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That morning on the way to work, I was eating something and suddenly bit into something hard. I spit it into my hand, and sure enough, there lay my filling.  I called the dentist and they said they had a late appointment that same afternoon and could fit me in late if I could make it.  I said that would work great and went on to work.

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I showed up at the dentists office around 5:30 and walked in the door.  Standing in the empty lobby I called out "Hello!?"


The dentist came around the corner and lead me into the dentist chair.  He apologized that there was no one else in the office but said his assistant had had an emergency at home and had left just a few moments before I got there.  I said I didn't mind and showed him where the filling had fallen out.  He left me in the chair to go get the instruments he needed and said he would be right back.  I told him he'd better hurry because I might fall asleep!  He laughed and told me it wouldn't be the first time someone had fallen asleep in the chair.


He came back several minutes later with a tray full of instruments and proceed to give me several shots of Novacane and left me there to get numb.


I felt myself getting sleepy and figured I would doze until he came back in to start drilling.


Next thing I knew the dentist was waking me up and telling me he was finished with my tooth and I could go and he would have the receptionist send me a bill later.


I left the office and headed toward home feeling kind of oddly sore but figured it must have been from exercising the night before.


Later that night I went to bed and had the weirdest dream I'd ever had.  In the dream, the dentist had come back into the office after the Novacain had kicked in with his face mask, a lamp on his forehead like miners wear and another tray of instruments.  He took the cover off the tray of instruments and picked up several plastic zip ties like you use for garbage bags. He reached beside me and unfolded an armrest similar to the fold up type at the movies or on airplanes. He pulled the one on the other side of me out and then took one of my arms and lifted it onto the arm rest and proceed to secure my arm to the arm rest with one of the ties.  This move scared me and  I tried to pull my arm out and get out of the chair but for some reason I could not get my arms or legs to do anything when my brain told them to.  He then folded out stirrups on both sides of the seat, pushed my skirt up around my hips and raised my hips up to pull my panties down around my ankles and then off completely.  He then placed each of my feet in the stirrups and zip tied them down too.  Now I was really scared and could not figure out why I could not move anything and could just lay there watching what he was doing to me.  


He then pulled my hips down so they were perched on the edge of the chair, pushing on the pedal on the floor and raising the chair up higher. He then stood up and reached over the the tray of instruments again and picked up something that I could not see.  He proceeded to pull his stool over between my legs and sit down. I could feel him insert something into my pussy and screw it open, it felt like the scapula the OBGYN doctor uses for pelvic exams.  I felt my pussy being pulled wider and wider open until I did not think it could possible be opened any further without tearing.  He then reached over and picked up something else and proceed to do the same thing to my ass.  


Next he put rubber gloves on both of his hands, and turned the light on the he had on his forehead.  He then proceeded to take things off the tray one after the other and insert them first into my ass and then into my pussy pushing them as far into me as he could sliding them in and out rotating them and putting his face as close as he could to observe what he was doing.  I could feel his breath on my pussy when he would lean close to get a good look at whatever he was doing.  He started out with small things and progressively inserted larger and larger items slowly sliding them in and out and observing what he was doing very closely.  The larger the items got, the more he got turned on and I could hear his breathing getting faster behind the mask and I could see beads of sweat forming on his forehead and running down his masked face.  


As scared as I was with what he was doing, the larger the items got and the more I could feel them filling me and touching the stretched walls of my pussy and ass, the more I was beginning to be turned on too, though I fought not to show it and not to let him know. 


He got up and left the office for a minute and came back wheeling a small square bucket into the room.  He had not spoken this whole time but now he spoke and told me he was bringing out the jumbo items and he knew I was trying to hide how hot he was making me feel, and he was going to make me scream. He pulled out a medium sized yellow squash from the bucket and I felt him slid it slowly into my ass.  He said that it fit very well but he wanted to make sure I was full, so he pulled that out and reached back into the bucket pulling out a small cantaloupe.  He started to work that into my ass but it was bigger than he had stretched me open.  It hurt and I moaned in pain.  He left the room briefly again coming back with a tube of lubrication and he squirted it all over my pussy and into my ass.  He then picked up the cantaloupe again and started slowly working it back into my ass.  Tears sprang to my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as he continued twisting it and pushing it into my ass until he finally got it all the way in.  He then unscrewed the scapula so my ass closed over the cantaloupe and held it tightly inside me.  By this time he was panting and moaning and he leaned forward and put his face up against my ass and breathed in deeply and then licked my ass.  


Next he went to work on my pussy in the same way he had done to my ass inserting a cucumber, then a small squash and then replacing each one with a larger one.  By this time the pain in my ass had somewhat subsided and I was kind of enjoying how full it felt.  I could not hide any longer that what he was doing to me was getting me excited and I could feel my pussy juicing up and start running down my legs.  I was breathing just as heavy as he was.  He had finally gotten a butternut squash up inside me small end up to where the squash flared out.


At this point he stopped and took the scapula off of my pussy and let me pussy close tightly around the squash. At this point he stood up and pushed his stool back and pulled his dick out of his pants.  His dick was hard as a rock and he stepped forward and shoved his face between my legs and started to lick up and down my clit, alternating licking and sucking on it roughly.  It was only a matter of minutes before he had me cuming and he stepped back quickly and started roughly yanking on his dick and jerking his hand up and down his shaft as he watched me bucking and shaking, my pussy and ass squeezing the items he had shoved into me.  Moments later he stepped forward again and I felt him shoot huge hot globs of cum all over my stomach and my thighs.  


His dick was still hard at that point and he reached forward and slowly worked the butternut squash out of my pussy. He then raised the chair up a couple of inches more, reached forward and slid me forward more so my ass was barely still on the seat and then grabbed my thighs and plunged his dick into my pussy roughly the head of his dick feeling like it was all the way up into my stomach. He fucked my this way for several minutes practically holding me in the seat.  His dick was so big and so long every time he shoved it all the way in I could feel not only his balls slapping against my ass still full of cantaloupe but I felt the head of his dick hitting something deep inside me too. He then reached his thumb up and pulled the hood away from my clit and started to vigorously rub it back and forth almost roughly.  It moments I was cuming again and he pulled out quickly and shot his cum all over me again.


He then carefully worked the cantaloupe out of my ass, got a rag and washed me up and then undid the ties and dressed me again.  Then in my dream I was so exhausted I went to sleep and then next thing I knew he woke me up to tell me he was done with my tooth.


I woke up the next morning feeling vaguely uneasy and trying to determine if it was just a dream or if it had really happened.  I finally decided that I had just had a weird dream and moved on.  


I do have to say though, every time I go back to the dentist, it sometimes seems like he looks at me with a weird gleam in his eyes......     

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