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  By: Phil

My mother-in-law is a stern 85 years old lady who is small in height but chunky in build and who has kept herself in reasonable shape and always dresses quite formally. Despite her face being well creased by age-lines I have always found her to be really sexy even after 30 years of being married to her deliciously attractive daughter, my wife.

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As the years have passed (I'm now 55 myself) I have come to fantasise more frequently about have sex with my mother-in-law and I often masturbate imagining a fantasy where I visit her as she is recovering from a hip operation at her remote home (where she lives alone after her husband's death a few years ago).

On arrival I find she is well on the way to full recouperation but that she still has a bed downstairs and is wearing a nightdress which is quite low cut and when she bends down I can clearly see her pale, mature breasts as they hang off her chest. When she bends down fully I can even see her large, cherry-sized nipples at the sides of her sagging breasts and I decide to take the chance of my life as she bends well forward to select a magazine and my heart beats frantically as I quick place my hand down the gaping top of her nightdress and start to fondle one of her deliciously soft breasts.

To my amazement, after a slight start of surprise, my mother-in-law looks up and smiles at me saying ; "Oh Phil, you're a dark horse", and to my incredulity her hand reaches out and cups the growing bulge in my jeans as she continues ; "This is a nice surprise ; I'm very flattered Phil especially as you're a good 30 years younger than me !".

My mother-in-law and I exchange some honest, explicit thoughts about each other and I find that she hasn't had sex for almost 20 years and that wants sex with me as much as I do with her !.

Excitedly we undress each other eagerly like teenagers and eventually I get to see her completely naked - her chunky, pale, thread-veined legs and her soft,fleshy body complemented by a dishevelled patch of grey pubic hair beneath her sexy, bulging tummy.... and I desperately want her more than any woman I've ever known,including my wife.

Soon she lies back naked and watches as I lower my underpants before saying ; "Oh Phil, what a nice, big cock - it's much bigger than your father-in-law's was !".

I climb into bed with my naked mother-in-law and after a minimul of foreplay she encourages me to lie between her legs as I fuck her to orgasm - the first she has enjoyed for a long, long time and I continue to make her orgasm as I shoot my hot, thick, creamy semen deep into her.

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Mouthslave    (2009-03-22 14:14:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Love your fantasy Phil have a look at mine !!!!! perhaps we can swop notes
bonasera23    (2008-09-17 16:45:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Ummmm..lucky you Phil...if your mother
dlwink    (2007-12-28 18:13:32)    Flag as inappropiate
Fuck her as often as you can Phil. Your a very lucky man!
lgfuad    (2007-09-28 02:33:08)    Flag as inappropiate
yes, i too have always wanted to fuck my girlfriends mom very rough or both together

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