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  my introduction into swapping


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  Hello, Im Susan, I think I had better start by saying Im 41 years old, married to   James for over 20 years, and have one boy who is now in university, and hadn't been with another man while James and have been together.

when I was at college I messed around a bit and had sex with two of the boys there, not really a big event, I was drunk most of the time,

After college I met James and I fell in love with him very quickly, I soon became   pregnant, and we got married,

 So for twenty years I had never been naked/nude or even topless for anyone else other than James except in Bukgaria, I didn't even think about it,
 Now I leap to the year we took a cruise and met up with Shirl and Peter, we became  good friends and we kept in touch,

 The following summer we told them that we were going on holiday at a certain resort for two weeks and Shirl asked if they could join us,  seemed like a good idea as we got on so well, anyway everything was planned and off we went,
 The first full day we oriented ourselves at the resort and other amenities,

 Our second morning was such a warm morning that we all decided to use the swimming
 pool, which was very private I must add,
 I wore a red bikini not very skimpy but showed off most of my (how could I put     it,) not slim but not full figure, but Shirl came out with one that barely covered  anything,she was kind of plumpish, both James and I must have looked a bit shocked but Shirl said hell its private here isn't it,

 Towards the afternoon she said oh hell to this and took her top off, her breast
 were a lot bigger than mine and may I add not as firm as mine,at first James and
 I didn't know where to look but soon we became use to seeing her like that,

 Later that night when James and I were in bed I asked James what he thought about
 it. he did surprise me a little when he said what the heck a lot of women goes
 topless these days, I then asked him what he would do if I went topless,
 he again shook me when he said he wouldn't mind and dont forget you went topless,  I said that was a beach and Janes said anyway Peter might like to see  what I had  to show.

 So the next day out by the pool I took off my top, if you could see Peters face,
 he was the first man  who I knew closs up other than James to see my breast in  over  twenty years,
 it actually made me quite proud of my body, the morning passed without much more
 and in the afternoon we took another look around the resort,

 After tea we again sat by the pool and when Shirl came out she had on the smallest  thong I had ever seen, it didn't cover much and it became transparant when wet and  nothing  was left to the imagination,she quickly said hey how about us taking it  all off, James and I looked at each other and James raised his hands as if to say  what  the heck, again for a while I felt a bit strange.

 my first thoughts after I had stripped off was that I thought Peter was staring at  me, but of course it was just what I was thinking, we sat around for a while then  Peter asked if we wanted a drink, I asked for white wine, and when Peter brought  it over to me I couldn't help noticing that his dick was placid,and I must admit I  was a bit disappointed, I think most women likes the idea that they can turn a man  on, the only difference that I could see was that James is circumcised and Peter  isn't.
 Nothing to speak of happened that evening and around midnight James and I went to  bed, during our foreplay James was teasing me about me being with Peter and he  with Shirl,( I think he was teasing,I will ask him and let you know at the end),
 we made very passionate love then, long and lustful and I must add noisy,

 The next morning after breakfast Shirl and I were sat in the lounge when Shirl  said "you and James were at it very much last night wern't you," I said "What"
 and then Shirl told me that they could hear most of what was going on, she also  mentioned that Peter had made a comment like he wished he was there, I said "OMG I  didn't think about us or rather me making so much noise, Shirl again said about  what Peter had mentioned but this time with a little smile, said she wouldn't have  minded being there as well.

 Well, we joked about it for a while anyway I thought we were joking, and then  James and Peter came in, I went and got the coffee and Peter came up behind me put  his lips close to my ear and whispered that he wished he had been with me last  night, I didn't know where to look but I did have incredible thoughts about the  scenario and I was really excited thinking about it, and at that moment I think I  could've gone along and taken Peter to bed.

 Moving on to the afternoon, James and I were spending a little time to ourselves  and I really wanted to tell James about what happened when making coffee, I was  about to say when James interupted me and said that Shirl had told him that she  and Peter were into extra sexual pursuits and if we wanted to indulge in it with  them they would be more than happy. I then told him what Peter had said. a moment  of silence came between us neither knowing what to say, I got to admit this was  the most agonizing moment of our lives since we have been together.

 James spoke first, he said, "this was said this morning about 10am, it is now  3.30pm, if we had been angry about this we would have put a stop to it there and  then but we both kept it to ourselves for all this time, I have to say I'm  wondering deep down whether we want to try it, as for me I did get aroused this  morning when Shirl said about it, what did you think when Peter said it"

 I thought for a minute and I also said that I was turned on by thinking what had  been said that morning,
 Again some silence, when James asked "well,yes or no" I replied "it could be a bit  of fun and neither of us has been with anyone else for over twenty years, do you  want to try" "yes"said James "what about You" I quickly came back with I do as  well" "but how does it happen,do you go to Shirl's room or do I go to Peter" with  a little laugh in there,
 James answered," I think it would be better if I go to Shirl and Peter comes to  you" again another little laugh "or should I say in you"  funny that little joke   broke the tension between us at that moment.

 When Shirl and Peter came back we told them that we were up for a little fun if  they still wanted to, !still want to" Peter said "I have fancied you since the  cruise" which made me feel a whole sexy woman, we made plans for that evening  entertainment, of course at our chalet/bungalow, and invited the people from next  door over for a few drinks.

 The drinks flowed and I found myself dancing nearly all the slower ones with  Peter, his hands were constantly roaming over my body and I loved all the extra  attention I was getting, around 11pm our other guest departed and the four of us  were left alone.
 maybe it was the drink but now Peter was kissing me and his hands seemed to be  everywhere, I was so engrossed in what was happening to me that I didn't see James  and Shirl leave, the buttons on my blouse were now open and my bra lifted up and  Peter was kissing and sucking at my breast, Peter's hands were now right up my  skirt and was pulling my knickers down and off, my thigh's open voluntarily and  therefore gave him full access to the most moist and private opening of my body,  in the meantime my hands were undoing his zip and my hands soon had hold of his  erect penis, somehow and don't ask how nearly all our clothes had been  discarded,soon my bra was taken off, then all of a sudden Peter took me by the  hand and led me to the bedroom.

 once in the bedroom things became a bit vague (I can only tell what I remember)
 Peter placed me on my bed and then quickly took off his remaining clothes, I  noticed how hard and erect he was,  in no time he was laying there beside me,  kissing me and caressing my breast, licking and nibbling the nipples, I placed a  hand on his head and slowly put some pressure and pushed his head downwards, his  head was now firmly placed between my thighs and his tongue was licking me, first  with slow little circles then long sweeping movements from my anus right up to the  top of my vagina, I raised my body up to give him beter access to my wet juicy  cunt. a pause while Peter put on a condom,(bloody things,he had got some before  hand,)

 Peter slowly raised his body up and taking his cock he rubbed it along my opening  then slid deep in me with one huge lunge, then with nice circular movements he was  riding in and out of me, I took up the motion with him and we fucked long and  hard,
 I can remember wrapping my legs tight around him and screaming out yes, yes, yes,
 and I felt Peter slam right in me, I feft him jerking and muttering something like "ARG"
 Peter slowly withdrew from me and then he went down and opening my thighs he was  lapping up my love juices, I did climax again as he was licking me,
 soon he was there beside me, we kissed and cuddled a little then we fell asleep,

 at 7 am I was woken up, I looked at Peter who was fast asleep so I went and made  myself a coffee, Shirl came in the kitchen I was a bit embarrased at first but she  said, I bet your morning was ruined wasn't it, and before I could say anything  Shirl said  "his bloody snoring, always the same after sex and about the same  time,"

 Shirl asked how it went and I said quite alright, I asked how she was and she said  how good James was and she would love to have him again, we agreed that if the men  wanted to do it again we would,  well everyone agreed and we changed partners  every other night.

 We have swapped with Shirl and Peter for a couple of years now, I have also had a  threesome with Peter and James, very very good but thats another story, also I  have had Shirl on her own, nice but not my cup of tea.

 Well I hope you enjoyed my story, its true as far as I can recall......
  By the way James was only joking,,,,,,

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boobman    (2013-01-21 06:11:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Sounds like fun. I can't imagine it happening to me...but that doesn't stop me thinking about it from time to time...

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