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  By: floridalover

Was contacted by a married lady, her name is A, asking me if I was willing to take sexy, classy, somewhat erotic pics for her, to give her husband as a gift.

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Naughty level to be set later

Having been a photographer for 20 years, nothing ever surprises me, and looks forward to opportunities in making a woman feel sexy, and special.

I had no idea, from our phone conversation, what A would look like, but would find at soon, as our appointment was soon.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when A came in for her Photo Shoot, she was mid 30's, 5'7",shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, pretty face, and smile, and could tell even in her business suit, she was very fit.

We took a few minutes, to get to know each other, and told Amy, we would start with some simple Portrait Pics, since she was dressed up so nice and professionally.

I am dressed very casual, khaki pants, and a golf shirt.

I positioned A, and we get some Beautiful Portrait shots, her baby blue eyes, and smile, just light up my camera, we get along so well, it makes for some Beautiful pictures.

A, asks, if it would be ok, if she changes into something a little more daring, so goes to the back of the studio and changes, when she re-appears, she is in just a camisole, with high heels, just barely covering her ass.

What I notice, is her incredibly toned, long legs, in those heels, accentuated her beautiful body. She was very playful and relaxed, we took a stool out, she could sit her elbows on, which accentuated her long legs, and a peek of her sweet looking ass. I was doing my best to stay professional, and composed, but those legs were staring at me!!!

We took pics of her sitting, facing me, and she bend over, showing a nice cleavage, and all legs, with a very devilish smile.

I excused myself, to go to the bathroom, but really, just needed to fix my growing hard on, in my pants, my boxers were of no help, containing it.

When I came out, A, was laying face first on my tiger rug, and wanted pics here. We positioned her, so her ass was exposed, and I could see, she was not wearing any underwear. As I took pics, from every angle, I could not help but notice, her pussy was glistening.

A, said, OK, can I put 1 more outfit on, of course I said. When she comes out, I had to catch my breath; A is wearing a see through, sheer top that barely covers her pussy that is free.

A, is so playful, and relaxed, she decides to bend over a cushioned chair I have, and asks me if her ass looks good from this pose, and I said it look amazing. And how lucky her Hubby is, to have such a beautiful, sexual wife.

A tells me, she has always wanted pictures of her, with her legs and ass oiled up, and bent over, to see how sensual her body looks. A asks me, if I would mind rubbing the oil on her legs and ass, I said I would, but do not want to get any oil on my clothes.

A says, look, you've been looking at me, close to naked; I wish you would take those clothes off, and it would make me feel even more comfortable. I cannot say No, to this beautiful lady, and start to undress.

A little about me, I am 6'4", 240lbs, very muscular, and toned, and well endowed. As I take my clothes off, down to my boxers, A comments on what a nice body I have, and why did she not ask earlier, for me to disrobe.

A, hands me the bottle of oil, and I start to apply it to A, as she is bend over the chair, I do her left leg, than her right leg, her legs are so soft to the touch, and erotic how the oil glides so easily as I rub it in. Before I rub it on her ass, I say, Are you sure, you want me to rub this on your ass? She says YES, and do it slowly.

The more I rub her ass, and slowly as requested, I cannot take my eyes always from her moist pussy, just looking right at me. As I rub it in, my thumb slowly slides over her wetness between her legs, Once A moans; I slide my finger inside as she grips the chair. I slowly start to finger her, in and out, and teasing her ass. I slide my face between her legs, and have to taste her, she tastes great, and feel her tense up, as she cums hard as I lick her.

A slides her right hand down her legs, putting oil on her hand, and I suddenly feel her hand reaching under my boxers, gripping and now stroking my hard, 8", thick cock. A has me ready to explode as she intensifies her stroking, while I am fingering her love hole.

A, looks back, says I need this big cock, inside me, NOW!!!

I slide my boxers off, and position my hard cock, at her love hole, and slowly slide the tip in, and do that for awhile, till she yells Fuck Me!!!!

Before I do, I lightly spank her ass, and ask her, if she is a naughty girl, who needs a good fucking?

She yells, Yes, I am Naughty, and need you inside me, so I slide my whole cock, deep inside A, she is tight, and wet, engulfing my thick cock. We get an amazing rocking motion going, like we have been lovers for years; I reach down, and feel her lovely breasts in my hands, hard nipples aching for more.

I am getting close; I lean over, and pull her hair slightly, asking her, if she wants me to cum inside her, she says YES!!!! Fuck me, want to feel you cum inside me, I cannot take it anymore, and tense up and cum hard inside her, and feel her cum with me, as we both collapse.

We lay next to each other, arms around, smiling, laughing, when Amy mentions, we never did finish our Photo Session, Guess we will have to do this again!!!

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