See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil   added 3 years ago    

  By: Hells_Angel

I'm not one to not try something atleast once. He's so nice to me. It makes me desire him so much. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach just by the way someone looks at you. 


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He's muslim, like myself. Very devout at that. Although that other side of him turns me on immensely. He sits me down at the dinner table with my hands tied behind my back. Feeding me my food, so lovingly. I'm wearing a short dress with my legs wide open - he likes having my pussy on show. My dress has been pulled down my breasts and I am blindfolded. As I take the fork and clean what tastes like lamb he runs it gently down my chest, I feel the fork digging into my skin. After I'm done with my food I feel a glass at my lips and I carefully take a sip. Water. 

He's groping my breasts pinching each nipple which are already hard. I feel his tongue flicking away on my tits. Pulling each nipple with his teeth. I moan under my breath. I can feel my pussy getting wet now. More than ever before. I feel the wetness trickling down onto my dress. He tells me to stand up. And lifts my dress above my hips. He sits on the chair and tells me to sit on top of him. 

One leg on the side of the table. My heels give me support. The other he holds up as he begins to pinch my clit. I feel his mouth eating away at my breasts. I almost scream. He likes to hear me scream. He pushes 2 fingers in my pussy. Fingering me harder as he's sucking on my nipples. Harder & harder. My cum covers his entire hand. He rubs it all over my thighs & body. He says he wants me to smell of sex.

He pushes me off and bends me over the dinner table. His hand holding my head down & my hands still tied. I feel him spreading my ass cheeks, his tongue rimming me, biting my ass so hard I feel his teeth leaving marks on me, he begins to finger fuck my ass. One.. Two.. Then three fingers fucking me. Oh it makes me drip with pussy juice. He takes as much of my cum as he can and lubes up my ass. Before I can even think his cock is deep inside my asshole. Balls deep. Thrusting his dick in & out of me like a machine. I haven't had someone fuck my ass for so long it hurts. But he doesn't stop. He carries on fucking me like a doll. Just like he said he would.

He withdraws his dick & turns me around. He takes my blindfold off. And strokes my face so lovingly. As he does this I am pushed back on the table with my legs in the air as he sticks his dick in deep in my ass again. He sticks a finger in my pussy and rubs my swollen clit. I don't want him to stop. He darts his cock in & put so fast I can hardly breath.

He fucks like a machine. I try to gasp for air but I can't. He's about to cum in my ass. I feel his cum dripping down my ass. It feels so hot. He pulls out and makes me lick any excess off his cock. He sticks his fingers into my hole and takes as much of his spunk and rubs it all over me, and the same with my pussy. I've been moisturised with both his & mine. 

"I want you to smell of sex. Now we're ready to go out." He says and unties my hands. Combs my hair & gets my coat. I put on some lipstick and we leave. 

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Hells_Devil    (2012-10-22 13:19:00)    Flag as inappropiate
I love this story. Fuck.
Hells_Devil    (2012-10-22 13:18:55)    Flag as inappropiate
I love this story. Fuck.

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