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  By: Arbiedudd

   I knew it would be the perfect relationship about a week after he moved in. Had just gotten out of a long bath, dried off and went to have some fun in my bed. Had my vibrator against my clit and was about to dig around for my thick jelly cock so I could fuck myself to a climax when I heard my roomate come home. I lay quietly for a while as I didn't want to disturb him with my moaning. I heard the front door clsoe again so I got back to pleasuring myself.


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   I was driving my clit crazy with my vibrator and moaning because I really like to tease my pussy. I looked at my door and it was open just a crack. I know that I closed it. He must have come back and I didn't hear the door. Instead of jumping from the bed and closing the door I threw off my sheet and opened my legs even wider. If he wanted to see a show I would give him one.
   I fingered my clit and smeared my juices all along my swollen lips. I then reached over and got my dildo out of the treasure chest. I angled myself so that my pussy was aimed towards the door and I fucked my pussy. First very slowly then picked up speed. I was so hot knowing I had an audiance that it did'nt take me long. I came with beautiful tremors and moans. I rolled over and went to sleep. the next morning I awoke to the smell of french toast and bacon. I put on my robe and went out to the kitchen.
  There he was reading the paper at the table. He peeked over the table and said "breakfast is on the stove." No mention of the night before so I didn't bring it up.  I gobbled up my breakfast and went to take a shower.
   Running the hot water all over me and washing my hair, I felt a cool chill. Did I leave the door open? No, I think My audience is back. So I work up a lather and slowly wash my body for my new voyeristic friend.
  I reached up to get the shower head to wash off all the suds. After rinsing my hair I aimed the water jet aginst my clit and brought myself to orgasm. As I opened the shower door I heard the bathroom door click closed. With a smile on my face I dried myself off and got ready for work.
   All I could think about all day was my new roomate. I got such a thrill when he watched me! When I finally got home from work that evening I was dissapointed to see that he was not home yet. I was alone, so I decided to put in a porn flick. I watched as women got eaten out by other women, men fucking wet juicy holes, and I couldn't keep my hands from reaching between my legs to tease my swollen clit. 
   I leaned my head back and let my body enjoy what I was doing. Just as I was about to come, the front door opened. I pulled my hands out from between my legs and reached for the remote. Raunchy sounds were coming from the T.V. and I couldn't find the remote to turn them off. I stood up and realized that it had fallen between the cushions. As I was about to turn it off my roommate said "don't  stop on my account."
  He was looking at me with a big grin on his face and his cock in his hand. "never bothered you before, when I watched." He KNEW that I knew he was watching! He sat on a chair near me and turned his attention to the screen. Screwing blowing cumming...I turned my head and he was stroking his meat and kept his eyes on  the screen.
   I leaned back and started playing with myself again and relaxed a bit. The thought of us both masturbating in the same room was getting me uber hot. I glanced over at him and his eyes were now on my pussy. that was enough to send me over the edge and I came in front of him once again. My orgasm brought on his own and I watched as he spurt his seed all over his hand and the floor. 

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easypeasy    (2011-12-24 23:37:07)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh, super hot! My cunt is throbbing now! I love a good roommate fantasy, thanks. :)

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