Me and Everyone (Part 2)   added 4 years ago    

  By: sexyslut

I ride your cock as i was told to do, grinding my hips in circles as i move up and down your shaft. After a minute or two of that i hear you say, "Number 1, please join us, you've waited long enough." I feel hands pressing against my back, pushing me down. A cock head presses against my asshole. I resist at first but then decide to experience everything i can.I relax and let his cock enter me. He pushes it in slowly until it's as deep as it will go then pulls out, leaving just his head in, then pushes in harder and faster, building up a rhythm with your thrusts into my pussy. I can't believe how much i like the sensations of a hard dick filling both of my holes. I moan loudly and push down and back alternating with both of your thrusts into me. Number 1 grabs my tits and squeezes them hard as he pushes into me again and again. I feel an orgasm approaching and grind my hips into yours and feel my body tensing up and then a powerful orgasm rocks me, my pussy and ass clenching tightly at the two cocks deep inside me. I hear a groan from Number 1 and then feel his cock erupt, his hot cum shooting deep into my asshole. He pulls out and i feel some of his cum leaking out of me and down my legs. He smacks my ass as he backs away. As you continue thrusting up into my soaked pussy you call for Number 2 to come in and join us again.

He goes directly to my just fucked and cum-filled ass and licks the cum from it. He licks up my thighs and rims my asshole,getting as much of the cum as he can. Then i feel him pressing his cock against my asshole. It offers very little resistance and he slides in easy, the remaining cum serving as a lubricant. As he works up a rhythm with you i feel a cock pressing against my lips. I know you haven't called another number so this must be Number 1 again. I open my mouth wide and he slides his just hardening cock into my mouth. He tangles his fingers in my hair and pushes it all the way into my throat.I gag once but then suppress that urge and it passes as he begins to slowly fuck my mouth, going deep into my throat each
time. I'm incredibly turned on having all my holes filled. I moan around the cock in my mouth and suck it eagerly, running my tongue along the bottom as he pushes it in over and over. You call in Number 3 and i can't imagine what he could possibly do but then i feel a mouth sucking on my nipple then nibbling and sometimes biting. There are so many sensations that i can't help but climax again. As my cunt milks you, you push up into my pussy hard and shoot your load deep, coating my insides with your cum.

You pull yourself from under me and there's some switching around of people. You call Number 4 in and i lose track of who's in what hole. I know Number 1 fucks my mouth until he cums again. I swallow his cum and it tastes wonderful. Then there's a cock to take it's place, pushing into my mouth deep and hard. Someone gets under me again and i'm riding a cock as another person grabs my hips and a hard cock is pushed into my asshole. Someone grabs my hand and puts it around their cock and i begin stroking it, jacking it off. I know it's Number 3 fucking my mouth now because he's saying, "Choke on that cock you
fucking slut! Oh yeah, choke on that big dick. Take it! Take it deep into your throat!" over and over.

I'm so exhausted at this point and so hyper-sensitive that i can't even remember how many more orgasms i have or how many more loads of cum i take in each of my holes. Finally i feel hands pulling me up and guiding me to the floor beside the bed. Someone pushes on my shoulders and an obvious Number 3 says, "Kneel down on the floor, whore, and get ready to be covered in cum." I hear grunts and moans and the sound of guys stroking their cocks and i sit back on my heels with my mouth open to await the first spurt of cum. I don't have to wait long before i feel the hot jizz shooting onto my cheek, then another thick stream lands on my forehead, another in my mouth, then more and more shoots onto me, covering my face, my tits, and almost my entire body. I smile and lick what i can off my face. Sitting there covered in 5 men's cum is a glorious feeling. I sit there for a few minutes as it cools on my skin. I say, "Thank you, 'everyone'", and then walk into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

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Comments for Me and Everyone (Part 2)

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sexyslut    (2011-12-28 00:00:24)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, Soohard08. I have yet to do it in real life but you never know. ;)
sexyslut    (2011-12-27 23:56:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Me too, Sunny. This has always been a fantasy of mine.
Soohard08    (2011-12-27 19:16:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 this is one slutty story,i love it,to bad i dont have a pussy,if i did i fucking like this whenewer its a chanse
sunny0    (2011-12-25 18:39:33)    Flag as inappropiate
sunny0 Yep.....i do enjoy this...and would love to be this girl.

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