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  By: sexyslut

I'm walking to my car. The sound of my high heels echoing in the almost abandoned parking garage. My pace is slow since I've been on my feet all day. I hear a noise behind me and turn to look but i see nothing. I turn back around and start walking a little faster,  my intuition telling me something isn't quite right. My heartbeat speeds up as i walk faster toward my car. I let out a relieved breath as i reach my car.


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Just then i feel strong hands gripping my upper arms and shoving me against the side of the car. I inhale a breath to scream but a hand comes up and clamps over my mouth. He uses his body weight to trap me against the car. I struggle in vain to free myself which only makes him chuckle. My nipples harden from the coldness of the car pressed against my stomach and breasts. His body emanates heat and the contrast of that heat to the coolness against the front of me is drugging my senses. I also feel his evident arousal pressed into me and as much as i try to repress it, i feel a tingle starting between my legs.

He backs off just enough to put the hand that's not covering my mouth under my shirt and he grabs one of my breasts hard. He pulls both cups of my bra down and starts pinching my nipples savagely. That makes me moan and he suddenly stops. He pulls at my nipples again, rubbing them between his fingers and tugging on them, which illicits another moan from me. He withdraws his hand and i feel it pulling my skirt up. He pushes a knee between my legs so they part and his hand slides into my panties where he feels the evidence of how turned on i am. I'm almost dripping with need. He chuckles a bit louder and rubs his fingers up and down my soaking wet slit and then into my tight pussy.

My heart is beating even faster now out of excitement along with the fear. He takes his hand from covering my mouth and takes his fingers from my pussy and brings them to my lips. I smell myself on them and see how they glisten  with my pussy juice. I open my mouth and he pushes them inside where i lick and suck myself off of them. He takes his other hand and pushes me to the left where he forces my upper body down onto the hood of the car. My skirt is pulled up over my hips and he yanks at my panties so they rip off. My bare ass and pussy now exposed. I hear a zipper and then feel his large, hard cock rubbing up and down my pussy lips. The fingers in my mouth he now uses to grip my cheek and pull me back into him as he plunges his cock deep into my cunt in one powerful thrust. I cry out, loving his big cock filling my cunt, even though i know i shouldn't.

He pounds my pussy again and again in hard, powerful strokes. He takes his fingers out of my mouth and grips the hair close to my scalp and uses that now as the leverage to slam his cock deeper and deeper into my tight pussy. His other hand is back on my tits pinching, pulling, and twisting my hard nipples. I feel my orgasm building and i squeeze his cock inside my pussy. He know Im close so he fucks me even harder, his balls slapping hard against my clit. This sends me over the edge, my back arches and my fingers claw at the cold metal of the hood as my cunt spasms and covers his cock in my juices. He makes one more powerful thrust into me and then i feel him stiffen and his dick starts spurting his hot, thick cum deep inside me. My pussy milks him for every last drop. 

Suddenly  he releases me and i fall to my knees on the ground, used and spent, with his cum leaking from my cunt onto the cold cement. I turn around but don't see him. I catch my breath there on the ground. I pull my skirt down, fix my bra, and pick up my ruined panties and my purse that was dropped. I unlock my car and get in, turning it on and setting the heater to high to help with the shock i feel. As soon as i've calmed down i drive home.


When i have my vibrator on high and deep inside my pussy i think back to that night and i always here a deep masculine chuckle right before i cum.

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Carter01    (2012-08-04 02:39:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice
HappilyDivorcedGuy    (2012-01-19 16:17:12)    Flag as inappropiate
Very sexy!
sexyslut    (2011-12-27 23:53:35)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks. :)
saintstephen    (2011-12-27 14:24:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Well Played, O'Henry.


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