepared for this night. It was the one night where neither of us were married or engaged or doing business or taking care of kids or anything. We were there for one reason. To give into the passion that we knew we had. We had planned it out perfectly.

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The Naughty Meter


When i got there you would already have the hotel suite booked and you would be laying on the bed when i got there...and when i walked in...there you were. Blind folded. Your hands are tied over your head. You hear me come in. As i approach you, your breathing quickens...your tense lick your lips. I just stand over you for a moment and let you anticipate what im going to do next.


After a moment, i lightly drag my nails over your chest, down your stomach, down one leg, get to your knee and then retrace my trail all the way up to your neck. I lean forward. You feel my hair fall onto your chest. I hear you take a shuttered breath. I lightly kiss your neck and then slowly work my mouth up to your ear. As im kissing your neck, my hand is roaming your chest and then your stomach. Its moving lower....and lower. and lower still. I come to your cock...I barely touch it, but i can feel how hard it is, and how bad you want to be inside of me. I whisper in your ear, "What do you want me to do to you?" You just take a shuttered breath. I know what that breath means...and I know exactly what you want.


Instead of giving you what you want. I get up and leave you all together. But just for a second. It just so happens, for this encounter i have brought some props. I grab some strawberries. I come back over to you and let you taste one. I make sure to tease you with it first. I let it linger a few inches from your mouth and watch you try to bite it...then i bring it lower. I only let you have a little bit and then take it away. I put the rest in my mouth and then bring my mouth down to yours. as you take another bite of the berry you try to touch my lips. I dont let you. Instead i take the berry away and kiss your neck again. You feel my hot breath on your neck...moving lower. You feel my soft lips working their way down your body. I keep looking at your looks so hard. All i can think about is having it inside of me. I tear my lips from your body and grab one more strawberry. I drag it in between my legs. I feed it to you. I know you can taste me. I see you get harder than ever.


Then you feel me climb on to the bed with you. I straddle you. then i move higher. I move so high that i am straddlling your face. I untie you from the bed and before i can take a deep breath, your hands are on my ass pulling my lower on to your face. I feel your lips and your tongue work up and down my pussy. I feel you take my clit into your mouth. It feels so good. Then i feel you slide a finger inside of me. You begin to stroke it, in and and out. I start to cum. I begin grinding your face, desperate for a release. Then it happens. I cum. You feel the wetness fall onto your tongue. I arch my back and dig my nails into your shoulder. After a second i slide down your body. I can see the trail of wetness i leave as i scoot down your chest and your stomach. then im there...hovering over you. You can feel how hot and wet I am ...and i want nothing more than for you to be inside of me. for the first time i bend down to kiss you. i taste myself on your lips and it turns me on even more. You feel my tongue sweep across yours and i kiss you harder, and you kiss me back harder. I feel your hands move down my back and over my ass. then you spank me. And with that i cannot take it anymore.


I lower myself and take you inside of me. You can feel how tight and hot my little pussy is. I ride you. I take you all the way in and then slowly i take you out, and then quickly you plunge back into me. "deeper" i say...breathless. "harder" i plead with you. Then you flip me over on my back. for the first time i feel your mouth on my nipples. It feels so good. you lightly bite the tip of one and it sends shutters down my entire body. I pull you up to me and plead into your ear "fuck me baby...i need you inside of me" then you push yourself into me.


You begin to pump harder, and faster and deeper. I feel every muscle on your body tense as you become more intense with every stroke. I feel myself beginning to cum, "you want me to cum for your baby?" I ask in a breathless whisper. With a grunt you slam into me harder. "You want me to cum all over your dick?" I arch my back once more as an earth-shaddering climax takes over. You feel me tighten around your cock. You feel my wetness seap out with every deep thrust you give me....and then you go still. I feel your entire body shake. Then i feel the warm flood inside of me. You try to catch your breath but you just keep cumming, and i want you to keep cumming. It feels so good.


As the night goes on we keep fucking each other, Until our night is over and we have to go back to our real lives.

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doncupido82    (2010-02-11 23:19:19)    Flag as inappropiate
doncupido82 All I can say is, I would have loved that tease, the bondage to last longer. Which is a compliment to your writing. Wonderful.
Sweetli    (2009-01-23 23:29:03)    Flag as inappropiate
How erotic. It was great.
fantasyaboutyou    (2007-08-31 01:00:03)    Flag as inappropiate
fantasyaboutyou I would love to be that guy.

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