A lesson for the metermaid (caution forced/racial)   added 4 years ago    

  By: am3boyz

(I wrote this for a guy I met on CL who confided in me that he has these sort of fantasies.)

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Keisha works for the Department of Parking and Traffic as a Patrol Specialist. She takes her job very seriously. She is mocha complexion with big honey colored eyes, short , tiny waist, with an ass like a globe. Most would say she was cute if it work for her bad attitude and annoying habit of snapping her gum. Her designated area is the Noe Valley district in San Francisco. It was an easy post writing tickets for blocked drive ways and red zones. It was easy that is until the McKinney Brothers moved in from Alabama and  opened up their auto repair shop in the area. The McKinney brothers pretty much became the neighborhood bullies. They did as they pleased and parked where they wanted. The people in the neighborhood had witnessed their violent temper and didn't dare confront them directly. Keisha, however, had no problem doing so. The clashes between the middle brother Big Pat and Keisha were the stuff of lore.

Patrick McKinney was a tall one. He stood nearly 6'4 with black hair and blue eyes. In is younger years he was kicked out of every high school and by time he was in his late 20's he had been in and out of jail at least four times. During one of the jail stints he had a swastika tattooed prominently on his forearm. He purposely parked his pick up truck blocking John Wong's driveway and sat in it with the driver seat laid back and waited for Keisha. John Wong was out of town, but had the perfect amount of trees, brush, and foliage to carry out Pat's plan. Keisha ,like clockwork, came rolling up in her kushman (a small golf cart type vehicle.) She did not notice Pat sitting in the car when she started to work on the ticket. She walked it over to the large silver Ford 250 truck. She smirked to herself as she glanced at the bumper stickered confederate flag. She was more than pleased to write the McKinney brothers a ticket again. 

Her long hot pink fingernails handled the ticket firmly as she made her way to the front of the truck but she was stopped in her tracks. "Boo!" she heard a man say from the truck. Big Pat suddenly appeared in the drivers seat.  Keisha jumped but regained her composure quickly . "I was going to put thissss on your windshield." Keisha responded spitefully as she proudly waved the ticket in Big Pat's face. "Don't touch my truck." warned Patrick. Keisha " I don't have to." Keisha snapped. "I'll just give it to YOU ya Dumb ass hick. Everyone here wishes you would just take all your asses back to fucking Alabama or whatever backwards cow town state you came from". She dropped the ticket into Big Pat's window proceeded back to her kushman. Big Pat was fast on her heels. He balled up the ticket and threw it at her. It landed on her.

"What the hell?" Keisha "You definitely must be smoking something ,cause I know you did not just throw that ticket at my head.".

Pat smiled "Yes I did. And now I want you to fall on your hands and knees, crawl to the ticket, and put it in your mouth and swallow."
Keisha looked around and realized that they were between the vehicles andwith  the brush at the Wong's residence no one could see her or Big Pat. Keisha hopped into her kushman and proceeded to grab her radio to notify police but Pat was too quick. He'd already grabbed the ticket pulled her out of the kushman by her hair.   He forcibly sticks the ticket In her mouth.  Patrick then smacked Keisha on the ass "eat it bitch." She spit the paper from her mouth and forcefully shoved Patrick away. She spit her gum right into his face."Don't be smacking me on my ass! You don't any idea what to do with it. Punk!. Don't you know I could have you shot? You're lucky my man is not here!!He would kick your pastey white ass".
Before she could say another word Patrick spun her around wrapped his left arm around her neck and then wrapped his right bicept and squeezed it lifting Keisha off her feet. She blacked out.

When she woke up she was no longer outside. From what she could decipher she was inside the McKinney's auto shop. It was locked up and shut down. As she became more awake she realized she was tied up with her wrists tied to her ankles she couldn't move. She had been stripped down to her bra and panties. She whimpered and laid her face on the oily floor. She spotted what looked like the traffic ticket mixed in dirt, saliva, and gum. For the first time in her life she felt truly out of control.

"Wake up you fucking black cunt!" she heard Patrick say from somewhere (she didn't know where) his southern accent seemed more pronounced. "so like I was saying. I want you to crawl on your hands and knees over to the ticket and eat it."

"I-I can't crawl like this." Keisha whimpered.

"Then sliver like a snake. The oil on the floor should make it easy. It would have been easier if you had just did this the first time. But you wouldnt listen. I'll make a deal with you. If you make it over and put that ticket in your mouth and swallow I will untie you as a reward for correcting your behavior."

Keisha wasted no time she writhed and squirmed across the floor. She discovered that her shoulders really helped her to start moving. The ticket was only a 5 feet away but it felt like twenty feet away. After making it half way she was exhausted. She made the mistake of stopping , laying on her side, briefly shutting her eyes. Suddenly she was awakened with a sharp sting across her face
"Wake up you lazy jungle bitch." yelled Patrick. She opened her eyes and was greeted with another smack across the face. "Ow!" Keisha exclaimed. Patrick grabbed her hair and yanked her head back so that she was forced to meet his gaze. Patrick was slightly moved by Keisha's big light brown eyes. They really seemed to be tearing up. He spit on them and rubbed the spit all over her face and chest.

"Now you know how it feels." Patrick whispered in her ear. He plants a full on kiss on he mouth he could feel her body react positively to this.  She was ashamed. He grabbed her by the neck and spit in her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow. Patrick could feel his cock jump. "Say 'I want to suck your cock Daddy'." She started to shake her head ' no' but his grasp grew tighter. She quickly corrected and shook her head yes. He backed off his grasp only a little. "Say it."

"I want to suck your cock Daddy!" she said almost too loud.
Patrick unbuttoned his jeans and whipped out his cock. Keisha was suprised I was about as long as her boyfriend, but at least two inches thicker. "I know you want it.  If you bite me my brothers will come in here and hold you down as will fuck your ass do you understand? They are watching us on cameras. So don't get any ideas." Patrick forced his fat white member down Keisha's throat. She choked and gagged on his red pulsating cock. He kept fucking her throat faster and harder. She pushed the saliva out of her mouth out of her mouth so that she could breath. She was reduced to a hot mess. She wanted to feel him fill her pussy and she could feel herself getting wet. Suddenly he pulled out. "You want me to pound your pussy?"

"Yes . I do." whispered Keisha.

Patrick was impressed with how quickly she gave in to her physical desires. "well I guess THAT will be your reward. The mean time I got all this natural lube on my cock. I'm gonna slip it in your poop shoot."

Keisha panicked  "No ! No! I've never done that. You promised! I didn't bite you."

"And I did not call my brothers down to hold you down." Patrick shot back as he started smacking her on her ass. He liked her white boy shorts too much so he pushed them to the side instead of taking them off and he slipped his thumb in her tight anus and two fingers into her pussy he worked up a rhythm that made her cum hard. He shoved his entire hand into her pussy. She let out a wild moan. When he pulled it out it was covered with her cum juices. He pushed two fingers into her ass causing her to gasp.

"So you say you never boyfriend never put his big black cock in your ass huh?" asked Patrick as he finally ripped her panties off to reveal her round bubbly ass. He mounted her pulled her cheeks apart and poked his rod toward her tight anus. "Grrr."

"Wait I don't think I can do this." Keisha whimpered as he slowly worked his rock hard cock in to her hole. Keisha whimpered again as he slowly invaded her "w-wait! It hurts! Nooo."

"Yes.  You can take it." said Patrick. He tightly wrapped his hands around her waist and pushed himself in balls deep.

Keisha screamed from the pain has Patrick worked up a rhythm stretching her ass. Patrick shoved her panties into her mouth and held his hand over her mouth. "shhhh ... take it like a good girl!!! Take my hole cock black cunt...Yeah."

When Keisha's cries seemed to finally subside, he slid is hand from around her mouth to hold  her throat. "Look I fucked you so hard. I rode you right on over to the ticket you probably wish you never wrote. It's time for dinner sugar. Eat it!". He put the ticket up to Keisha's mouth.  She grabbed the wad of paper in her mouth and chewed on it until it melted enough for her to swallow it. "Good girl." Patrick said as he continued to ravish Keisha's ass. Patrick could feel him self starting to cum. He pulled out and untied her as promised. "Beg Daddy for what you want."

"Please. Please fuck my pussy Daddy."

He rolled her on her back lifted her legs over his shoulders and slipped his throbbing thick cock into her pussy. He thrusted in and out so hart she could feeling him hitting her cervix. Keisha moaned from pain and passion. She hated herself for loving it. Patrick kissed her on the mouth deep and long she could feel herself cumming on his cock. "I hope you are on the pill because I'm cumming inside of you." He grunted three times and she felt his hot seed shoot into her pussy and drip down her thighs.

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