managed to actually get this one done a few times over the years   added 4 years ago    

  By: peeker910

This an ad that i placed on a dating site :


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Imagine the two of you in a bar or restaurant. you notice me sitting nearby and realize that i can see a bit of panties up her skirt. You invite me to join you for coffee or a drink. Afrer a while when everyone is comfortable, i discreetly slip a hand under the table, gently and ever so slowly work my hand under up her skirt and caress her to full arousal.Later in a room or even the car in the parking lot, I will use my very talented tongue to give her oral pleasure,I never ask for anything in return"

it has only been about once a year but I have had  a few men who wanted to watch their lady orally serviced with no strings attached respond, meet first in a safe location, then decide whether to proceed or not. 

  My favorite response was in the summer this year, and was definately different. I had a response from two college girls here in nc for spring break at the beach. They wanted to try something totally different and asked if i was willing to meet them.We chatted a good while on the phone about what i really wanted etc, and I convinced them that I was real and only wanted to please. they told me to meet them in the hotel bar and said  they would both be wearing black skirts etc. I went to the little bar early. at the appointed time two knockouts walked in wearing black skirts. they looked around and i smiled and waved. They sat near me and discreetly seperated their legs to give me a peek, i sent a drink over for the two of them, they smiled and said thanks. then invited me to join them. They pointedly asked me to sit between them and we began to chat. I put a hand on each of their legs and neither moved away. I couldn't believe my good luck. as i moved my hand between their legs, they never changed expression, just kept chatting like nothing was going on, but,one then the other readjusted and let their legs separate more to give me access. after a while one of them slipped me a room key under the table winked, said thanks for the drink and left. after a short time i paid up and followed, went to the room . I didn't use the key it could be a trick, so i knocked, one of the girls answered the door wearing a sexy baby doll nighty and invited me in. As promised I performed oral to completion on both of them, then after hugs all around I left. I have lots of fantasies, some i did long ago with my wife but this has to take the prize for the sexiest encounter of my old life,,,,,,maybe someday it will happen again

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