My First Lesbian Experience   added 3 years ago    

  By: SoakingCunt

I sipped my orange juice the next morning, after Cassie and my sleepover. She was still in her room. Due to my sleepy condition, I accidentally spilt most of it onto my thin silk sleeping gown, making it translucent. I groaned and put the glass down. My nipple were already hardening because of the cold juice. I walked into her room and put down towels on my side of the bed. Her parents weren't at home, thank GOD. I'd be embarrassed to death. I slept on the towels, lazy to change, and fell asleep. 


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 After a while, I heard sexy sucking and moaning sounds. My nipples were getting sucked by someone. It didn't take long until I found out I was moaning. I opened my eyes sleepily, seeing Cassie. Her mouth was over my orange juice covered sleeping gown, sucking on my nipple. Her hand was kneading the other while her free hand was rubbing her wet pussy.

 "Cassie, stop. I'm not a lesbian." I tried to move but then realized I enjoyed her sucking. I moaned loudly, forcing her mouth over my nipple harder.

"You like it, don't you? I know you aren't a lesbian, but i just can't take my hands off of you." She looked up at me and batted her eyelashes. I forcefully pushed her head toward my nipple again. "DON'T STOP!" I screamed.

She sucked harder, enjoying my moaning. I felt my inner thighs get wet, a sign of my horniness. She stopped sucking and kneading me, but kept her own hand on her clit, rubbing it. With her now free hand, she tore my sleeping gown off and tossed it to the ground. My body was still sticky from the juice and I wasn't wearing anything to cover the area between my legs.

"No panties, naughty girl." She sucked on my other neglected nipple while her left hand travels down my stomach to my pussy. It was throbbing for her, wet and ready. She rubbed me with her fingers, using her thumb to stimulate my clit. I moaned and screamed in pleasure. I got wetter, drenching the towels a bit. She stuck in two fingers, making me groan. I used my hands to knead her plush breasts. She moaned for me and rubbed her breasts in my hands. She was still rubbing her own clit at the same time.

 She rubbed my clit harder and I came onto her fingers. She pulled them out and sucked on them, making me wet again. Putting her legs in between mine, she slammed her wet, throbbing cunt into mine, making sure to get my cum all over her clit. Soon, she came too, her cum going into my pussy, dripping.

She rolls onto her side of the bed and stretches her legs wide open, revealing her erected clit and cunt. I bent down between her legs and rubbed her, paying attention to her face. Her expressions changed massively everytime I touched her. I used my fingers to part her outer labia and use my tongue to part her inner labia, jabbing her clit and inner pussy. She screamed and writhe. Then, she came again and I swallowed her sweet cum.

I collapsed on her and rubbed my breasts on hers before collapsing. She smiled at me and kissed me.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Cassie. And I love your wet, tight cunt." I went back between her legs, and started my mission to make her collapse under my bare hands. 

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lesbirena You can do much better!!

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