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  By: easypeasy

Oh, hi guys!  Been a while.  I've been busy moving into a new apartment complex, in a new city.  I have my own place again, which is great, and a lot of the time I've been so busy I haven't been able to take very much advantage of the privacy for getting myself off.  I've been using my new shower head a lot, putting it on a gentle pulse setting and letting my clit rock onto the spray until I come, moaning and starting to slide down the shower wall.  My favorite is to bend over and spread my legs so the spray just hits my clit, and let myself fuck back and forth, my tits swaying as my nipples get hard.  I like to do it with the shower curtain open, facing the open door of the bathroom, which actually looks down the hall to the front door and living room windows.  I can pretend I forgot to close the curtains, or that my landlord comes in with a key or sends the contractor over to fix something.  It's been pretty hot.


As I was going through my toys and supplies before my bath, I found a stash of clothes I had packed away.  Slutty things that I've found in thrift stores and sometimes modified to be even sluttier.  My bras that I cut holes out of for my hard nipples to squeeze through.  My panties that I've cut the crotches out of.  A very short black slip that shows my cunt and ass when I bend over.  A little red and black lace camisole that fits really tightly over my tits, and my nipples push and rub against it when they get hard.


I wore some of those things one night after a long vanilla bubble bath.  Black lace crotchless panties on, and the tight, short little sheer black slip on over them.  Sitting on my new couch in the living room, and my wet pussy rubbing and throbbing on the towel I put down to keep from getting my cunt juices all over my new furniture.  Red lace bra, and nipples so hard from me pinching and pulling on them as I adjusted the holes around them.  They ached as they rubbed against the camisole, stretched tight around my tits and against the hard points of my nipples.  I felt so clean and filthy and hot and wet and ready to fuck myself.


I'd been hearing my neighbors all day--the family downstairs with a teenage daughter, the gay ex-military guy Doug next door who I've become buddies with, the presumably straight investment banker guy across the hall.  A great collection of types to fantasize about!  :)


So when I was fingering my asshole clean and playing with my pussy in the shower I took to wash off the bubble bath, I let myself whimper and moan, thinking about any of them hearing me, wondering what they'd imagine if they heard me making myself come.


I got some gloves and lube out, my medium-sized dildo, and my best medium-sized vibrator.  It had been quite a while since I gave myself a good fuck, and I didn't quite have the patience to work up to my biggest dildo, or my big butt plug, or even my biggest vibrator.  I decided mostly to finger my asshole a lot while I rode the dildo, letting my cunt fuck itself open, nice and wet on a good thick cock.  But I wanted to come with the vibrator on my clit. Or possibly fucking my pussy with it, and then coming a second time with it on my clit.  I planned to wing it at that point.


But first I walked around my apartment, and bent over in front of mirrors a lot.  I've got a big mirror in my bedroom, and a large one in the bathroom, as well as one near the front door.  I wanted to see my pussy and my hard nipples peeking through the tight cups of my bra, and I wanted to bend over and look between my legs and spread my ass to see my tight pink asshole above the sopping wet lips of my pussy.  I wanted to get the dildo up my cunt and fuck myself with it in all the rooms, moaning and grunting and whimpering whenever it felt too good to stop myself, letting the noise carry as far as it would without worrying about it.


I hadn't watched porn in ages either, so I watched some porn clips that day, too.  I got the dildo up my pussy, and I rocked on it on the couch, feeling it slide in and out of my hole a little.  I was really tight since it had been a while, but my pussy was so wet that it was sliding really easily.  I kept rolling and pinching my nipples because I liked the way it sent a tingling jolt down to my clit and made my pussy throb deep inside.  It also felt really good to lean back and spread sometimes, and really pound the dildo up my cunt, especially while I was watching a porn clip of a thick cock banging a woman's wet pussy, or plowing a man or woman's tight asshole.  I like to fuck my cunt in time with the cock fucking a pussy or an ass in the video--it's like it adds an extra layer of sensation to the actual feeling of my own pussy getting fucked.


***and at least another month later--no time, it's so frustrating!***


Oh fuck, here I am again in my new apartment in a new city, all on my own, far away now from my family that I had been living with while some family business was taken care of.  Not that I didn't have some hot times there--I'm a filthy girl, and I have family issues, and you all reaped the benefits of some of that, for sure.  ;)


But living alone is something else, and one of those things is: liberating.  As if I needed further liberating, right?? But, oh people, it's so nice to be able to watch porn on my living room couch, with the volume on, and you know the slight worry that my neighbors in the next apartment can hear me, or my neighbor Doug who always smokes out in the parking lot--you know that only makes my pussy wetter while I listen to dudes get their assholes plowed by other dudes, grunting into each hard thrust, or women getting their cunts reamed until they come moaning around the cocks fucking in and out of them so hard it makes my cunt throb now just thinking about it.  I love being able to watch and hear that, and play around with getting myself off, right out in the open on my couch, just some thin blinds covering the windows between me and the parking lot.


Just now I'm on the couch, and I'm wearing a ratty old, torn up piece of lingerie that I've had for years, just showered and pulsed the shower head on my cunt for a while to get my pussy tingling and hot.  I didn't let myself come, and I've got red lace panties pulled up into my wet slit now, rubbing over my hole and on my clit, and this old deep red nightie falling off my shoulders, one nipple showing through the torn up lace in the left cup, and the other tit falling right out of it because the strap won't stay on my shoulder.  It's ripped up one side--okay, I may have helped to rip it up one side--all the way to the bottom of my tit, so it hangs open when I walk around, showing the curve of my big soft tit, and the round softness of my belly, and the red lace panties pulled up between my pale fleshy ass cheeks and my wet smooth slit, just shaved in the shower.


I love to wear trashy things, I love to feel trashy.  Definitely comes from my white trash hippie, sexually dysfunctional upbringing, but it makes me feel sexy to wear trashy things that oversexualize me, and to feel like I'm being looked at and seen for the slutty, filthy, dirty girl that I am.  Mmmm, writing that made cunt juice throb out of my pussy.   The crotch of the lace panties is soaked now, I can feel it.


I just pulled the blinds out, so there's a crack between the edge of the blinds and the window frame, just a couple inches, but enough for someone to see everything if they got up close.  Just walking past, they might notice something, but they'd have to look close to really figure out what they were seeing.  It's enough to get me hot, though, thinking about someone noticing and looking.  Maybe I'd be so into fucking my pussy or fingering myself or watching porn that I wouldn’t notice them right up close to the gap, looking in and seeing me  with a dildo plunging in and out of my wet cunt, or my fingers rubbing furiously at my clit while I buck and moan.  That would be so fucking embarrassing, and I bet I'd come harder than I ever have before.


I just opened another blind to leave an even bigger gap, but someone will only see if they go down the side stairs.  Fuck, though, it's pretty big and it's making my pussy throb and clench and tingle just sitting here looking at it.


Mmmm, I've been really into fingering porn lately.  I'm especially loving clips of women face down with their ass and cunt in the air, legs spread, fingers rubbing in and out of both their pussies and their assholes.  I love to see fingers fucking in and out like that, like double penetration but different.  I love getting fingered, so I guess it makes sense I'd love watching it.  I'm also pretty much always up for watching men and women taking it from behind.  I love to see legs spread open and asses up, thick hard cocks ramming into tight wet holes, yeah, it's getting me so hot right now, my nipples are hard and aching and I can't stop squirming my cunt on the crotch of my panties.


I've been getting myself off in the shower all the time.  I do it with the bathroom door open, and if you opened the front door of my apartment, you could see directly down the hall into my bathroom.  And what you'd see is me standing in the bath tub, bent over and one leg up on the rim of the tub, my pussy spread open and the stream from the shower head pointing at it as I pulse it on my clit and fuck my pussy back and forth against it.


But I've only given myself a few good masturbation fuck sessions since I moved in--just too busy.  This one time, though, it was really extra hot.  I just really felt like getting fucked in the ass, and even though it had been months since I'd even fingered my asshole, I wanted to go for my huge purple dildo.  I felt like *really* getting fucked in the ass, you know?


I took a shower, and shaved my pussy, let myself almost come from the shower head pulsing on my clit, letting myself moan a little with the bathroom window open, just enough to risk being heard if someone was directly below the window, but enough to make it so much hotter.  I didn't come, though, and when I got out, I put on my slutty homemade crotchless panties, and a homemade bra with the nipple cutouts, and the tight camisole so my bare nipples rubbed against the silky fabric nonstop, keeping them hard and tight.  I put on the tiny black slip, just so I could bend over a little at the bathroom mirror and pretend people were watching it rise up over my ass cheeks and show my bare wet slit and ass in the crotchless panties.


I watched some porn and wrote a little, and then I started fucking my pussy with my medium sized dildo and fucking my asshole with my large butt plug.  I was popping the head of the plug in and out of my ass while I ground my cunt down on the dildo, feeling my asshole stretching to open up for the plug over and over, and it made me moan and fuck myself harder on the dildo.  My ass was taking the plug so easy, I thought I'd go ahead and give it the medium dildo, so I put a condom on it and lubed it up, and my asshole slid right down onto it, so easy and full and good.


I let myself just kind of sit on it for a while, watched some more porn with it hard up my ass, rocking and grinding on it every now and then, and fingering my pussy a little, letting my fingers slide down into my hole and fuck in and out a little, but mostly just circling and rubbing at my clit.  My ass took it so easy I kind of figured I didn't have to wait long to go for the huge dildo.


So after just a few minutes, I got up and pulled it out of my ass, my asshole already feeling wet and empty and ready to get fucked again.  I worked my pussy down onto the huge thick purple dildo first--I love feeling stretched open around it, either my pussy or my cock, so I wanted to give myself a little of that huge, wide, stretched open feeling in my pussy first.  It's so big it always takes a while just to get it worked into my cunt, so it's also a nice, thrilling, scary, sexy reminder of what it's going to feel like stretching my asshole open.


I did get it worked all the way up my pussy finally, and I sat on that for a while again, watching some more porn, and feeling my cunt ache when I'd be rubbing my clit and watching a pussy get eaten out really good or something, and I'd rock or squirm or fuck my pussy down onto the dildo extra hard.  It would hurt, the size on this one is no joke, but my clit would always throb at the feeling, and I'd go for it again, forcing my cunt to open up even further, to let the huge wet thick cock fuck even deeper into me, my cunt aching and unable to stop myself from whimpering and moaning at each tiny jolt of pain.


Eventually I always get myself fucked open and loose for it, always keep fucking and forcing my cunt down around it's hard thick fullness, until it always ends up fucking in and out of my hole smooth and easy, falling into a rhythm as I push it in and out of me with slick hot sounds.


I'm getting to that point with it now as I write this.  I've got it worked about two thirds of the way into my cunt, and when I lean back on the couch, legs spread open at the big gap I made at the bottom of the blinds on the window by the stairs I think about someone seeing it fucked into my cunt hole, sticking out obscenely because I can't fit it all the way up my pussy yet.  God, my pussy makes these obscenely wet sounds when I pump the dildo in and out, and I'm panting and moaning because I can't help it.  I love feeling my pussy get fucked open so much, and spreading at the window like this just makes everything hotter and wetter and dirtier.  I could easily come now, just fucking myself partly open like this, but I want to drag it out a little longer.


That day I really did want the huge dildo up my ass.  So once my pussy was nice and fucked open and wet, I pulled it out and lubed it up again.  My asshole was still pretty wet from the other dildo, but I fingered a little more lube up my ass anyway, stretching my hole with my fingers a little and imaging how hard it was going to be to take the huge dildo.


But I wanted it so bad, so I held it down on the edge of a chair and lowered my asshole onto it.  I pushed hard, and it burned and ached, but finally the head pushed into my hole, and my legs started shaking at the stretch and the pain.  I took it about halfway, and then I let myself pull it out, let my shaking legs relax a little, lay back on the couch and fingered my pussy a little, thinking about the burn in my ass.  After a few minutes to relax, I got back up and pushed my asshole down onto the dildo again, no hesitation, just made myself take it, and this time it slid right in, aching and stretching, but not so much pain.


It felt so good, so thick and hard, forcing my asshole to open every time I pushed down harder.  After I got it deep up my ass, just an inch or so left outside with the base, I let myself bend over, let my face smash into the sofa cushions, and started pounding it in and out of my asshole.  I spread wide, let myself moan and whine as I shoved and pushed my asshole back onto the dildo while I rammed it in and out with my hand, fucking myself as hard as I could, letting my hips get  into a rhythm pushing my asshole back onto the cock as I fucked it into my hole harder and harder.  I managed to get my other hand down under my belly, and squirmed until I got my fingers into my pussy.  I started rubbing and rubbing at my clit, grinding my pussy onto my hand now as much as I was fucking my asshole back onto the thick hard cock.


I let myself go, just fucking and fucking my asshole while I rubbed at my wet pussy, feeling my muscles get tighter and tighter, my hard nipples rubbing against the camisole top, my pussy clenching and throbbing while my fingers circle my clit, over and over, the cock fucking my asshole open over and over, until finally I started coming.  I went wild, fucking the dildo into my ass really fast for a few seconds, then losing all my rhythm as I started coming, my pussy gushing come all over my hand as I kept fingering myself, trying to keep fucking my asshole, but it was clenching so tight, over and over, squeezing on the hard cock as I came in waves and waves of hot wet pleasure, my whole body tightening and relaxing over and over, and my cunt clenching every time I fingered another spasm out of my pussy with my fingers on my clit.


And now I've got the dildo worked deep in my cunt, and I've been leaning back on the sofa and fingering myself while my pussy squeezes on the hard thickness stretching it open.  I closed the blind a tiny bit, so now it's only a two to three inch gap at the bottom.  Enough to see quite a bit, and I almost came just now while I was fingering my pussy and grinding my cunt hole down onto the dildo, watching the gap as I listened to a car in the parking lot and waiting for someone to come down.  My tit was falling out of my nightie, and my legs were spread, huge purple base of the dildo pushing out of my pussy hole stretched around it, my fingers rubbing at my clit above it.


I bet I'd come for sure if I saw someone walk by and look in, I wouldn't be able to help myself, their eyes on me, knowing they were seeing me spread open and dirty and doing filthy things like this, watching my fingers work in my cunt with their gaze on my body--I bet I'd come right away, and they'd get to watch me writhing and spasming and jerking as my cunt gushes hot come around the dildo, and I keep rubbing orgasms out of my pussy with my fingers circling over my clit.


But instead I came with no one watching, moaning and grinding and fucking myself, just imagining what might have happened instead.


Anyway, it's good to be back!  Hopefully I'll have time to bring over some more tales of new apartment living.  My landlord's contractor is really hot.  Big dark muscley guy with lots of tattoos, but kind of a sweetheart.  I've definitely been imagining him reaming my ass.  :)  Today I'm exploring the possibilities of going to the laundry room with my big black butt plug up my ass and black lace panties holding it in tight, the crotch hard up between my wet pussy lips where it's rubbing on my clit.  I already met one of my new neighbors for the first time just now, my cunt throbbing while we shook hands and I thought about how he didn't know I was getting fucked in the ass right that second.  Hot!  So, until next time, here's to more and better orgasms for all of us!


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easypeasy    (2013-07-13 19:29:46)    Flag as inappropiate
Ooh, aussiemerk, love to think about you with your ass full of cock watching me fuck myself. Nice one, thanks! :)
easypeasy    (2013-07-13 19:28:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Aw, Law, that's very sweet. Glad my stuff, ahem, ~works for you. ;)
easypeasy    (2013-07-13 19:28:10)    Flag as inappropiate
Mm, CelticKnots, hope you had fun with a vibrator up your ass. That sounds GREAT! :)
easypeasy    (2013-07-13 19:27:33)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, CC! You know I love it when you like my slutty imagination. ;)
aussiemerk    (2012-12-01 19:25:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Your stories are awesome. They always get me hard, wet, and horney. Make me long for having my own ass crammed full of a dildo while watching you.
Law    (2012-11-13 08:57:50)    Flag as inappropiate
Amazing. You're amazing. I have nothing more to say than that
CelticKnots    (2012-11-08 23:18:22)    Flag as inappropiate
CelticKnots Oh EP! So glad you've posted something new! You inspired me to break out one of my old favorite vibrators and stuff my ass again. Welcome back!
CanadianCasanova    (2012-11-04 16:07:20)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Incredibly hot as always easy! I love how you get so dirty and slutty while fucking yourself. The world needs more women like you! ;)

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