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Richard sat in his office at Thompson’s Lawfirm.  The firm he started shortly after leaving the one he had been with, since graduating law school.  His wife Karen had talked him into starting independently, a year ago and business was taking off.  There wasn’t much time to sit back and enjoy all that he had built.  And as usual, stress had come into play.  Richard turned to his sexual appitite, whenever the job became overwhelming.  And a little action on the side was just what he had planned, after hours.  “I work long hours. So the wife won’t ever find out.” He thought to himself.  A young and attractive secretary came into the room.  She was wearing a school girl outfit and holding a stack of newspapers to her chest.  “I’ve been a bad girl, Mr. Thompson. I’m ready for my spanking.” Kimberly said.


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Kimberly walked over to Richard’s desk and tossed the stack of newspapers down.  She pulled off her panties and tossed them to the side.  Then she grabbed a sheet of newspaper and placed it openly on top of the desk.  She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it next to her panties and proceeded to bend over the desk.  She placed her breasts on top of the newspaper and spread her legs.  Richard grabbed several newspapers and rolled them up.  “You sure have been a naughty girl.” Richard said.  He placed the rolled up newspaper on top of Kimberly’s ass and glided it across each cheek.  Then he drew back his hand and swung the newspaper forward, smacking hard against Kimberly’s bare ass.  “Are you enjoying this?” Richard asked as he swatted, once again.  “Yes sir!” Kimberly replied as she moaned.  Richard placed the newspaper between her legs and up against her pussy, rubbing her back and forth.  “Good!” Richard said.  He drew the newspaper back from Kimberly’s pussy and swatted her pussy, once again.  Kimberly moaned louder.  “Now that you’re good and wet, I’m going to slide my dick inside you.” Richard said.  Richard fucked Kimberly hard with her breasts pressed against the newspaper on the desk.

Later on, Richard returned home to his wife.  The nights were as usual with Richard and Karen.  They would sit in the living room and read the newspaper, while waiting on supper.  “So, how was work today?” Karen asked.  Richard quickly glanced at her and back at the paper.  “Same as usual. Preparing cases for clients.” He answered.  Karen had a look upon her face and it was that of a suspicious wife. 

Three weeks later, Richard was sitting in his office after hours.  His secretary was also with him.  She entered the room carrying a roll of duct tape and scotch tape with a stack of newspapers.  “Mr. Thompson? I want to try something different.” Kimberly said.  Richard looked up at Kimberly with a surprised look.  “What did you have in mind?” he asked.  Kimberly tilted her head as she thought to herself.  “”I’ll lead and you follow. So just play along.” She said.  Richard smiled and said okay.  “Great! Follow me!” Kimberly said.  She led Richard to his desk and demanded him to strip, while she covered his chair with newspapers.  Richard took his clothes off and tossed them in the corner of the room.  “Now sit in the chair.” Kimberly demanded.  “I’m really glad you decided to take control, this time. It spices up our affair.” Richard stated.  Kimberly glanced at him, while she grinned to the thought of the surprise.  “I think you’re going to like this one, sir!” Kimberly replied.  With Richard now sitting naked on top of the newspaper chair, Kimberly turned the chair towards her and faced Richard with the stack of newspapers and both rolls of tape.  She folded the newspaper to create straps and wrapped Richard’s wrists to the arms of the chair.  Then, to make sure he couldn’t move them, Kimberly unraveled strips of duct tape and wrapped them tightly over the newspaper securing his wrists to the chair.  “Now that you can’t move your hands, it’s time to start with the legs.” Kimberly stated.  Since Richard’s chair was a stroller, Kimberly would have to secure his feet to the wheel arms.  She grabbed two sheets of newspaper and wrapped them around both of Richard’s feet, also duct taping them tightly together.  “Good! Nice and tight, like I had planned.” Kimberly said. 

Kimberly stood up from the floor and grabbed more newspaper.  She gently brushed the newspaper against Richard’s penis as it began to harden.  Then she slowly bent down towards Richard’s penis and licked his shaft, ending with her lips wrapped around his cock tip.  Then she slowly lowered her lips down Richard’s cock shaft, licking his dick inside her mouth.  Slowly pulling her lips up Richard’s cock, licking and moaning, she released her lips from his cock tip and stood upward.  “Yummy! I’m such a cock tease!” She said, while giggling.  Kimberly walked behind Richard’s chair and opened a few full sheets of newspaper.  She placed them over Richard’s chest and began to tape them together with the scotch tape to make them reach around Richard's upper body.  Then holding them over his chest, Kimberly began to duct tape them tightly against Richard and the chair.  She wrapped the tape under his arms to allow him some movement for later.  “You’re getting me harder!” Richard said.  Kimberly took a strip of duct tape and placed it over Richard’s mouth.  “Sorry lover! No talking. It’ll ruin the surprise.” She explained.  She grabbed another full sheet of newspaper and sat on Richard’s desk.  She looked at the paper and pretended to read it for a moment, then looked back to Richard with a smile.  “Such a handsome face. It’s a shame I’ll have to wrap it up, too. No peeking! At least…Not yet.” She said.  Then she walked behind Richard’s chair, once again and placed the newspaper over his face.  She wrapped the newspaper around his head and taped it together with scotch tape.  Then she unrolled the duct tape and tightly secured Richard’s head to the chair.  Richard could still hear slightly, as he heard the sound of Kimberly walking to the door and opening it.  Kimberly had invited two more people into the office.

“Is he secure?” a voice whispered from the other end of the room.  Richard couldn’t make out the voice, but he could tell it was another woman.  The other person didn’t speak.  It would ruin the whole surprise.  The unknown woman walked to the front of Richard’s chair.  She gently placed her hand upon Richard’s newspaper wrapped face and slowly ran it down to his newspaper wrapped chest.  Then she reached down to his rock hard cock and wrapped her hand around it.  She moaned quietly, but just enough to get Richard’s attention towards her identity.  The woman began to slowly masturbate his cock.  Then she moved closely to the side of his face.  “Surprise Hunny!” the woman whispered through the newspaper, into Richard’s ear.  To Richard’s surprise, his wife Karen revealed herself.  His heart rate rose, knowing he had been caught.  “I knew! I always knew. When I asked your secretary, she confirmed it.” Karen explained.  But she didn’t seem angry at all about the affair.  Karen started to slowly undress herself.  The other person in the room, undressed as well.  Then Karen walked over to the front of the desk and slowly pulled her panties off.  “I’m not angry about the affair. In fact, I’m quiet pleased to hear about it!” Karen expressed.  She looked over at Richard’s secretary and grinned.  “She pretty! I can see why you hired her.” She continued.  “Thank you, Mrs. Thompson!” Kimberly responded.  Karen looked back upon her husband, wrapped in newspaper and duct taped to his chair.  “Does this turn you on, Richard?” Karen asked.  Kimberly walked over to Richard and pinched the newspaper over his eyes.  She ripped two holes big enough for Richard to see the surprise. 

Suddenly, Richard’s eyes grew big.  A young and attractive naked man walked up to Karen’s side.  Karen looked down at the man’s penis and turned her attention to the secretary.  “Kimberly? I think this gentleman needs your assistance.  Kimberly walked over to the young man and knelt down to the floor, in front of him.  She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to masturbate him.  The young man’s cock grew hard in Kimberly’s hand.  “That’s a good girl! I’ll take over from here.” Karen said as she knelt down to the floor in front of the young man.  She grabbed his cock and continued to masturbate him.  “Is your cock still hard, Richard?” Karen asked.  Kimberly walked over to Richard and looked down at his penis.  “He’s starting to go soft on us, Mrs. Thompson. But I can take care of that!” Kimberly said.  Kim knelt down in front of Richard’s chair and wrapped her lips around his cock.  She began to suck on it as it grew hard again, inside her mouth.  “Oh, how I enjoy a good cock sucking!” Karen said to Richard.  Then she turned her attention to the young man’s cock.  She slowly wrapped her lips around his cock and moaned as she took it into her mouth.  Richard didn’t try to move as he watched his wife sucking on another man’s dick.  Then Karen pulled her mouth from the young man’s cock and stood to her feet.  “When I heard the truth about you and Kimberly, I became so turned on that I asked her to tell me the details! She was VERY descriptive!” Karen explained.  “I even asked her to wait till I undressed myself and grabbed the newspaper, so I could masturbate, while she told me. And her sexy voice made it so much better.” She continued. 

Karen then, faced the front of the desk and grabbed a newspaper and looked down upon it.  “What section was it that you prefer to wrap you dick in, Richard? Was it the business sex-tion?” Karen asked.  “No wait…..Silly me! You like the classifieds!” She continued.  “No pictures, just words. Do you want to know what section I like the most, Richard? I like the sports section, but for opposite reasons.” She expressed.  Then Karen pulled the sports section from the newspaper and began to open the pages.  “Here we go!” she said, showing Richard the single sheet page.  “A poster size picture of a football player!” she said, then glanced back at the page.  Then she placed the paper to her chest, so that the picture was showing.  The young man walked behind her, as she spread her legs for him.  He wrapped his arms around her and firmly groped the paper to her breasts.  She bent over and placed her hands on the desk.  Then she accepted the young man’s long hard cock, as he pushed the tip through her wet pussy lips.  He slowly ran his cock deep inside her, as her husband helplessly watched.  “Are you enjoying this, Richard?” Karen asked.  “Isn’t this one of your fantasies? To watch me getting fucked by another man, while you sit helplessly in your chair and jerk off. 

Kimberly released herself from Richard’s cock and walked over to Karen’s side.  She placed her hand over the top of Karen’s pussy and began to rub her clit with a finger.  “Oh fuck! Mmm…. Just like that!” Karen expressed, while moaning deeper.  Richard tried to release his right arm, but the tape was too tight.  “Have you given in, Richard? Is the fantasy too….hot….for you to contain yourself?” Karen asked him.  “Kimberly? I think Mr. Thompson would like to relieve himself.” Karen stated, as she placed her hand upon the stack of newspapers and tapped her finger upon the pages.  Kimberly grabbed the newspaper and searched for the classifieds.  She shortly found them and tossed them down upon Richard’s lap, covering his cock.  Richard’s cock erected straight up, lifting the newspaper.  Kimberly looked towards Richard.  “I’m such a cock tease!” she said, reminding him of the statement she made earlier.  Richard was trapped in the moment with the newspaper laying over his hard cock and the site of his wife being fucked by a young man he didn’t know.  Then the feeling of ecstasy overcame him, as his eyes began to lower.  He had been playing into the fantasy, the whole time and his cock had never been harder.  Shortly after, Kimberly grabbed a sharp letter opener and cut the taped newspaper strap from Richard’s right wrist.  Then she rejoined Karen and the young man, placing her finger upon Karen’s clit and continuing to rub it for her, once again.  By now, the young man had sped up the motion, fucking Karen as harder and deep as he could possibly go.  Richard had managed to pull a single sheet of the newspaper from the classifieds and wrapped it around his hard cock.  He began to masturbate with the newspaper, while he watched the threesome.  And his wife was the center of attention.  Karen moaned louder, as the young man began to pound her pussy harder and harder.  Then the position changed.  Kimberly quickly reached for the stack of newspapers and tossed everything else off the side of the desk.  She placed open sheets of newspaper upon the desk and motioned Karen to lay down upon them.  Karen moved to the side of the desk and hopped up on top of it, laying down upon the fresh clean newspapers.  The young man quickly joined her at the side of the desk.  Kimberly had joined Karen on top of the desk with her wet pussy directly over Karen’s face.  Karen still held the sports page to her breasts as she began to lick Kimberly’s pussy.  Richard started to moan with them, as he gently masturbated with the newspaper. 

Moments later, Karen had finished. “Ah! Mmm!” she moaned out loud.  The young man had pulled his hard cock out of Karen’s pussy and jerked himself to completion.  His warm cum had squirted all over the sports page covering Karen’s upper body.  Kimberly positioned herself to lay down on top of Karen, rubbing her naked body all over the newspaper covered with cum.  Kimberly began to romantically kiss Karen, while Richard finished fucking his newspaper.  Then he came hard inside the paper, letting out a few hard moans, behind his taped mouth.  The young man had finished getting dressed and had left the office.  Karen and Kimberly continued to rub their bodies into the newspaper between them.  They grinned as they watched Richard, now exhausted and still holding his cum filled newspaper around his cock. 

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