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  By: chloescherry

My two roomates were out of town going to see some famous guy in concert in the next town over. I myself didn't really care for the genre, Country. I was more into pop/dance music. So I decided I would have some fun, I mean it was hard to give some caring love to my pussy when you had to worry about your best friends walking in on you. I mean we all were into sex and being horny but it wasn't exactly something we chatted about. I went into the far end of my closet into one of my 'special bins'. It had my sex toys, porn, my notebook of fantasies, and my personal tapes. I rustled through the many shapes and sizes of the toys until I found my huge pink dildo. I grabbed my lucky black vibrator and one of my favorite pornos.


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Naughty level to be set later

I laid on my king size bed and stripped down until I just had on my pink thong. I like to tease my horny pussy until I have to rip off the piece of cloth.  I pressed play on my dvd player and soon the girls' moans filled the room as two men manhandled the two best friends. I felt my pussy clench and get wetter as one of the girls got filled to the brim with one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen. I started grinding my cunt on the bed, whimpering. I did that for a few minutes until I couldn't stand it. I yanked my panties off and inserted a finger inside me, feeling the creamy liquid immediately soak it.

I ended up fisting myself silly and shoving my dildo up my pussy, my vibrator in my ass. I screamed in pleasure as I squirted gallon after gallon of my juice out of my tight cunt. I can't even tell you how long I laid there in a sweaty mess covered in my cum until I got my breathing back to normal. I turned off the tape and pulled out my soaked dildo. I sucked it and tasted my liquids. I turned the vibrator on low and put it on my clit. I moaned in pleasure and cummed again. I have a sensitive pussy that can easily be set off and out of control, I'm an animal in bed.

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Clarkee    (2013-01-04 11:16:33)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow - I hope you're working on another story - this one is very hot!
Carter01    (2012-09-22 00:10:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Would love to see that
Carter01    (2012-09-22 00:09:45)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice
chloescherry    (2012-08-28 14:25:09)    Flag as inappropiate
It's my first story and I'm kind of bad..

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