The safe room   added 3 years ago    

  By: Hells_Angel

He requests a meeting in his apartment - he has a room which only I have a key to, he is not allowed in there unless I'm there to discipline him. His hands are tied behind his back and he's sat in the middle of the floor with his collar lead tied to the metal bar designed for it to be locked on, he can go only so far. He has his butt plug wedged tightly up his ass which is secured with duct tape. He rocks back & forth on it loving how it feels inside him.  


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He likes to video me disciplining him. I move over towards him standing over him and place the sole of my shoe over his shoulder - he without hesitation licks and sucks on my heel looking up at me in gratitude. I spit on my shoe and he licks that up too. I remove my knickers and stuff them into his mouth before putting his gag in - he always keeps my knickers - he likes to be reminded of what he may be worthy of getting oneday - oneday he may get to fuck me. 

I move down over his face and rub my pussy over his gag, grabbing his head riding his face. I'm extremely wet my juices running down the gag over his lips and face - I can see from the look in his eyes he wants to taste me so much, but he can't - not yet. My pussy is earned not just given. I lower my face down to his dick which is hard as rock taking it deep into my mouth slapping his cum filled balls making him squirm. I massage the shaft if his cock with my tongue all the way up to the head - I gently massage the head with my teeth - always makes him go crazy like a little bitch. He's harder than ever before now, just the way I like him to be.

I remove his gag and replace it with another with a dildo at the end - my knickers still wedged in his mouth. I slap him and bend over in front of him - he knows what he needs to do. I feel the dildo head entering my cunt - I'm soaking wet. He begins to fuck me with his face, but he's not going very hard. I demand him to go harder. I turn my head round to see his face pumping away at my pussy but it's still not hard enough. 

I turn around and tell him to lay down. I stand above his head and lower myself onto the dildo. I begin to fuck his face. Hard. Slapping his face telling him how pathetic he is. He begins to fuck me back. It feels so good my juices dripping down onto his pathetic little face. I grab a hold of his hair and ram it harder & harder into me like a machine. I thrust my hips over his face and cum all over the black dildo which is now covered in my cream.

I pull away and open up his gag sticking the dildo end into his mouth after I take out my saliva covered panties, he sucks on it like a pussy hungry whore -  now he can taste me properly. I untie his hands and sit on a chair opposite, I tell him to finish himself off for me. He grabs hold of his dick and begins to wank himself off hard. His cock is already covered in pre-cum which he uses as lube. I tell him to faster as I rub the sole of my shoe on his balls. I see his body jerking and I know he's about to cum for me. I watch his gaged face as he releases his filth in orgasm over the floor and his thighs. I remove the dildo from his mouth and tell him to lay face down on the floor whilst he licks his dirty mess off with my shoes digging into his back.

The key is still safe with me till next time.

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lorlor    (2012-08-28 10:39:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Will you do this to me plss???! ;-) xxx

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