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Enter your story here... The sun was shineing as rose and phil arrived at the holiday camp not much to look at said phil,no worries replied rose if its rubbish we will head home.


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Naughty level to be set later

before long rose had collected the chalet keys and  they made their way to their desinated chalet,879
on opening the door they were greeted by a clean well presented chalet,rose smiled not bad,not bad at all said rose placing her suitcase into the front bedroom
As rose stood by the door  enjoying a quick smoke she wondered who were the fellow holiday makers in this row would they be friendly,or the rowdy type,they turned out to be both.
as the hours passed and the sun rose higher so did the temprature,soon phil and rose made their way to the club,a nice ice cold larger would be a treat,as the show went on and the drinks flowed,rose felt the stress just fade away,time seemed to fly by soon a wobbely rose made her way back to the chalet.
Outside their nieghbours chalet stood the builders talking drinking and having a good laugh,rose bid them goodnight and made her way in ready for what she thought would be a quick fumble then of the the land of nod,it was,nt long before phil started the same routine a bit of sucking a bit of licking,then out of the corner of her eye rose thought she saw a figure looking through the gap,as rose was about to tell phil she had a strange stirring,she felt her nipples grow hard,her pussy started to twitch it dawned on her she liked the thought of being watched without a second thought she rolled phil on his back and climbed on top in one swift more she removed the top exposing her breast her nipples hard she slowly started to rub her pussy up and down,all the time watching the gap in the curtains,as she watched a second of the builders could be seen watching this just made rose so fucking hot soon she was moaning not caring that all four builders were enjoying the show,she decided it was time to turn up the heat reaching in her travel bag she pulled out her toy it was pink and big just what she wanted, let the show begin rose thought..
slowly carefully rose stroked her pussy opening her legs slightly to give a better view to those four sex hungry workmen standing outside her bedroom wishing they could be the vibrator,in went the vibrator pushing aside her wet lips rose moaned louder and louder the deeper her toy entered her,outside she could hear the sounds of the builders talking in a low voice saying how they had hard on,s and were saying what the fuck we suppose to do their cocks were so hard they rose looked around at phil she noticed he had passed out cold and no amount of digging would wake him oh well im enjoying myself soon the vibrator was thrusting,rose could feel her pussy growing tight she reached her climax like a wave of pleasure passing through her body she let out the loudest moan she had ever done,rose laid there listening to the builder making their way back to their chalet, slowly rose stood up putting on her long house coat to cover her naked sweat soaked body,rose made her way into the living room through the paper thin walls rose heard the builders talking about her session how she was pleasuring herself,and discussing exactly what they would like to do to her even though she was older she was fit and her pussy looked to hot,rose opened the chalet door and lit a cigarette and let the cool night air invelope her hot body how cool it as she smoked it, she could feel eyes watching her this sent a shiver of pleasure through her naked body,just then the builders chalet door opened and out came the builders cigarette in one hand,larger in the the sound of laughter filled the air that was until they caught sight of rose standing by her door,then all went silent,had a good night did you ask one of the builders,yes did you enjoy the show asked rose,oh yeh they replied the show was hot,rose smiled to herself as they stood there making small talk one of the builders popped in to fetch a ice cold larger,that looks nice rose said, nice and refreshing and cool, want one said the builder,oh I don,t know replied rose,don,t like drinking alone and phil is out for the night so he,s no use,look said the builder why don,t you come in we have a fridge full of larger,Im not sure about that four men and just me,and this house coats all I have on.yeh but your only next door stated one of the builders what harm is there in having a drink with your nieghbours,rose paused,oh why not I will just check the oldman and fetch my cigarettes.Rose knocked on the builders chalet door which was quickly opened and rose was waved in to the living room soon an ice cold larger was in her hands oh this feels lovely and cold just what I need to cool down,why cool down its more fun to heat things up,the builder laughed,rose laughed she new what they were thinking,this made rose feel horny,as rose had a couple more largers she forgot about being naked except for the housecoat,and it was,nt long before her housecoat began to fall open,rose could sence the builders staring at breasts,and he shaven pussy,slowely rose parted her legs revealing a wet pussy ready for what ever rose wanted

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boobman    (2013-01-25 00:54:48)    Flag as inappropiate
I love it. What a tease!
pie106    (2012-09-17 19:29:03)    Flag as inappropiate
Rose comes on as a pleaser, but is only a teaser.

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