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  By: Hells_Angel

We're meeting at his hotel room for 9pm. Me & my sweet dear friend walk up to his room and knock. He opens the door and lets us in. He has a glass of ice cold champagne ready for us. He's beautiful, the most beautiful man I've ever seen in a suit.
He hands me and my friend our glasses with a gentle kiss on my lips, I can smell Carolina Harerra. That smell always turns me on so much.
My friend - my Sub. He's my humble little pet slave. My everything, My slaves are so dear to me, he wanted to see me with someone else, someone who would not just wish and hope for me to be happy - but someone who was man enough to actually make me happy, quite rightly so - my pussy is earned, not just given. But today - I want to give. I want to give it to this beautiful Cuban who stands before me.


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He stands in front of me even with my 6 inch fuck me heels he over shadows me. He strokes my face and my lips. I glance behind him to see my Sub, he's sat there clenching his glass almost frozen with excitement. The Cuban sits on the side of the bed and grabs me forward from my hips. Running his hands up my thighs lifting my little dress up, now after reading most of my stories you people will already know I have no knickers on. He kisses my stomach biting it down to my pussy, he slides a couple of fingers into my wet slit. Finger fucking - now you all know how I love being finger fucked hard too don't you? I look at my slave and tell him to remove his clothes. Immediately his clothes are on the floor - and I tell him to move to the floor where he can watch me being fingered. My Cuban removes my dress over my head - and almost rips my bra off, his teeth to my nipples like a fucking magnet squeezing and pulling them harder making me moan so much.

I get on the side of him unzipping his trousers letting his dick spring free for me to suck. I look towards my slave as I pull the uncut flesh back and flick the head of his cock and begin to wank and suck on it hard - my eyes still on my pet slave. His face flushed with horniness and excitement as I suck on the head of his dick and wank it into my mouth. He grabs my hair and begins to fuck my face - harder and harder he thrusts. His shaft covered in my spit and his own pre-cum. I tell my pet to move forward, I hold his face close and we kiss - such a horny kiss, I want him to taste his pre-cum from my lips, he licks my lips as I pull away. 

I continue to give my Cuban a good long lick and suck over - I look at my slave. He knows that look. He without hesitation moves behind me on the bed and begins to rim my ass. No licking of my pussy just yet - just my ass. My Cuban turns me around so fast I didn't know what happened, I'm half hanging off the bed - I push myself back my ass in the air - I feel his dick being thrusted inside my cunt which makes me scream. He's pumping away at my pussy like a sex crazed animal. Fuck! I want him to fuck me harder - so much harder! He moves his body over mine, almost crushing me, fucking me like he's on speed. I look down at my Pet - his eyes look dazed - I move my fingers over his face and lips - sticking my little fist into his mouth making him gag as I'm about to cum all over this Cubans cock, my whole body shakes as I orgasm but I can't move, he's still on top of me. 

He rolls off to the side, still biting my ear & neck. His finger playing with my ass which makes me jump. I compose myself of my orgasm and move my hips in the air to let his fingers slide in my ass with ease. I move down to his dick again which is still rock hard. I tell my pet to go get the oil. He does so and knows what to do - he sits behind me while I suck on the Cubans dick; licking on my ass. Fingering it - both my pet & the Cuban begin to force their fingers in. My slave covers my ass with enough oil to help both their fingers slide in and out. 

I move up over my Cuban facing my slave as I slide his cock into my ass - Fuck! It feels so fucking good. He begins to fuck my ass groaning. My slave watching his dick penetrate my ass in complete awe of his cock. I tell him to move forward and kiss my pussy no sooner do I say that his lips are french kissing my cunt - his tongue darting in and out as I get fucked up my ass. His face and lips covered in my cream which he loves so much, he continues to eat me out as my Cuban fucks my oiled up ass harder and harder - I sense he's about to cum as his groans get louder - I'm screaming as the fucking and licking feels so amazing. I feel hot thick cream shoot into my ass - I pull him out and move over, sucking the remaining cum off his yummy cock. I feel my slave lapping up all his cum from my ass cleaning me up. I keep the remainder of his cum in my mouth and spit it out into my pets followed by a long kiss. My lovely slave, he loves the taste of dick - especially dick that's been inside me. 

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paulcs    (2013-05-28 09:50:29)    Flag as inappropiate
Excellent, love. Give us more of these hot stories.
paulcs    (2013-05-28 09:50:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Excellent, love. Give us more of these hot stories.
paulcs    (2013-05-28 09:50:23)    Flag as inappropiate
Excellent, love. Give us more of these hot stories.
paulcs    (2013-05-28 09:49:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Excellent, love. Give us more of these hot stories.
pie106    (2012-09-17 15:08:09)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice story makes me want to Cuban!
lorlor    (2012-08-31 03:45:06)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh. My. Fuck!! xxx

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