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  By: 2joke5

I walk to my car my hands full of my briefcase, my coffee, my purse, and the box I need to drop off tomorrow on my way to work.  Of course, since I was late this morning, I had to park clear at the far corner of the parking lot and one of the bulbs in the light is burned out.  I set my stuff down so I can dig in my purse to find my keys.  My fingers finally find the keys and I pull them out and open the car door, bending down to pick up all my stuff and throw it on the passenger seat.  I climb in, lock my door and start to put my keys in the ignition when I suddenly feel something being slid around my throat.  I quickly scream, but whatever is around my throat is pulled tight and my air is cut off.  I struggle for a couple of moments almost blacking out, before I feel it loosen slightly and I can breathe again.

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“Turn the car on,” a rough male voice says, “and follow my directions and you won’t get hurt.”

I do as I’m told, starting my car and waiting for directions. He directs me to drive and I follow his directions, as he keeps a tight hold on the scarf or whatever it is that he has around my neck.  After about a half hour of driving down progressively dark and empty streets I start to get really worried.

“I don’t have a lot of money, but you can have everything I have,” I say timidly. 

“I plan on getting everything you have,” he laughs harshly.

I am not sure what he means, but it scares me even more.  He finally directs me to pull over and we are down some dirt lane out in the middle of nowhere and it comes back to me that the guys who teach the safety classes always tell you to never get in a car and go to another location because the person taking you there will pick someplace they feel safe, which means NOT safe for the victim.  I wish I had thought of it sooner.  Maybe I could have run my car into a ditch or a tree or something and jumped out and ran.  Now, it’s too late, we are here where he feels safe, which means I am in BIG trouble. 

He twists his hand around the scarf tightly and climbs over the seat into the passenger side, pushing all my stuff to the floor.  He has had a hat on this whole time, pulled down low so I can really only see his lips and chin.  I had thought he had a scarf around my throat, but now I see it looks more like a belt from a robe.  He ties the end of the belt around his arm so his hands are free, but it’s still around my neck and if I got the door open and tried to run, he would easily be able to yank me back by my throat.

He tells me to hold out my hands and clasp them together.

“Look, I say to him, you haven’t done anything yet, you can let me go.  I haven’t really seen your face and I’ll give you all the cash I have, I’ll even give you my credit cards and everything, just please, please, don’t kill me!”

He laughs and says, “Oh, you don’t have to worry, I don’t plan on killing you, at least for awhile.”

He grabs my wrists and wraps a rope around them, tying them tightly together, then grabs my head, pulling it forward and tying something around my eyes, blindfolding me.

“Why are you doing this?” I whisper as tears run down my face under the blindfold.

He doesn’t answer, but I feel him unbuttoning my blouse and pushing it open.  Oh my god, I think, he’s going to rape me before he kills me!  I pull away from him and desperately scrabble my hands around trying to find the door handle.  I find it and just as I grab it and start to pull, the belt around my neck is pulled tight again and I am yanked back towards him.  I hear him open his door and get out.  He comes around and opens my door, swinging my legs out of the car, reaching up and yanking my skirt and panties off of me.

“PLEASE!” I cry begging him, “Just let me go, please, PLEASE don’t do this.” His answer is to put my legs back in the car and shut my door.  He goes back around to the passenger side and gets in again, closing his door.  I hear him let his seat back, then feel him grab my under my elbows and pull me towards him.  He grabs my head and forces it down shoving his hard dick against my mouth.  I clamp my lips tightly but he grabs the hair at the back of my head and yanks hard telling me to open my mouth and suck his dick.  I resist for a few more minutes and then he slaps me hard on the face and again orders me to suck his dick.  I finally open my mouth and he shoves his dick deep in my throat making me gag.  I try and pull back but he grasped the back of my head with both his hands, holding my head still and lifting his hips up, shoves his dick down my throat cutting off my air and gagging me again.  He pulls back out and then shoves it deep again, grinding his hips into my face.  I feel my stomach lurch and I gag again, sure I am going to throw up.  He pulls his dick out of my mouth and tells me I’d better not dare throw up, or he will make me clean it off of him. 

He reaches down and I feel my seat slide all the way back and then I feel him left me towards him again.  He pulls me toward him and grabs my left knee, lifting it up slightly before telling me to sit down.  I start to sit, but I feel the gear shift knob under me and stop. 

“Sit down on it,” he tells me, pushing me down so the knob is pushing into my dry pussy.  I try and lever myself up but he hits me again and says “Sit on it, fuck it while you suck my dick!” He pushes me down hard and I scream in pain as the large knob pushes into my tight dry pussy, scratching my insides all the way in.  He pushes my head back down and orders me to suck him again.  I start sucking his dick and he grabs the back of my head again, helping push my head up and down on his shaft, as I sit impaled on the gear shift lever.  “FUCK IT!” he says loudly, reaching out and pinching my nipple roughly.  I give a muffled scream and slowly start to move my pussy up and down the shaft, tears running down my face from the pain of the scarred wooden knob inside me.  He continues holding my head down on his dick, pushing it up and down occasionally shoving it deep down my throat and making me gag.  By this time I have drool dripping all down my chin as each time he shoves his dick deep and gags me, my mouth makes more spit.  Thankfully my pussy has lubricated a little in self defense and it is not quite as painful to slide up and down the shaft as it was originally.

“Faster, Fuck it faster bitch” he snarls and he pulls my hair again.  I move my hips up and down the stick faster, all the while continuing to suck his dick. 

All of a sudden, he pulls my upwards by my hair off the shaft and I am suspended by my hair for a moment before he pushes me back down, this time directing me so that my ass is on the gear shift knob.  I scream and shake my head quickly. 

“I can’t!” I cry, “PLEASE! Don’t make me do this!”  He ignores me and shoves me down roughly, shoving the gear shift knob into my ass painfully.  I let out an agonized shriek and my body bows back in pain as the knob invades my asshole stretching it open and tearing the tight tender hole. I howl in pain, tears streaming down my face, panting wildly trying to overcome the pain. 

He doesn’t give me any time, he grabs my head again, forcing it forward once more and ordering me to suck him again.  He tells me to start fucking the gear shift but I can’t move. I am paralyzed with the pain of this foreign object shoved up inside my ass.  He grabs me around my waist and starts physically lifting me up and slamming me down on the gear shift shoving it deeper and deeper inside of me until it finally is all the way inside me and I am sitting on the console, gear shift buried up my ass.

He grabs my head, forcing it down and starts to fuck my mouth again, gagging me every couple of thrusts. 

“FUCK IT NOW!” he yells at me and I tentatively start to try and move up and down the shaft shoved up my ass.  It hurts badly and I feel like it is ripping the inside of my ass to shreds.  He continues to fuck my face and make me take the gear shift deep inside me for what seems like hours before he pulls me off of his dick and lifts me up off of the gear shift.  I sit huddled in pain on the seat wondering what is going to happen to me next.  I hear him get out the car again and open my door, pulling me out of the car.  He pulls me forward, making me stumble since I can’t see where I am going.

We walk a few feet before we stop and he lifts my arms above my head, and I feel him maneuver something cold and metallic between my hands.  He steps back and I realize he has hooked my hands on something so they are stretched above my head, making my breasts jut forward, and making me stand almost on tiptoe.

He grabs my left ankle pulling it farther to the left and I feel him slip something like a bracelet around my ankle before doing the same to my right ankle.

Now I am staked out with my hands above my head completely and totally helpless.  I am sure by this time that I am going to die, and I wish that he would just get it over with.  I actually beg him, “please, just kill me now, just kill me and get it over with.”

He doesn’t answer and I hear him moving around somewhere behind me and then I suddenly feel something lash against the skin on the back of my thighs and I scream high and loud from the pain.  He has some kind of switch or something and he is hitting with it.  He hits me again several times and I can feel the welts rising on my tender skin.  He walks around in front of my and lashes the switch against my breasts several times, hitting my nipples and making me scream again and again in pain.  I suddenly feel him slowly rubbing the switch along my sex, slowly rubbing it between my pussy lips, slowly sliding it up and down my pussy, and for some reason, my pussy starts getting wet.  He takes the switch and gently prods my clit with it, then goes back to rubbing up and down my lips again.  The switch is smooth, it doesn’t feel like a branch or anything like that.  After every couple of times sliding it between my pussy lips, he taps it on my clit making my clit tingle and start to stand up.  He does this several times until my clit is fully out of its hood and then all of a sudden he slaps the switch down right on my clit making me howl and scream in pain, writhing and twisting against my restraints to no avail.  He does this several more times each time making it more sensitive, making it hurt even more. Then he suddenly stops.  I hang there, panting, dragging breathes in and out and trying to manage my pain.  I don’t know where he’s gone or what he’s doing, but I am thankful for the respite, refusing to let myself wonder what he will do to me next. 

Suddenly I feel his hands grab my ass and next thing I know I feel his mouth on my pussy.  He slowly slides his tongue up and down the cleft in my pussy lips lightly feathering his tongue back and forth along my slit, stopping to suck my clit every third or fourth time.  He does this several more times making my pussy juices start to flow.  I can’t believe my body is responding to this!  After everything he has done to me, I can’t believe my pussy is getting wet.  I figure it is an automatic response and does not mean that I am enjoying anything that he is doing to me, it is just designed to respond a certain way to certain things.  He takes his hands off my ass and I feel him pull my pussy lips apart before he sticks his tongue up inside me.  His tongue strokes in and out of my pussy several times before he returns to my clit and starts to suck on it.

“OH MY GOD!” I can’t believe my body is actually responding to him this way!  I try and ignore what he is doing to me, try and ignore what my body is feeling. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction, or let him think that what he is doing is turning me on, or that it’s ok, but my body betrays me and I start to moan, my pelvis trying to push towards his mouth and tongue.  He slides two fingers into my pussy and starts feverishly licking and sucking on my pussy and sliding his fingers in and out of me, and soon I can feel the tightness building inside me and know that he is going to make me cum whether  I want to or not.

Just as I reach my peak and start to convulse with my orgasm, he suddenly shoves something large and round into my ass and I scream half from the pain and half from my orgasm.  I feel my ass spasming around the object and for some reason it seems to make my orgasm stronger and last longer than usual.  As I finish cumming, I hang suspended, totally drained of any remaining energy.  I feel him unhook my hands and untie my feet and feel him lead me again, stumbling along. 

This is it, I think to myself, he’s going to kill me now.  I cry for my mom and dad and my fiancé, hoping that my body will be found quickly and they won’t suffer too much.

We stop and I stand there, head bowed waiting for the end. 

He suddenly pushes me forward and I realize I am lying on the hood of my car.  He pulls my bound hands up and ties them to something and then kicks my legs apart roughly.  He pushes me against the car pinning me beneath him and then he pulls my ass cheeks apart and roughly shoves himself inside me.  I realize at this point that up until now, other than my mouth, he hadn’t actually fucked me himself. 

By this time because of the gear shift and whatever else he had shoved up my ass, my ass was stretched open and his dick slid in relatively easily, at least compared to the other things.  He shoved his dick deep into my ass, pinning me against the grill of the car and pulled out before slamming into me again and again, slamming me against the grill and the bumper of the car, shoving his dick all the way up inside me.  I felt like he was hitting my stomach or some other organ inside me he went so deep.  He continued slamming into my ass, pulling out, slamming it back in to the hilt, over and over and over. His dick was so hard and so big that after awhile I felt he had totally split my ass open and my insides were completely bruised by his repeated assault on my ass.  Over and over he slammed into me as I lay pinned on the hood of my car, hands bound and tears rolling from my eyes,  having my ass totally ripped open and torn apart. 

After what felt like a half hour of this torturing pounding of my ass, He pulled me off of the hood enough to grab a breast with each hand, and using my breasts as handles to hold onto for balance, he dug his fingers into them tightly and after one or two more large thrusts, shoved into my ass so hard I thought he hit my throat, he groaned and I felt his dick twitch inside my raw bloody ass, spewing his hot cum so deep inside me I swear I could taste it.

He stood like this for several long minutes leaning over me, panting, dick still shoved up inside my ass before I felt his dick soften and he pulled it out of my ass.  He pulled me off the hood of the car, turned me around and pushed me down on my knees, ordering me to clean his dick off.

At this point, I could not even gather enough of anything to fight him so I opened my mouth and let him stick his dick covered in his cum and my blood into my mouth.  I sucked on his shriveled dick tasting the salty taste of his cum, and the metallic taste of my blood on it.  After several minutes he said I had done a good enough job and pulled his soft dick out of my mouth. 

He left me there, lying in the dirt, sore, bloody and dripping cum out of my ass.

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Hmmmm. I think I am excited !!!
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writer has a wild vivid imagination, a littl gory though.

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