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                While I was in college I never partied a lot. Of course there was the drinking alone aspect when I got home from a tired day at school in my dorm.  My neighbor who lived in the dorm next to me was incredibly attractive. She smiled at me whenever we were both out at the same time or going to class in a rush because we woke up late, and her name was Bridget. Bridget was short, almost half my height, brunette, and very sexy. She had a perfect hourglass shape from the top of her perky B tits, down to those round full ass cheeks. I never thought she would ever sleep with a guy like me or even consider it.


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Naughty level to be set later


                One night I woke up, tired and confused, to a sound I never really heard before. Through the wall I could hear Bridget gasping for air and calling my name! I thought she needed help so I, half asleep with no shirt and boxers on, ran next door to help a girl who was faintly gasping for air and calling my name.  Little did I know what was about to happen.


                I opened the door; it was already unlocked for some reason. Bridget probably left it open for her roommate who was out. I looked around for a minute, admiring how classy a college dorm could be. Paintings lined the walls. A big flat screen covered the living room great, there were modern lamps, and a beautiful couch, when all of a sudden I remembered Bridget and ran into the hall. There were bedrooms at both sides and I knew she must have the one closest to my wall so I opened the left door.


                There she was, naked with her legs wide, wide apart. She was closing her eyes and didn’t even know I was there yet. She was biting her lip and gasping for air and moaning, while she had a big purple dildo deep in her juicy, furry, cunt. Her bed sheets were white and I could tell by the shade that they were soaking wet from her pussy juice as she kept fucking herself with her toy.


“John, mmm, John harder.”


                I didn’t know what to do; I could feel my cock getting harder in my boxers.


“The idea that another woman is fantasizing about me is crazy!” I thought to myself.


      She didn’t open her eyes at all. I Stood back to admire what a beautiful creature she was. She was exactly as a pictured her naked. She was sweating a lot, and the whole room smelled like sweat and pussy. I looked down at the bed frame and saw her day clothes. I found out she wears tight undies that lift up her ass a little bit. However I was a little disappointed to see that she did not wear thongs. Her bra was a pink B cup with kiss marks on the front.  I always loved it when girls were creative with their undies and always got the cutest ones


She finally opened her eyes. She looked at me and grabbed the sheets with the dildo still inside her and yelled.


“What the FUCK are you doing here!?”


“I heard you saying my name; I thought you were calling for help.” I responded calmly, knowing where this was going, a call from the police probably followed by another arrest for an accident.


'She looked up at me, without showing any visible emotions.


“How much did you….See?”


“Uh, everything. Honestly that was probably the nicest thing I've ever seen while I was half asleep.” I laughed trying to shrug off the situation.


She looked at me and smiled sexily, like the ones I see in the hall but this time sprinkled with seduction.


“Wanna help this slut get off with that big cock in your pants and that perfect toned body?”


At this point my cock was rock hard and she could see it and I could feel her eyes looking at my body approving the abs, the pecs, the legs, and even when she reached my face I could tell she appreciated my red hair, my eyes, and my freckles.


        I came over to the bed and neared her body, still covered by the sheet, and something started bugging me.


“Why were you thinking about me? I mean there are a lot of guys out there who are way more buff, and a lot cuter than me” I would know this, as I myself am a little bi-curious and do notice that there were better guys out there sexually.


“I love red heads. I love how unique and different they are. I find them just so fuckable.” She smiled and looked at my cock through my boxers.


“You’re massive…John.”


        At this point I basically lost every instinct to stop myself from fucking her. My mind couldn’t find a good reason not to. She wasn’t a whore judging by how much of an expert she was with her toy, and none of my friends ever mentioned anything in the numerous discussions of whores at our school. She was bound to not have anything, she was very attractive, and she obviously wanted me bad enough.


     As soon as I was done thinking about it I felt her tiny hands on me. She was rubbing up and down my body, while lying down, and she traced my V down and slid off my boxers. She looked at it for a brief moment as she appreciated it as well as this whole situation and looked up with lust filled eyes.


“John I want you to ride me, please I wanna have you ride me like the slut I know I am!”


 I threw my boxers that were around my legs across the room, opened the sheet and removed the toy, and got on top of her, kissing passionately. I looked to my left and I could see a full size mirror. I knew she probably loved to look at herself while she played. The idea turned me on even MORE, if that was even possible. She then started rubbing my chest and went down and kissed my neck and licked her lips.


     I could tell that she wanted to be controlled right now. I don’t know why, but I could tell she was. I held down her hands and started sucking her left tit as she gasped my name hard. My cock was near her pussy and I could feel the moisture in the air around her. I kissed down to her tummy and released her arms as I kissed further and further down.


“John, but…I’ve never done that before…I’ve never done anything before!”


I looked up and said.


“I just wanna lick and taste my fucking slut, I wanna taste every inch of your sexy body”


She looked at me while I tongued her clit, faster and faster as she lost control. I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper in while she moaned about this being so fucking hot. Her scent was very intriguing and as I buried my tongue deep inside her and felt around for that special spot she moaned louder. I could feel that she was close, and I wanted to tease her more so I stopped tongue fucking her completely. She was again gasping for air, and struggling to catch her breath.


“But John!” she looked at me with innocent eyes. “I wanted to cum around your tongue! It was so fucking hot…” as I Ignoring her completely I asked.


“Who’s my little slut? Who wants to get off?”


She looked even more excited, almost like a dog who I was playing fetch with.


“Me! I’m your little whore! I’m a fuck tool and I don’t even care!” she giggled and smiled.


I looked at her smiling and started rubbing her clit.


“Suck my cock and you will get to have this big thing all the way inside you deep.”


      She didn’t even wait; she got up, told me to get on the edge of the bed sitting, and got on her knees and licked gently up and down the shaft. I could feel her tongue and its moisture turning me on and I could tell she liked having a cock to suck on. However she didn’t have much practice and I could tell, but for some reason the thought of a completely innocent woman with no experience sucking my cock turned me on even more.


    She began to descend on my dick with her mouth and not to my surprise she couldn’t even get half of the full thing in her moist mouth. She looked up at my body and I could tell she was enjoying giving me pleasure more than I was enjoying reviving it. She looked so pleased as she rocked back and forth on her heels onto my dick and used her tongue to lick the head like a big lollypop.


    At this point my mind was long lost. I was swimming in pleasure and knew if I didn’t fuck this beautiful girl soon I would lose my fucking mind. I stood her up and bent her down while I spanked her.


“Your such a little whore, bend down for me you slut!” I smiled to myself as I found her toy in the sheets. I spread her little ass wide as I inserted the toy deep into her tight virgin ass. No mercy and I could even tell through the shock, she loved every inch, every single centimeter of that thick toy inside her ass. She looked back at me, still bending over and moaned a loud sound I couldn’t even recognize.


"You keep this in that tight ass while I fuck you nice and slow you bitch, you’re my little bitch aren’t you?”


“YES! YES! I love having it inside me! Fuck me hard john!”


    She stood up trying to keep the dildo clenched in her ass as I stood her up and picked her up, spread her legs around me and holding her up by her ass with both my hands, keeping the toy in I inched her closer and closer to my dick, she opened her pussy with one hand, and with the other she clenched my back tight. She looked down wanting to see the first dick inside her and as soon as my cock head got inside she reeled back with a moan and screamed. She held my back and I started humping her in the air as I fucked her slow, gravity helping while I showed her what a real man can do.



         We fucked like this for over an hour, my back and arms sore and tired as she finally came all over me, she squirted out all her cum and I felt her dildo slide right out of her as she finally orgasmed and relaxed her body. She literally lost herself in her first time. She couldn’t speak for a few minutes as I laid her down onto the bed. She sucked me off and drank all my thick ropes of man milk and smiled exhausted.


“John that was the best night of my life, I wanna be your slave every night for the rest of my life, and next time I wanna get fucked in the ass by that!” she pointed at my dick. I looked over at the clock and it said 4:07. I looked right back at her as I said


“We have 4 hours till class still Bridget.”


She smiled an excited smile as she got started rubbing her clit and started to wet the sheets again with her furry pussy. 

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LovesGirls    (2012-06-26 15:43:14)    Flag as inappropiate
LovesGirls Good to hear anythings appreciated ;)
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LovesGirls Good to hear anythings appreciated ;)
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Oh.... This helped me masturbate!!..

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