Me and Everyone (Part1)   added 4 years ago    

  By: sexyslut

I lay on the bed in my lingerie as you asked me to. The scarf tied tight around my eyes. I'm slightly apprehensive but know i can trust you and that we always have a good time. I hear the door open and your voice saying, "Ok, everyone..." I stop listening after the word "everyone". Who is "everyone"?  How many is "everyone"? I hear male voices talking but can't make out how many it is. then i hear your voice whispering to me, "I have a little treat for you tonight. I'm going to sit over here and watch for a while and will join in later." Then to "everyone"  you say, "When i call your number step forward. You can do whatever you want but only have 5 minutes. NUMBER 1!"

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I feel hands moving up my body, cupping my breasts and pulling the cups of my bra down to release my tits. I feel both nipples being pulled and twisted in fingers then one being sucked into a mouth, a tongue flicking back and forth over it. I moan lightly as my nipples harden. I feel something pressing at my mouth, I open it and feel a cock slide between my lips. I begin licking it and sucking it. One hand on the back of my head forces the cock in deeper as the other continues to play with my nipples. I gag a bit and then move my head to where it hangs off the side of the bed and he can push it all the way to the back of my throat. He starts thrusting it in faster as his hand moves down to touch my crotch through my panties, feeling if i'm wet. He feels the wetness already seeping through my panties. He sticks his hand inside them and runs his fingers up and down my wet slit as he continues fucking my mouth.I breath through my nose as he thrusts harder and faster down my throat. I reach back to play with his balls and hear a groan. He begins rubbing my clit in circles with his thumb as he sticks his middle finger deep inside me. I start thrusting my hips at his hand and begin moaning. then i hear, "NUMBER 2!"

I whimper a little at the loss of the cock in my mouth and hand playing with my pussy but am pleasantly surprised as i feel my panties being pulled down and a mouth beginning to suck eagerly at my wet pussy lips. I spread my legs wide and feel him flatten his tongue on my slit and lick allll the way from bottom to top. I sigh in ecstasy as his finger pushes into my tight hole and he starts flicking his tongue around my clit, driving me wild. I grab his head in my hands as I push my hips toward him, moaning as he inserts another finger into me and begins sucking harder on my clit and moving the fingers in and out of me fast and hard. I buck my hips at him and grip his head between my thighs as he starts nibbling at my clit. I cry out loudly and my back arches as i cum all over his mouth. he continues to move the fingers in and out and put constant pressure on my clit to prolong my orgasm. He laps up all of the juices from my pussy. I feel a weight on the bed as he straddles my waist. His hands grab both my tits and he rubs them then squeezes them hard. I feel saliva drop onto them and between them and then he puts his cock between my tits and presses them hard around his cock and begins thrusting up toward my mouth. I stick my tongue out and lick his head each time it reaches my mouth. Then i hear, "NUMBER 3!"

I feel big hands pulling my legs apart and pushing them up to my chest, a cock head rubbing up and down my soaking wet slit before thrusting hard inside me. He's fully impaled me in that one hard thrust and i groan as my tight pussy is stretched wide by his huge cock. He's not gentle at all but just keeps on pounding my pussy deep and hard over and over. I cry out in a bit of pain but more out of pleasure. This one is a dirty talker where the others had been pretty silent with the exception of a few grunts and moans. He says, "You like that big cock, don't you, slut? You love it fucking your tight pussy. Stretching it wide. Take that huge dick deep in your cunt you little fuckslut!" It turns me on to hear him and i begin thrusting up at him which makes him ram his cock harder and faster into me and say,"I knew you'd love a good hard fucking you filthy cockwhore! You want this big cock stretching your asshole too, slut?" he says as he pushes a finger into my tight asshole, trying to stretch it out. Then i hear, "NUMBER 4!"

I feel hands pulling me up to a sitting position and then helping me stand. Then he turns me around and pushes me towards the bed. I crawl onto it and he grips me by the waist and pulls me to the edge. I feel a hard cock moving between my legs again and then thrusting slowly in and out of my pussy. A finger presses into my asshole again and wiggles around then another one is inserted as he continues his slow thrusting into my pussy. He then pulls out of my pussy and put his head at the entrance to my tight asshole. I relax my muscles so he can ease the head past that tight little ring and then he pops inside. HE pushes forward slowly, easing his way inside my tight hole. He pulls out to the head and then pushes back inside, going a bit faster now as he feels the muscles relax and let him inside. He reaches a hand down to my pussy and rubs at my clit as he keeps up his thrusting into my ass. His other hand grabs one of my tits to use as leverage to pull me back into him. He plunges his cock into me over and over as he rubs my clit in circles more deliberately. I'm just about to reach another orgasm and then, "NUMBER 5!"

I hear a familiar voice say, "Lay back on the bed again."  I do so and i feel your weight on the bed as you move up beside me. You run your hands up and down my body, caressing me. I sigh with pleasure and you turn my face toward you and kiss me deeply. OUr tongues meeting and circling around each other in a passionate kiss. Your hands playing with my breasts as you pinch and pull on my nipples. You break the kiss and then begin kissing your way down my body. You kiss my neck and down to my collarbone. You reach my chest and take one then the other nipple into your mouth until they're incredibly hard. You
kiss your way down my stomach, your tongue flicking inside my bellybutton which makes me giggle. You kiss your way back up my body and i hear you whisper in my ear, "I hope you're having fun. I loved watching them all with you. It made me rock hard. But it's not over. Ride me now. The others will ALL be joining us shortly."


Part 2 Coming soon.

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Comments for Me and Everyone (Part1)

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BitterSweet3    (2012-02-29 18:52:01)    Flag as inappropiate
You have such a dirty mind. Love it.:-)
sexyslut    (2011-12-28 00:02:16)    Flag as inappropiate
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sonny0. :)
sunny0    (2011-12-25 18:38:03)    Flag as inappropiate
sunny0 I so enjoyed this....a total fantasy of mine.
sexyslut    (2011-12-24 02:30:00)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, Soohard. :-) This was a fun fantasy to write about.
Soohard08    (2011-12-23 18:51:03)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Girl you are soo fucking great in yr hot wild stories,you have my respect,more all girls dream huh?

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