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  By: floridalover

 It's Dec 24, its a cold winter day and flurries are starting to fall. I awake that morning with an extra spring in my step because today is your birthday and I have a special surprise planned. We spend the entire day together and I am spoilig you and experiencing YOU all day. As the sun begins to rise, I lay cuddled up next to you watching you sleep. The peacefulness of laying there with you completes me. I softly stroke your chest and think how lucky I am to have you in my life.

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I slowly slip out of bed to make breakfast. I prepare your love my famous pancakes with warm maple pecan syrup. I get everything ready and bring it into our bedroom. I lean down to give you a gentle kiss to wake you up. You open your eyes and have that sleepy but adorable smile that melts my heart. We sit in bed together, eat breakfast and talk and of course laugh. We laugh so much when we are together. While eating breakfast you notice an envelope under your plate. You say, what's this babe." I say, baby it is for you, open it." You open is plane tickets for US to go to NYC for Christmas..plane leaves in 4 hrs. We kiss, you are so incredibly happy..we have always talked about how fun it would be to go to NYC for Christmas. We hop out of bed and get in the shower together. When I lean back to get my hair wet you run your hands down my body feeling my nipples. You slowly pull me close to you and I can feel that you are already aroused. You kiss me with so much passion and sensuality I can barely stand. I began stroking you hard cock and beg you to let me slide you deep into my mouth. I suck you slowly and you are so are so hard and so big I can barely take you all in. I stop, things are hot between us...we are both panting with excitment. Orgasm is inevitable...we continue to explore...with hand and mouth. You slide your tongue inside me...I moan with pleasure. You love when I moan. You love when I call your name and tell how much I want you and desire you. We step ot of the shower and you toss me on bed wet..i spread my legs and you admire my body as I grab my tits...YOU LOVE watching me touch myself. I caress my tits and my nipples are so suck them for me. As you are sucking you ask me to check to see if I am wet...I slide my finger inside my pussy and tell you how wet I am. I am turning you on so much. You grab your hard cock and begin stroking it. OMG, I love it and want you to make yourself cum all over my tits. You explode to the sounds of me pleasing myself. My body is tense and I am on the verge of cumming. I want to so bad. I cum you watch as my hips grind. It felt incredible.

We get all ready and head to the airport. Off we go..Christmas is tomorrow and we are spending your b-day and Christmas together. We sit on the plane cuddled resting my head on your perfectly muscular shoulder and you giving me gentle kisses. We are so sweet and loving to one another. We land in NY..we go right to our hotel room. I booked a suite with an exquisite view..there are rose pedals spread all over our room, a bottle of wine, 2 cozy robes..a big jacuzzi tub and chocolate waiting for us. I want this to be a night to remember. We settle in and take in the beautiful sight. Dinner reservations are for 6:30 at Tavern on the Green. We prepare to head to dinner..I slide into the most amazing black is strapless and fits to my body. YOU see me get dressed and all you can say is WOW. I love that you enjoy how I look. I fix my hair in a style that I only do for very special occasions..soft sexy love it and don't know what to say. You are looking very stunning yourself all dressed up. We head to dinner, we flirt the whole time....building more and more passion. We kiss gently throughout dinner..we tease each other by touching special places. After dinner we take a romantic carriage ride around the city. It is cold so we are cuddled close. Finally we arrive back in our beautiful room with a beautiful view. We got out to the balcony and take in the beautiful city. We kiss softly feeling that magic that we always feel when we kiss. I ask you to wait on the balcony for a few mins while I prepare the final birthday surprise. First I put my lingerie (fuschia and lace babydoll style). Then I put on a pair of heels and my toes are painted the same color as my lingerie. I tossle my hair alittle bit give it a sexy flow to it. I put on a CD of our favorite songs...I go to the door and open it...YOU turn to look at me..YOUR mouth love my look. I softly grab your hand and pull you toward me..You hold me, we dance is romantic, it is real, we are connected . I unbutton your shirt and begin taking off your clothes. Soon you are naked. I ask you to get comfortable on the bed. I whisper, "baby, I have one more surprise for you." Before i walk away from you, I reach for your hand and hold them in mine and slide them down the curves of my body and barely over my pussy so you can feel the wetness beginning.

It's show time. The music plays, I began to move, swirling my hips, running my hands down my body. You watch intently and I can see your cock getting hard which turns me on and really gets me moving. I slide the straps off and my tits are exposed. My nipples are hard and I am caressing reach for your hard cock and begin stroking it. I dance slowly and erotically. You reach for me, but not yet. I have one more surprise. I guide you to the other room where I have a pole...your mouth again drops. You sit on the couch and watch and I twirl my body around pole. This time a different song, faster song. I do a few moves and you just can't take it anymore. You pick me up and whisper the most amazing thing to say "Amy, no one has ever made me feel this special and done something this sexy for me." You carry me with my legs wrapped around your waist and you lay me gently on the bed. Then you lay down motion for me to climb on top. I straddle are caressing my tits and my firm belly. I am kissing your chest and it feels amazing. Your cock is so hard and so big I can't resist sliding on top of it. MMM, I moan and we whisper how good it feels. You want to taste me so I stop and lay down you spread my legs and slide ur tongue along my clit..OMG, it feels hips grind..I am so close to orgasm, the whole nite has been perfect. It has been sweet, sexy, fun, erotic, I cant hold back anymore. I cum hard and then you climb on top of me and I put my legs on your shoulders and spread my legs and you go so deep. You go slow then faster and finally exploding. We are overwhelmed with emotion...we lay cuddled up and fall asleep. We wake christmas morning with huge smiles and spent the morning laying there sharing and reliving the specialness of the nite. We finally get up and get ready to catch our flight home. I say to you, "baby, can I have one more dance with you." You smile that smile that melts me and we embrace. The dance is over and off we go to the airport. The flight home was surreal...we didn't want our day to end.

Happy Birthday Baby~I wish you a world of happiness. Thank you for sharing your life with me in such an intimate way. I treasure this journey and what we have created so far. Hugs and Kisses,

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Soohard08 Wery nice

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