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  By: Coriunn

            Looking at you I feel my mischievous smile creep across my face as I trace a finger down the side of your jaw. Turning to face me you raise an eyebrow in a silent question of what’s on my mind. Tilting my head I look you dead in the eye and ask “I want to try something new but it requires an unnecessary shower, are you interested?” Laughing at how on earth you could not be interested you grab my hand and pull me up when you stand.

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            “Of course I’m interested. I’m also curious how long you’ve been working on this scheme.” 

            Smiling I pull you towards the bathroom, closing the door behind us I turn and pull off my shirt in one motion. Walking past you I turn on the water, checking the temperature and leaving the shower door open I face you again. “Strip” is all I say as you were standing there just watching me with a surprised look on your face. Taking off your shirt you add it to the clothing pile which grows as I add my clothes before you finish stripping. Climbing in the shower I wait for you to join me before closing the shower door, making the shower seem even smaller. 

            “So what is it that you wanted to try?”

            “Patience” is all I say with a wink. Sliding my hand down your chest and across your stomach I feel your involuntary muscle clench. Stepping closer I wrap my arms around you, sliding them across your shoulders where the water is hitting is you all the way down your back to your ass. Placing your hands on my hips you lean in to kiss me when I pull away. “No, today is more about me playing with you.” Again my hands travel up and down your back but each time I slide my hands down across your ass and on the way up you feel my fingernails across your skin. Only after a few times I grab your shoulders and turn you around so the water is hitting you on your collarbone, causing some to trickle down your back while the rest flows down your chest, across your stomach, and touches your semi-hard cock.

            “I don’t know what grosses you out or not but I’m giving you the chance now, you can say stop or I’ll keep going.” When you remain silent I get my answer and kiss you on the back of your neck, pressing my breasts against your back just making you harder. Kneeling down behind you I trail my fingers up in the inside of your thighs, making you shift in place before I grip your balls in one hand causing you to moan as they’ve always been sensitive. Again you feel my fingernails on your skin as I run them down your ass. At this point you’re sensitive, flinching at every touch as I continue to tease you by stroking the inside of your thighs and reaching through your legs to slide a finger along the underside of your cock. 

            Then I pull your ass cheeks apart and slowly lick your ass causing you to gasp. I’ve never done anything like this to you before and you place your hands on either side of the shower wall in front of you causing your ass to stick out. I continue you to lick and suck your ass while your breathing gets more ragged. Suddenly I stand up and press you against the cold shower wall. Pulling back on your hair I whisper in your ear “now that I know you enjoy getting your ass licked like a slut I want you to finish your shower and come into the bedroom.” With that I exit the shower and you hear me pull the towel off the rack before the bathroom door opens and closes.

            Finishing your shower you dry yourself off and pull on your jeans before heading into your bedroom. You had seen my clothes still on the floor in the bathroom and immediately thought that I would be laying on your bed, wet and naked, and with that in mind you open the door. The bed is empty though and your eyes immediately spot rope on the floor and bed, a chair with a blanket over it on the other side of the bed, and me standing in heels, fishnet stockings, and a purple corset. Walking towards me you reach forward to grab my hips “Wow babe, you look fucking hot” but as soon as your done talking I slap you across the face and shove your hands away.

            “I never said you could put clothes on. Take off your jeans. Now.” With your cheek stinging you unzip your jeans and push them down before kicking them to the side. Now fully naked with your cock on display you watch as I walk in front of you, completely ignoring you to grab a pillow off your bed and place it on the floor directly in front of the side of the bed. 

            “Kneel, on the pillow. Face the bed.” Following my commands you start to feel anticipation building up, desire mingling with your fear. I’ve never hit you before or commanded you and you don’t know where this is headed. I wait until you’re on the floor before reaching for the blindfold I had hung on the door and tie it securely over your eyes. Grabbing the ropes off the bed I pull your hands down beside your thighs, tying your wrist tight to your thigh. Doing the same to your other arm I run my fingernails down your back watching as you arch your back and pull on the restraints. 

            Reaching for the rope off the floor I smack the inside of your thighs. “Spread your legs my bitch.” After you spread your legs I tie one leg at a time to the bedposts, pulling your legs farther apart.  Moving around I pull the blanket off  the chair and onto the floor and climb onto the bed.  With you still upright on your knees I lean up and wrap my fingers in your hair and pull you down on top of me. With your hands tied down you can’t brace yourself at all and end up putting all your weight on your chest against the bed. Inhaling you can smell exactly how turned on I am to have you at my mercy.

            “Stick out your tongue.” When you do as I ask I shift on the bed and then pull your head down slowly to my wet pussy. Without even being told you start licking my clit causing my grip on your hair to get tighter. “That’s it slut, lick my pussy.” Sucking on my clit I feel myself get wetter before you stick you tongue in my pussy causing me to moan and pull your face into my cunt to keep you tongue fucking me. When I let you go so you can take a breath I get up and walk back behind you, letting my fingers trail down your arm. 

            “Sit up straight”.  With cum on your face and your cock hard you obey. You can hear me moving around behind you and after a minute feel my hands slide down your back. Trailing my fingernails across your ass I spread your cheeks apart and again you gasp as my tongue slides across your ass. Biting one of your ass cheeks I continue licking you ass, flicking my tongue across continuously while squeezing your cheeks at the same time. Letting go with one hand I grab the bottle of lube I had dug out before and kiss your lower back.

            Hearing a click you hold your breath and flinch when you feel a finger trail up the inside of your thigh. You feel my lips against the back of your neck at the same time a lubed finger slides against your ass opening. Holding your breath you feel the finger slowly slide into you while your neck is being nipped and licked. You start breathing faster and then moan as another finger enters you and starts sliding in and out making your cock harder. Suddenly you feel my fingers leave and try to catch you breath. Feeling a hand on your back you’re pushed down face first onto the bed causing your sexy ass to stick out. Then you feel something touch your ass opening and you tense.

             “Relax my slut; I’m going to enjoy you anyways.” Taking a deep breath you try to relax as you feel my strap on slowly enter you just an inch then back out. Slowly you feel more and more enter you and you start to lean into my thrusts as pre-cum oozes from your cock. You feel a hand spank your ass causing you to gasp and pull at your restraints. Again you feel my hand slapping your ass while my cock continues to stretch your ass open until I push every inch inside of you. By this time you’re panting and straining against the ropes, leaning into every thrust as you feel your cock twitch with every thrust. 

            “I’m going to fuck you like a real slut” is all you hear before I increase the pace fucking you so hard the bed shifts. You feel the blindfold removed but instead of it being taken off it is left to fall down around your neck where it’s pulled tight causing your head to be pulled back. 

            “Open your eyes my whore.” When you look you see yourself in the mirror that was covered before on the chair. You see the look of pleasure on your face and watch as I continue to fuck you harder and faster. 

            “Cum  my bitch, prove to me how much of a slut you really are.” And with that you feel your balls being squeezed which sends you over the edge and you watch yourself in the mirror as a long throaty moan escapes from you. 

            When you finish cumming I relax my hold on the blindfold letting you slump forward onto the bed where you lay breathing heavily. Feeling you flinch as I pull the strap on out of your I kiss your lower back. “Thank you for trying something new.”

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Allison    (2012-04-25 10:52:32)    Flag as inappropiate
Omg. Sensational. So would I !!!! Aussiemerk maybe we need to get together !!!! Lol. Ally
aussiemerk    (2012-04-03 01:53:16)    Flag as inappropiate
Really hot. Would love to experience this.

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