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  By: Hells_Angel

Hello everyone before I go into my next story, a lot of people have asked me what my stories consist of, fantasy, past experiences etc – well, to answer your question it’s a bit of everything.  Past experiences which I still think about to this day, fantasies which I would love to carry our one day perhaps.  But, I will not divulge what is what, I’ll leave that as a mystery factor thank you for all your great feedback, I hope you continue to enjoy.  Peace & Love - Hells Angel 3;)

The first time we actually got the time to meet up was such a giggle, we always did have fun together, we’d been talking for a month or so, the phone sex was so much fun both home & at work, the naughty texts and pictures, we’d sometimes call each other as soon as we woke up for wake up phone sex that was so hot!  She’d never been with a girl before and had recently broken up with her boyfriend who lived in the same house share.   We drank so much at a small quiet bar near her house which closed at 1am this evening; we stumbled out of the doors giggling like school girls.  Her house was walking distance so we reached her place in no time at all, after her rustling for her keys we walked into the house and literally collapsed onto the couch together still laughing for no reason at all.  She put her head on my lap and looked up at me; I studied her face and the blonde hair that fell onto my lap thinking how pretty she looked.  She looked at me with a deep sigh and said I was so beautiful, and how much I excited her as she played with the bottom of my hair.  She got and kissed me ever so gently, little soft kisses.  She looked scared “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” she said.  I held her face and kissed her deeply –just that was enough to relax her and get her to do as I pleased.  We literally ripped each others’ clothes off, groping each and every inch of each other.  The rougher I was the more she liked it.  I bit her neck, nipples and I told her to do the same in return, I went all the way down to her shaved pussy.  We were in a 69 in no time fingering and eating away at each others’ sex, for a girl who had never eaten pussy before she was unbelievable.  I was sat on her face riding her tongue.  She folded her arms over my thighs and buried her face between my legs & ass like a pussy hungry whore.  She was eating me like she’d been gagging for my pussy on her face, I grabbed her legs over my shoulders and slapped her ass and pussy hard and told her how good of a job she was doing and that she was a natural which encouraged her even more to tongue fuck me even more.

She went into her bedroom and came out her double ended dildo, we’d been pussy playing for such a long time we were both gagging for our holes to be filled up – she’d bought the double ended dildo just for us which I thought was so thoughtful of her.  We sat opposite each other sucking on each end like cock hungry dolls.  At this point I hoped her ex-boyfriend would walk in on us, I could’ve done with real cock.  I moved closer to her with one leg over hers and under the other, I moved forward so that both our pussies touched, I spat over our locked pussies and began to rub mine over hers, she responded quickly and began to mimic my movements as we still sucked each end of the dildo.  I could feel the wetness from her pussy over mine; I knew she was ready to be filled up with the fake dick which I was making her gag on.  I moved back and I told her to spread her legs open for me and to open her pussy lips up with her hands, I wanted to see how wet she was and if she was ready for the dildo to go inside her, she did as she was told and opened her pussy lips apart and I could see the stickiness just drip out as she did.  I told her to keep them wide open and started to rub the head of one end of her toy up and down her clitoral hood and clit then to the opening of her pussy lips.  I began to push it in deeper and deeper into her and as she still held herself open.  I moved back and positioned myself over the other end of the toy, I watched the lusty look on her face and she watched me push myself on the other end.  We began to move our hips letting the toy slide in and out of our pussies whilst rubbing each others’ clits. 

I started to move my hips harder against her.  I was fucking her, harder & harder.  I locked my pussy over the soft dildo and rammed it inside her, she was screaming like a little bitch on heat.  I slapped her across her face and pulled her nipples as she rolled her eyes back.  I could tell she was about to cum, as I slapped her face and tits she was getting more and more aroused and begging me to fuck her more.  Seeing I was turning her on so much got me so horny, I loved the fact that I had this affect on her, my pussy was ready to explode too.  We started to move both our hips so vigorously pumping each other, she screamed so loud when she cum and I told her what a good little bitch she was for doing so, it got me so horny I orgasmed shortly after with such intensity.   We giggled again and kissed, I told her next time round she’d have to come to my house.  She looked at me all puzzled “How is that possible?  Will your family not ask questions?”  I just smiled at her innocence.  “No, they won’t, you’re a friend of mine that is all they know, what we do behind my bedroom door has nothing to do with anyone and anyway, Muslim families don’t ask questions if a girl turns up to your house, it’s only men who aren’t really allowed”   She looked at me with so much delight.  I wondered what my mother would say if she knew I had been fucking a Christian now atheist girl..  Hmmm..  We were in for alot of naughty fun times together..


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lorlor    (2012-08-08 04:33:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Sexy story miss!!
Hells_Angel    (2012-08-01 03:42:20)    Flag as inappropiate
Hells_Angel Thank you Casanova :) I hope what I say helps :)
CanadianCasanova    (2012-07-31 18:16:06)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Awesome story! I love lesbian sex!

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