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Santa was placing the presents around the Christmas tree very neatly when he heard a strange noise coming from upstairs.

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"What could that be so late at night?" He thought. He quietly climbed the stairs and opened the door to his right.

He didn't notice any intruder so he backed out and started to slowly close the door when he heard a whimper from the bed.

He let his eyes focus better in the dark and then the light from the moon illuminated the bed and he saw the girl there, her legs were spread wide and her fingers were buried deep in her pussy as her hips bucked gently up and down.

He felt his cock stiffen and caught himself before he made a noise. He started backing toward the door slowly trying his best not to make any noise and started to close it when he heard another louder whimper which made him hesitate and look at the bed again.

There he saw her hips bucking more violently and her back was arching as she loud out a loud explosive
moan and then was still on the bed. He felt himself get even harder as he realized she'd just had an orgasm.

He turned to go and was shutting the door when it creaked and a frightened voice from the bed said, "Who's there?"

He walked into the room and said in a deep, booming voice, "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!" He didn't really think she still believed in Santa at her age but he couldn't think of what else to say.

so was surprised when she said excitedly, "Oh my God, Santa!"  then she got quiet and said softly, "Did you just see what i was doing?" 

He didn't know whether to lie or be honest, so he just went with honesty. "Yes, I saw a few minutes is all. There's nothing to be ashamed of though. It's very natural for a girl your age." 

She was quiet and so he tried to fill the silence and make her feel more at ease with the first thing that popped into his head, "Even Santa does it sometimes," he said.

She says surprised, "Really?"

He knows it's a mistake but replys, "Yes, quite a lot."

She's quiet again and then says, "Can i see YOU do it?"

that catches him completely offguard and he pauses before saying, "No, I don't think that's a good idea."

With obvious disappointment in her voice she says, "But that's not fair. You saw me. It would really make me feel better if i saw you do it too. And it can be my present this year. You can take back whatever it is you brought me." He laughs lightly but still says, "No."

She starts pleading, "Please! It's only fair. I won't even be able to see that well with the lights off."

He had to admit she had a point and his cock was throbbing now and needed a release. He'd probably shoot his load in under a minute and what could she really see in that amount of time? He says, "Ok, ok, fine", as he takes out his rock hard dick and begins stroking it.

He sees her crawl to the edge of her bed to get closer and watch him. He strokes up and down the length of
his cock in long, slow strokes first. Then he closes his eyes and starts going faster, his hand gripping tighter and twisting as it reaches the head. He can't keep his mind from thinking about seeing her on the bed with her legs spread, her fingers buried in her tight, wet little pussy. He feels his balls tightening and starts stroking it even faster when he feels a tongue lightly flicking over his head and then a mouth surrounding his tip, his eyes pop open and there she is on the floor, kneeling in front of him with the head of his cock in her mouth.

He can't stop himself from shooting, his cum starts squirting from the tip into her mouth in long, thick streams. She takes his huge load into her mouth and he hears her swallow it all.

He's completely shocked and can't even think of what to say. Finally he just says, "Why?"

She's still kneeling in front of him  and looking up at him, she says, "I wanted to see what you tasted like."

He can't believe she said that or that this could have happened and he just starts backing toward the door.

She says quickly, "Are you mad?"

He is anything but mad, he's actually very turned on by it, but also disturbed. He knows he needs to get
out before anything else can happen. He says, "No, I just need to get to a lot of other houses tonight so i have to go."

She giggles and says, "Of course you do. I forgot. Thank you for my present Da....ummm, Santa."

He doesn't notice her slip of the tongue and responds, "You're welcome, I think."

He quickly leaves the room and closes the door. He waits for a second to make sure she's not following and he heads down the hall to the door at the end.

He slips out of his costume and gets into bed. His wife slides up next to him and sleepily says, "Did you give all the presents?" He thinks back on the last half hour and says, "Yes, I did. And gave a little bit extra as well." She murmurs something that he doesn't hear as he drifts off to sleep with a small smile on his face.

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sexyslut    (2011-12-27 23:52:52)    Flag as inappropiate
Yes, yes, it is. And thank you. :)
Soohard08    (2011-12-27 19:02:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 well well its just a story,,,well done

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