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  By: Hells_Angel

Written by a slave - Enjoy Pandora readers


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We are a married British born Pakistani couple in our mid 30's I am called Atif and my wife is called Reema.  Reema is and always has been the dominant one in our relationship. My wife Reema is a beautiful classy, sluttish looking woman, like the ones that you see in nightclubs she is into expensive gear and loves quality. Reema has a high sex drive and I have always failed to please her sexual needs so I give her a lot of oral sex to keep her happy, but life changed and I will explain now in my story what happened. 

In 2010 I employed a young 19/20 year old white lad by the name Ricky as a handy man who could work in my company, he is a smart strong intelligent young man who knew how to work hard but would get carried away at times.  One very hot summers day we had an overload of work and Ricky did not turn up for work so I had to stay behind and do the backlog. I made my way home and I was late I had to pick up Reema and take her out to her sister’s house, when I got home Reema got into the car and I explained that due to this young lad not coming to work I had to do the backlog work, Reema was not interested at all when we got to Reema’s sisters house she looked me in the eye and said you will have to pay for this.  I knew it straight away that I will get humiliated by Reema in front of her sister Shazia; she was her younger sister who was very bitchy.  Reema walked into the house and I was behind her she stopped in the hall way and pointed her finger towards the floor and I knew that she wanted me to take her heels off so I got on to my hands and knees unstrapped her heels and then she kicked off her shoes, Reemas sister saw me on the floor and started to laugh out loud telling me what a loser I am.

The next day Ricky turned up for work and I asked him why did he let us down – After all said and done I decided to give another chance. He was a good handy man for my wifes’ sister Shazia, Doing chores for her – and me too – although Reema was not happy that some dirty little lad was in our house -  She told me everyday to fire him – in her eyes he was a poor weak ignorant uneducated fool – yes, those are her words.  “Not even worth licking the sole of my fucking shoe” she said – I couldn’t help but agree to this.  Few weeks later I asked Ricky to clean our driveway – he asked if my lady was there and almost screamed “Fuck that! No!  I’m not doing it!”  I begged him to and said I’d pay him some extra money he finally agreed and I sent him on his way.

I called Ricky on the mobile 2 hours later and he seemed very happy, I was amazed that Reema and him did not clash, when I got home I noticed that Reema was looking extra hot wearing a long blue dress with a slit to the side it turned me on so much, I asked Reema can we role play tonight with a smile she said snapped “NOPE! But you can wank off!”  I knew that this is the chance so I got onto my hands and knees and started kissing her soft feet licking her high heels...  She held my head and pushed it towards her pussy that had a strong smell of sex I licked her deep, she was so wet, she started to moan and moan as I made her orgasm and cum over my face, I kept on wanking my cock I spunked my load over her feet and shoes that she made me lick clean, I laid on the floor fucked and she stayed on the sofa looking down into my eyes, she said" babe you know your cock does not do much for me, your only good for licking my pussy clean.  I agreed "Yes Reema, its true this is why I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you as my wife” she laughed and jumped off the sofa and went into shower.

Next day I parked up at work and first person I got to see was Ricky, in car park with a big smile on his face I asked him what up lad you seem happy” he said "I feel like a real man” I laughed and said “Why?  Has your pubic hair started to grow?” He just grinned. I pulled up into a nearby café to get myself a strong coffee and saw Shazia who had this stupid smile on her face.  In mid conversation she dropped in “Oh right Reema and Ricky were at the Restaurant where were you? ” I could see a smirk growing on Shazia's face I was shocked at what she had just said my knees become weak..  “Oh I was busy at work and turned towards my car, I could hear Shazia shouting behind me “Remember you said you will do anything for me!”  I just replied yes I do, ring me later on. I jumped into my car, my mind was rushing all over the place.  What is going on, Ricky and Reema at the Restaurant? I mean Reema cannot stand Ricky's attitude, they clashed, plus Ricky is only a 20 year old and Reema is in her later 30's.  Shazia is winding me up, she had to be. I pulled the car on the drive rushed to the front door the lights were turned off so I knew Reema was not home. I removed my coat and sat on the couch - I could hear noises from the bedroom, I started to walk up towards the bedroom, as I got close to the bedroom door it was slightly open I was stood in the dark hallway and the bedroom light made everything visible, What I saw changed my life forever, it was Ricky stood there close to the bed pushing his huge white dick deep into my wife Reema's pussy I could not move or speak my eyes were glued into how Ricky was pushing his cock in and out of Reema he was slapping her ass cheeks as he was fucking her, I could also see how Reema was loving it, he was making Reema moan with pleasure I could feel my penis getting an erection from what I was seeing, Reema got onto her back and Ricky was straight on top of her digging his penis in and out of her “Come on you whore try some English cock something that would please you.  I love fucking your little muslim pussy!!” 

I was shocked at how Ricky was behaving he was only 20 years old with a cock that was huge, I looked down at myself and felt stupid, I dropped to my knees and carried on watching, as Reema lifted her head up she had seen me in the dark and started laughing “Ricky here comes your boss” He was shocked and panicked Reema told him not to worry, he is no longer your boss he will be your slave from now on.  Ricky smirked and relaxed back on the bed.  “Now my dear husband stay on your hands and knees and crawl over to end of the bed and kiss my feet” I was horny and did not refuse, I moved myself to the end of the bed, and kissed the sole of her feet she laughed in my face “See Ricky, he is not a man, you’re the real man who is 20 years old with a BIG WHITE COCK!” From hearing this Ricky laughed “can I start bossing your hubby too?” Of course you can she said, Ricky straight away said “Oi you wanker, kiss my foot now!” I had no dignity left. I was humiliated I placed my lips on the soles of Ricky's foot and kissed them Ricky just spat at me.  Reema looked at me whilst talking to Ricky “Ricky, fuck me, right now – Atif, you can lick at the same time” I was in a shock hearing this.  I was ordered to lay on my back on the bed, next I could see Reema's pussy above my face, and next Ricky's big white cock being pushed into my her slit bareback.  I started to lick her and Ricky's penis too his balls were big and I could hear them being slapped on my wife's ass cheeks, he kept pumping into her and after a good pounding Ricky exploded deep inside Reema all I could hear was her moaning, I carried on licking.  Reema rolled on the other side of the bed, I could see Ricky's cock above my face, with his spunk still dripping. Ricky placed the tip of his white knob on my lips I could not stop myself but to lick his cock clean.  As he pulled away, he shouted “You gay fucker! Get off the fucking bed!  I moved without hesitating.  “NOW FUCK off!!”  said Reema with a very low monotone voice.  Go to the other room and go lick my expensive shoes clean.  I was destroyed, I started to make my way towards the other room, and Reema said “as you will be licking my heels you can also take Ricky's well worn out trainers and clean them too”  I picked Ricky's trainers up and left for the other room and started to wank myself off hard as I could I hit the climax and cleaned myself up all night Ricky was having sex with my wife, I had no shame or dignity left in me, the morning had come I was woken up this time with Reema shouting for me, I rushed to the bedroom she was laying on bed with Ricky, she said “Right Atif, house rules.  1) You are the house servant.  2) I am your Goddess, like I have always been.  3) Ricky is my bedroom lover and will stay with us.  4) You do as I say when I say as I say – You don’t look me in the eye you do not argue.  As long as you obey these rules – we’ll all get along just fine.

I looked at the floor said "I will need to go work and so will Ricky” Reema turned around and slapped me on the face “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! HE DOES NOT NEED TO WORK!  YOU WILL PAY HIM A FULL WAGE TO FUCK ME AND PLEASE ME.”  I looked down and said sorry; I started to feel this hate for Ricky knowing I was kind and he has destroyed me. I started to clean up there was used condoms on the floor that were filled with spunk; the bed sheets had spunk on them too.  I picked up the used condoms and put them to a side, and changed the bed sheets as Reema and Ricky were in shower, I emptied the spunk filled condoms down my mouth, I could not swallow the cum as it was very thick. I started to cough and Reema heard me, she looked into the bedroom "OMG look at this fucking low life loser, licking your used condoms Ricky!” I was caught out, Reema pulled me by the hair into the shower "Ricky, piss in his fucking mouth, he cant swallow your spunk so make him swallow your hot piss” next I could feel this hot water hitting my lips and face I opened my mouth and started to swallow “This is cocktail for you Atif, I hope you like the feeling of watching your hot Asian wife being fucked by me” snarled my young white employee..”

To be continued...... 

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