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  By: LadySub

Every summer my best friend and I go on a road trip. Just a trip that we take that gets away and recharges our girl power. We were staying at a cabin that Rachel’s family owns and happened to be heading home. Not wanting to get home so fast, we opted to take the scenic route and that is what brought us to this run down looking gas station in the middle of freaking nowhere asking for directions and gassing up the ol’ convertible.


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I pulled in next to the pump and spotted the four guys standing on the porch of the wood building drinking beers and looking disinterested as could be. At that point, I undid the tie on my button shirt that was exposing my midriff and pulled the shirt down and buttoned it to hide any visible skin. I cursed I was wearing my cut off jeans because I had nothing to hide my legs. I encouraged my friend to put on a sweater to cover her tank and unfold some of her skirt down. “I’m going to pump the gas and you can go in and see if they have a map.” I looked at the group of guys now staring at us. “I want to get out of her as quickly as possible.”

Rachel quickly walked inside the building and jumped out of the car and started pumping the gas looking out towards the road.

 “Well, Hi there, Ma’am!”

I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Sorry for scaring you, but you and your friend look lost and I thought I could come over and see if you need any assistance.”

I gave a weak smile back at the young man. His straw colored hair was long and in his eyes and looked like he was working outside for some time.

“Um…well, I’m just getting some gas and my friend is getting some snacks from inside.”

He gave me a wide smile back and came closer to me.

“Well, you see, Ma’am, we don’t get much people ‘round here and when they do come, they are usually lost.” He was now leaning against the car. “It’s okay to ask for help, you know.”

I looked down on the ground and saw his work books. I smiled to myself. I’m always paranoid and maybe he is just trying to help. I looked up to finally admit we were lost when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked towards the building and the other men were no longer there. I looked back at the man in front of me with a quizzical glance and his smile got bigger. Without a word I turned on my heels and started walking towards the store to check on my friend. It had been some time since she walked in to get a map.

The store was quiet, except for the sound of a passing fly. The shelves where dusty and stalked with can goods and survival supplies.

“Rachel!?”  I called out from the door.  No answer. I walked further inside allowing the screen door to slam behind me. “Rachel!” I yelled louder.

“Oh! I didn’t hear you come in,” a voice said further inside the store. I walked towards the back and saw an old man standing behind the counter restocking some cigarettes.

“Um..Hi. My friend just came in a few moments ago. Did you see where she went?”

“Yea…she said she had to go to the bathroom.” He pointed down a hallway indicating that is where I should go to find her. I marched down the hallway cursing her for taking this long. I was hoping to be out of this place awhile ago. I found the bathroom, but not Rachel. I was starting to panic when I heard further down the hall some muffled noises. I ran down the hall and threw open the door.

It took only a few seconds to register what I was staring at, but when I did it hit me like a bucket of cold water. Rachel was bent over a table with her skirt hiked up and man with a cock the size of a freaking bat ramming into her. She was screaming behind a cloth shoved in her mouth and her arms were stretched forward and tied to a beam. Her shirt had been tore down the front and it already looked like several hickies where planted around her nipples.

The gun!

 It came back to me fast. I should have brought the freaking gun from the glove compartment. Her dad made us promise to carry it for protection. I turned to go get it and ran into a solid flesh. It was the man from outside. I looked up and he had that same smile on his face. “You see,” he said, “We don’t get many people this way and when they do, they are usually lost.”

He stretched his arms over his head and placed them in the emperor pose behind his head and continued, “We usually give the men directions and send them on their way, but the women…” He then reached down and grabbed me and turned me around and plastered my back side to his body and hissed in my ear, “…the women, we keep!” I started to scream and his hand clamped down on my mouth and he dragged me into the room. “Hey Fellas, I got the other one!” He pushed me to land on the end of my table where Rachel was strapped to. I gave Rachel the same panic looked she was giving me and then the pounding began and she closed her eyes and took it.

“Nice going, Reese!”

I felt hands all around me tugging on my clothes and I was fighting back until someone grabbed my arms and threw me back on the table and started tying them up. My shirt was ripped open and my shorts and panties where the next thing to go. I was gagged before I could protest. Reese rammed his pelvic against mine and I couldn’t move my legs. I gave him a glare and he just kept smiling that stupid smile.

He leaned over and licked me from my cheek down my neck to my left breast until he found what he was looking for, my nipples. I was repulsed by this and then he slobbered all over it and sucked and gnawed on it like a starving man. Even though I was gagged, it was pretty clear what obscenities I was shouting at him. He raised his mouth off my nipple and said, “If you keep talking like that I might have to shove something else in your mouth to keep you quiet.”

I stopped cursing immediately. He started unbuckling his belt and slipping his pants down and I panicked and began flopping like a fish. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down on to the table and I grunted at the impact. “Keep fighting me little one and I will just enjoy it more.” Ugh! That same smile.  I didn’t see it happen, but I felt it. He pushed the tip of his cock inside me and I went completely still. It’s really going to happen! He pushed in slowly to torture me, I suppose. I was feeling every contour and vein and I was helpless to stop it. I was stretching to accommodate his girth and was angry at myself that my body was reacting to it. Moisture was building inside me and coating his dick. He groaned as he pushed in full hilt inside me and I grunted. Instinctively, I spread my legs wider and he moved forward to keep them that way. “Hmmm…this one is real sweet.” He said as he grinded into me in a circular motion.

 “As soon as I’m done with this one, I will have to partake.” A gruff voice responded.

Oh God! Rachel, I had forgotten. I heard him smacking her ass as he rammed into her and her whimpers each time. We need to get away. I tried to wriggle again, but the one called Reese grabbed my hips and pulled me back into place. “If you don’t stay still, I’m gonna flip you over and do what Don is doing to your friend there. If you haven’t noticed, that isn’t her pussy.” My eyes flew open.  He wasn’t! Reese smiled big and nodded as if he heard my question.

He ran his rough hands over my hips and around my waist and took a firm hold and began to pull out and thrust back in rocking me back and forth with each thrust. Each time he rammed into me I felt him hit drill deeper and deeper into me until he was hitting my cervix.

 “Oh baby, you are getting so wet for me. I think you like my cock.” He glared down at me as he continued to ram into me. “…and I like how your tits move when I’m fucking you.”  I couldn’t get the sound of skin hitting skin out of my head. He moved his thumb over my clit and started rubbing it. I arched off the table and gave a moan. He chuckled, “I love touching a woman’s sex and seeing them go wild like that.” He continued to massage my clit as he thrust in and out of me and I couldn’t help it. I started clinching down on his dick as if trying to keep it in me and arching to follow it out. “Yes,” he hissed, “That’s what I want. You like being fucked by a thick cock, don’t you?” He dug harder on my clit and started going faster. I started moaning uncontrollable. “I saw you look at me outside. You thought you were better than me. How do you like this back wood cock in your pristine city pussy now?” Then he just started pounding without rhythm harder and harder and a familiar ache started building in me and I rocked my hips with his until I exploded into convulsions under him. He shoved deep in me and I felt his hot juices spill into me.

“Geez, Don! You got blood on her!” I heard someone say. “Just flip her over if you can’t handle it” I felt the table move and knew that Rachel was being abused by another one of the men. The one called Don came over to stand next to Reese who was glaring down at his accomplishment. “Be gentle with this one, Don, I want to take this one home with me tonight.” He bent down and bit me on the shoulder. “Are you sure you want to do that, man? You haven’t even tried the other one.”

“Oh, I’m sure. I think this one is special.” He pulled out of me and stepped away. In his place Don stood. He looked at me like he was trying to solve a puzzle and then he said, “Be right back.”

I heard the moans on the other side of the table and knew it was Rachel. I don’t know if they were pleasure or fear, but felt the table move and I knew that she was still being fucked by who knows who.  

Don came back. “Sorry, I had to clean myself before coming to you.” I sneered at him to say, like I care.

He untied my hands and I thought of running, but it was fleeting as his arms wrapped around my waist and carried me to the corner. He turned me around and in those few seconds I finally saw what was happening to my friend. She was still tied, but a man was lying on the table and she was straddling him. Another man was behind her making her move so that she was taking his dick in and out and he was grabbing her breasts and teasing them. Lucky Bitch! Oh God! What am I saying?

My view was immediately blocked by Don. He pushed me to my knees. “Since I can’t ruin your pink hole, you are going to suck me off. If you bite or do anything, I will go back to your friend over there and give her a couple of shiners, you hear.”

He took the gag out of my mouth and presented himself to me. I don’t know how I was going to take this guy in, he was a freaking horse. I learned I didn’t have much choice. He grabbed my hair and fisted and then leaned me back and shoved his cock in my mouth. I tried to push away, but ran into the wall behind me. I couldn’t get away and he started pushing in deeper into my throat and I started to gag and fight and then he pulled out. Before I could catch myself, he shoved back in and I was choking all over again. I had to relax my throat fast to accommodate him and I felt him sliding to the back of my throat. I was still gagging and tears where now streaming down my face. I thought I just need to get him to come fast or I might just die from cock in my mouth. When he pushed back in I grabbed his hips and pulled him in so he couldn’t pull out. I seized his cock in the back of my throat and I started making swallowing motions, which massaged and squeezed down on his dick.

 “Holy shit, Girl! What are you doing?” I felt him go tense and shudder. “I never felt that before!”

I kept him locked in place and kept swallowing his dick and then I started flicking my tongue along his shaft paying extra attention to the underside. He gripped my hair tighter and I dug my fingers into his hips and started to aggressively lick his dick while swallowing now. Finally! I felt him swell up and start spewing his cum down my throat. He let my hair go and leaned against the wall looming over me. “Shit, Reese! You are right. This one is special. You lucky bastard.”

I leaned back on my haunches and started to rub my cheeks.

 “Look, we don’t know who you are! Hell, we don’t even know where we are! You guys can just dump us somewhere I we would never know how to get back. You can let us go.”  

My words didn’t matter. The cloth was shoved back in my mouth and hands tied behind my back. I was dropped on the floor by the table and that’s when I noticed. Rachel was gone. I didn’t even notice any sound indicating she was taken away.

Reese picked me up and I was panicking. Where did they take her? He looked at me and said, “Your friend was taken to the hen house. That’s where we put all the women we…um…collect.” He pushed me down on the table face first, so that my back side was exposed to him. “But you, you are special.” He tapped the spot where he bit me. “Since I was your first I had the right to claim you.” I don’t know what he was doing behind me, but he was doing an awful lot of rustling around. “Just so you know, it’s a big decision to make.  It means I can no longer go to the hen house. I have to only be with you and you can only be with me.” I felt something wet. He was rubbing my backside down with a cloth. “Oh! We are going to have so much fun together.” He paused. “..or should I say, I’m going to have so much fun with you.” He took the cloth out of my mouth and shoved in a stick and said, “Now bite down.” I didn’t understand, but a few seconds later I did. I felt this burning sensation on my backside and I bit down and started to cry.

He marked me! I now lay in a bed in a dark house, God knows where, with my arms tied to each post and legs tied to the end post, naked and tummy down. Except now I have a new red mark on my ass showing that I’m now Reese’s property. He said he is looking forward to fucking me in my pristine, pink hole while he looks down at his mark later tonight.

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pie106    (2012-07-03 16:08:26)    Flag as inappropiate
Very hot, I can hear the banjos playing while reading.

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