Old Flame Part 4   added 4 years ago    

  By: 2joke5

I shake my head and make a noise of protest, but he ignores me.  It is just about this time that it occurs to me that while I was licking the chocolate off of his fingers, and having a penis gag inserted in my mouth, I was still feeling something being slowly slid up and down my spine.  How is he doing that? Wait a minute!  I start making noises deep in my throat and try to struggle only to realize it's not possible to struggle while being suspended in mid air!

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Naughty level to be set later


I feel his hands on my ass cheeks, rubbing and kneading, sliding around in the chocolate and honey.  He massages my ass, alternately squeezing my ass cheeks together, then spreading them wide. Suddenly I feel something being rubbed around my asshole, lightly pushing against it and then being withdrawn again, pushing a little deeper each time.  Something cool and round is slowly but insistently being inserted into my ass!  It was slightly painful and I tried to tell him to stop.  He withdrew it, rolled it thru the chocolate and honey, and then began twisting and pushing it into my asshole.  He repeated this several times until my asshole had stretched enough that he could finally slide it all the way in.  I could feel it up inside me 4 or 5 inches with the base resting against my hole. 


In the past, he had tried to get me to let him stick his dick in my ass, and I had tried, really I had, but he was just too big, and it hurt too much.  What he was doing now didn't really hurt, but it felt very strange having something just inserted up inside me like that.  I was trying to decide whether or not I liked it when his hands started rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks again. He rubbed his finger in the pool of chocolate at the small of my back and then started rubbing it against the outer lips of my pussy, up and down, up and down, rubbing my clit and then sliding away again, teasing me.  Sliding in a finger then pulling it back out again.  Then.....nothing.


I hear the motor again and feel myself being lifted higher still.


Hands on my breasts, rubbing, licking, sucking, biting, rolling the nipple between fingertips.  Hands still rubbing, kneading, spreading my ass apart.  TWO SETS OF HANDS!  We're not alone!  I have a brief moment of panic before I give in to the incredible sensations I am feeling.  Every nerve ending is alive and my whole body feels likes it's on fire.  Hands and mouth on my breasts, hands and mouth on my ass, fingers and mouth on my pussy, penis gag in my mouth and something shoved up my ass.


OH MY GOD! I have never in my life felt anything like this. I cannot even think straight, I am feeling too many sensations all at once. I can feel the tingling start and my stomach muscles start to tighten and I know I am going to come at any moment.  Then....nothing, again.


I am left hanging there, trembling in every nerve of my body, on the edge and unsatisfied.  I make sounds of frustration, trying to get them all to continue, but nothing. 


After several minutes, my trembling stops, my skin starts to cool down and my heart beat slows down again. Then I feel it.  A tongue, only a tongue, lightly flicking my nipples, rubbing across the tips.  Oh Please I moan, more, more.  Now hands pulling my ass cheeks apart and a tongue slowly licking up and down around whatever is shoved deep into my ass, licking and swirling around it. OH GOD that feels so good!  A fingertip slids into my pussy and then it's gone again.  Oh God! OH GOD! Please! PLEASE!


I feel hands on the back of my head unbuckling the gag. Oh good, now, I can tell them what I want, what I NEED!  The gag is slowly, teasingly slid out of my mouth and as I open my mouth to tell them what I need, a warm hard dick is sliding into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat gagging me.


I feel someone between my legs and I feel the head of a dick being pressed against the lips of my pussy.  Hands grip my thighs and then the dick is slammed into my pussy to the hilt, balls slapping against my clit.  The dick in my mouth pulls out until just the head is in it.  Hands grip my thighs again and the dick is slammed into my pussy again, shoving me forward and shoving the dick in my mouth deep down my throat.  Again and again, slowly pulling out and then slamming in to the hilt, shoving the dick in my mouth down my throat over and over again, cutting off my air.


Hands and mouth on my breasts, sucking, pulling, slapping.  Tongue on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit in rhythm to the dick being slammed into my pussy. Hands gripping my thighs slamming dick into my pussy, faster and harder, making loud slapping wet noises, hands threading in my hair holding my head still as a dick get thrust down my throat again and again, faster and faster, balls slapping against my chin. Hands on the insides of my thighs, fingers digging in as the tongue laps at my clit faster and faster, keeping time with the thrusting dick in my pussy.


To be continued.....

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Soohard08 wery wery good..

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