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  By: Carter01

My first one hope u like it......i have a maid clean my house and she has a key to my house so when im at work she can come clean with no problem.  Well one day i had a rough night before so i had called into work and for got to tell the maid she didnt have to come that day. I wake up late morning and deside to take a needed shower. What i didnt know was while i was in the shower the maid had come to clean. I step out of the shower and dry off and head to my room naked because i thought i was alone.  As i walk into my bed room me and the maid see each other. She looks me up n down as i cover my dick and say sorry. She turns around red faced and says ooooo its ok mr carter my mistake i didnt know you were home. She asks me if i want her to leave and i tell her no its ok ill just get dressed and she could clean while i was there no biggy. She starts to make my bed as i find cloths to put on. I see her looking over her shoulder trying to get a perk at me and she quickly turns as she sees i see her looking.  I give out a little laugh and look at her as she is wearing a skirt and a button up shirt.  As she bends over the bed making it i ser her skirt slid up and her ass starts to show and it makes me wanna see more. I tell her to reach over the bed alittle more and she does with out thinking and her skirt slids up even more enough that she must have felt it and stops and stands to pull it back down. She turns and im just in boxers since i was to busy looking at her bending over. I walk behind her to get to my closet and as i do she is bent over again messing with the bed and i slid past letting my half way hard cock rub her ass and she jumps up and says oo im so sorry i didnt see you walking by.  Its ok your fine just keep doing what your doing.  As she turns to start back to making the bed i slid up behind her and slud a hand around to her thigh and run up her inner thigh as i do she lets out a moan and says ooo mr carter i just clean houses nothing more.  I whisper in her ear like you didnt like what you aaw when i walked in the room. She laughs a little and starts to grid her ass along my cock. As she grids her skirt riased she turns her head to kiss my neck as i rub up her inner thigh up and up. As shes kissing i ask her if she only cleans house why she wears a skirt with no panties to a clients house. She laughs and says well sometimes i do alittle more than clean. Oooo your a bad girl and i slap her ass as i push her forward onto the bed. She turns over and puts her heels on the side of the bed and spreads her legs so i can see her shaved juicy wet pussy waiting for me. I like what i see and i grad a leg and start kissing up her leg up and up until im to her thigh and i keep kissing up and up until im to her pussy i kiss up and over it and back down the other thigh then back up.  Kis to her nicly shaved pussy and i kiss up and down her pussy then i lick her clit and lick all the way down and back up to her clit and lick up down side to side and all around making her get soaked. As im licking her clit i slid two fingers in her very wet pussy. She moans as i slid them in and out. As im licking her sweet pussy she undoes her top and pulls out her breast and plays with them. I kiss up her stomach as i still finger. Kiss up and up to her nice C cup breast and slid a nipple in my mouth and i lick and suck it then kiss my way over to the other i sit up as i enjoy the view of her breast with her harden nipples. Then i go back to licking kissing and suck on her breast and nipples. As im kissing and sucking her nipples she reaches diwn to slid my boxers down. As they fall she grabs and starts stroking my hard cock. I can tell in her face as she strokes it she cant wait to feel it inside of her. 

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Comments for Maid. Maid

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Carter01    (2012-09-22 00:57:56)    Flag as inappropiate
Make sure u check out part 2
lorlor    (2012-08-08 04:50:05)    Flag as inappropiate
finish off the story! it's nice! x
chloescherry    (2012-08-06 16:02:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Made me want to be the maid;)
chloescherry    (2012-08-06 16:02:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Made me want to be the maid;)
lick_my_cherry_bomb    (2012-08-06 03:17:32)    Flag as inappropiate
lick_my_cherry_bomb Enjpoyable
Would like to hear more
Carter01    (2012-08-06 01:19:02)    Flag as inappropiate
No comments?? Or rates?? Can i get some idk how good my first post is. Feed back would b nice n if u wanna kno wat happens next let me know

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