Some tales of recent masturbation   added 4 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

I know some of you like it when I tell you how I've been masturbating, so I've been writing things down now and again in case I want to share, and today I thought I'd post a few of those.  It got me pretty hot and wet to reread and edit them a little, so I hope you get off on them, too.  :)


Here I am, in my aunt Tina's house.  I've got a dildo up my cunt, and I'm downloading porn.  I watched some earlier.  It's been kind of a horny day.  I got myself off in the shower this morning with the shower head pulsing on my clit.  I shaved my pussy and got kind of wet and turned on from touching my cunt so much while I shaved.  Then I took down the shower head and ran the water over my pussy, and I knew I needed to come like that. I love it, feeling the water relentlessly pounding at my cunt, rocking my hips to move my clit under the spray.  So good.


Then I put a condom on my large butt plug, and I shoved it deep in my ass before I got dressed.  I chose some panties that have the kind of crotch I can pull up between my cunt lips and ass cheeks.  It pressed over the plug, holding deep and hard up my ass when I move, and with my tightest pair of jeans on, I felt like I was getting ass-fucked deep every time I walked or bent over or sat down.  My cunt started to get really wet feeling it moving in my asshole, slick with lube, fucking in and out a little as I rocked on it when I sat down on my bed.


After watching a little porn and feeling the plug hard in my ass for a while, I decided to go shopping, so I shopped with the plug hard in my ass and the crotch of my panties pulled up into my cunt so it brushed over my clit a lot while I walked.  If I bent over, it put this amazing pressure right on my clit, and it was all I could do not to start fucking my cunt on my panties right there in the aisle of the grocery store when I felt it rubbing there as I bent over.  I wanted to, wanted to just rock my cunt back and forth, bent over so my ass was showing down the aisle in my tight jeans, rocking and fucking my pussy on the tight crotch of my panties until my wet cunt soaked through and anyone walking by could see the dark wetness of my cunt under my jeans.


I'd finally unzip and work them down just far enough to get my hand inside the front of my jeans, and I'd slide a finger down between my soft wet cunt lips to rub my clit hard and fast.  I'd come almost right away like that, bent over with my jeans partway down so anyone could see the butt plug between my ass cheeks with my panties pulled up hard over it, and my finger rubbing and rubbing in my cunt, sliding over and over and around my clit until I'm coming hard right there in the store, rocking and writhing and shaking and moaning, my ass clenching hard on the plug every time my pussy spasms, and my fingers making wet sloppy sounds as I come on my hand, rubbing all over my pussy with the panties pulled to one side in the front.  God, it would have been incredible.


But instead I just finished my shopping, feeling the plug moving in my ass, and my pussy getting wetter and wetter.  I came home and watched some tv with Tina and her husband Bruce like that, letting myself squirm and move on the couch a little to feel the plug move inside me while they sat next to me, unaware.


Finally, now I'm in my room, with a dildo hard inside my cunt, and my underwear hard in my ass crack, my asshole still really sensitive from getting fucked by the plug for so long.  I'm thinking about how I want to get off, not sure if I want to watch porn or just fantasize.  I think about what would happen if Bruce walked in, if he caught me sometime with my fingers in my pussy, or fucking myself with a dildo.  What would he do if he came in to bring me my mail, forgot to knock and found me with my ass in the air, fucking my asshole with a big butt plug while I finger my clit and come??  Would he watch, would he ask to see more, would he want  to touch me, maybe put his fingers in my pussy or my asshole and give it to me more until I come again?  Maybe his old dick would get hard, and he'd put it in me from behind, start fucking my pussy until I'm loose and sloppy, and maybe I'd finger my clit until I come on his cock again, my cunt clenching and squeezing him until he shudders and shoots his load in my pussy, fucking his come into me with hard shoves as his cock pulses out spurts and dribbles of hot come deep in my cunt. 




Oh god, I've been dirty today.  I have been making myself come in the shower all the time lately, fucking my pussy up and up with one leg up on the tub, so I'm spread wide at the shower door, pulsing the massager spray right on my clit as I grind up at it and moan quietly.  It's been really hot.


Today, I did the ritual of shaving my pussy and almost getting off, but not quite letting myself.  My cunt lips are so soft and smooth now, and the last time I stuck my hand down my panties to feel my pussy, they were wet and sticky with all my cunt juice, mixed with some lube that had worked its way up into my pussy from my ass crack.


I got my pussy all nice and smooth and pulsed the water on my cunt hole and my clit for a while, until I started feeling warm and tingly all over, my clit throbbing in time with the water beating on it and all around it as I fucked my hips up.  I brought some lube in the shower with me, so once I was good and turned on, I put some lube on my fingers and shoved two of them up my asshole right away.  It opened right up and took them, and I fingered myself for a while, rubbing and twisting my fingers in my asshole and then making myself take three at once.


My pussy had started clenching and throbbing when I finger-fucked my asshole, so I knew I was ready to give myself the big black silicone plug I had waiting on the shower ledge.  I squeezed some more lube on it, bent over and pushed it into me from behind, like taking a short fat dick up the ass, after getting fingered nice and loose and wet.  I worked it as deep into my ass as it would go, fucking it all the way in and out a few times, just to feel my asshole burning as it opened around it each time, and then my cunt was just hot with pussy juice and wet with water and lube and my own cunt fluids, and I knew it was time to get out.


I toweled off, rubbed between my legs enough to get rid of some of the extra lube, and put on pair of tight black panties that would keep the plug firmly in my ass.  I also put on my tightest black pair of pants, letting them give me a little cameltoe and feeling the fabric also pressing the plug into my ass hard when I bent over to put on my shoes.


I went out talked to my aunt like that, feeling the plug sliding in my asshole as we discussed the grocery list, and then I went grocery shopping.  My asshole started aching around the hard plug about halfway through, but I made myself stay, feeling my ass burn and ache as the lube wore off.  It made my pussy so hot and wet to feel it, to feel my ass getting fucked raw by the plug like that, like I'd been taking a dick up my ass for an hour, and my ass was sore and sticky and aching with it.


Finally I got home, and I knew the plug wasn't going to be enough today. It's been so long since I've really treated myself to a good fuck, and I knew I wanted to take my dildo in my ass.  I haven't had anything bigger than the plug up there in at least a few months, and my ass was already aching from getting fucked by the plug for so long.  But I went in the bathroom with my dildo, rolled a condom on it and lubed it up really well, and pulled the plug out of my ass.  My asshole clenched and gaped when I took it out, feeling empty and used already.  But I just put some more lube on my fingers and gave myself three of them, pushing lube up my ass and soothing my swollen asshole with my fingers gently as I rubbed the lube around.  I felt so open and loose.


I bent over so I could take it from behind again--I'm still really into that, getting fucked suddenly from behind like a guy making me take it hard and fast and deep--and I rubbed the wet head of the dildo up and down my slit and over my asshole, feeling how slick I was again from all the extra lube.  When I pushed it over my asshole, it was like my hole just wanted to get fucked, like it almost grabbed at the big soft head of the dildo when I pushed on it.  I slid the dildo right in, and it felt amazing to get fucked so deep like that.  My asshole opened so easily and the soft thick cock slid right in, pushing inside until the base was resting outside my asshole, and I could clench around it, feeling myself fucked deep inside by a nice thick cock.


It was so good, I felt so full, and I couldn't wait to get another dick up my pussy.  So that's where I am now.  I'm downstairs, my aunt and her husband are gone, so it's just their weird tenant who could come in at any moment, and I've got the dildo hard up my ass as I sit on the couch.  I've got my vibrator worked deep into my cunt, but it's turned off, so it just feels like I've got two hard cocks filling my ass and my pussy.  I can rock back and forth and feel them sliding and fucking into me.  I've been watching a little porn, mostly ass-fucking, the hardest and roughest I could find of tight assholes getting plowed by huge wet dicks.  My cunt is soaking wet around the vibrator, and when I turn it on low, I can feel my clit and my asshole both throbbing as I squirm and grind on my cocks.


If I lean all the way back against the back of the couch, I can reach down and really fuck the vibrator in and out of my cunt harder and deeper.  I'm so wet, it fucks in and out of me really easily, and the sloppy wet sounds it makes just turn me on so hard.  My nipples are just aching with how hot this is, and I can't stop reaching under my shirt to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples.  I love how it makes my clit throb every time.  It almost makes me come when I fuck my cunt like that and let my ass rock up and down on the other cock filling it so hard and deep, even without turning the vibrator on.  I think that's how I'm going to make myself come later, when I'm good and ready to get off and let myself go.  For now, I want to tease myself some more and watch more porn.


I've had them so hard in my cunt and my ass that I'm starting to ache, I need to get fucked hard and good now.  But I might go upstairs and take some pictures of my asshole and pussy stuffed full of cock first.  I haven't done that in a while, and I'm all freshly shaved, and I've got both my ass and my pussy filled.  I'd get some hot pictures.


And then I'll lay back and really fuck my pussy with the vibrator while I rock my asshole on the dildo until I come, and then I'll pull the vibrator out and turn it on and buzz my clit and come one more time with the dildo still up my ass.  Mmmm, it's going to be amazing.




Mmmm, I got really into an exhibitionist thing a while ago, really let myself go while my aunt and her husband were gone.  I was showered and clean, I got my pussy shaved smooth except for the dark, soft, curly bush I like to leave in a patch above my slit.  I had fucked my asshole in the shower with my plug to get it soft and loose, then fingered myself with lube for a while to get it wet.  Finally, I just sat on my medium-sized dildo, taking it right up my ass in one smooth slide.  I had my nightie on still, put on after the shower until I could get dressed in my bedroom.


But instead of getting dressed, I got a dildo up my ass and took off my nightie, letting myself sit naked on my bed in front of the window that overlooks the neighbor's house across the backyard.  Their back windows look across into my windows, and that day I pulled the curtains back and got naked, my pussy getting so much wetter thinking about whether someone might peek between the curtains and see me fucking myself so shamelessly.


So I let myself spread my legs open there on the edge of the bed, rocking and fucking my asshole down onto the dildo, feeling it slide in and out of me, imagining if the neighbors could see me getting fucked by a real cock, a man underneath me shoving his dick up into my ass over and over, grunting and groaning until he shoots his load in my ass right there in front of the window--and me moaning and bouncing my asshole on his cock, my big soft tits rolling in my hands and bouncing with me, and my pussy flooding with hot cunt juice every time I pinch my nipples and let my tits hang and bounce from my fingers while I get fucked.  It was so good to fuck my ass on my dildo like that, naked and spread open, tits bouncing around, facing the window, thinking of the neighbor mom or dad seeing my cunt spread open while I bounce my asshole on the cock underneath me.


It was good, but I needed to fuck my pussy too, so I got out my vibrator, and as soon as I had the rounded head pressed against my cunt hole, I shoved it right in as far as I could.  It would only go about halfway in that first push, my cunt still tight and not prepared, though it was wet enough that I could start fucking the vibrator in and out of my hole, turned on low so it's just barely buzzing, feeling my asshole clench and slide on the big hard dildo as I fuck the vibrator a little deeper with each shove.  Pretty soon, I was fucking my pussy up to meet it, and then it just slid all the way up me, deep and hard in one final push, and I turned it up to feel it buzzing hard deep in my cunt while I squirmed and let my asshole grind down on the dildo.


I was ready to come, but first I wanted to really give someone a chance to see a show, so I stood up and put one leg up on my night table, really spreading my cunt wide at the window.  I bent forward just enough that I could grab the dildo and start fucking my ass, then turned around and spread my ass at the window, really banging the dildo hard and deep into my asshole for a while, no idea if anyone was looking but letting myself thinking about what they'd see--my wet pink asshole stretched wide around the thick dildo as I pound it into me, over and over, giving it to me like a hard cock trying to come up my ass.


Thinking about that made me moan, and I stood up again and fell back against the bed, spreading at the window and grabbing my vibrator to buzz my clit.  I almost came, but I wanted to fuck myself hard, so I turned it off, shoved it up my pussy and started banging my cunt as hard as I could, my asshole rocking and clenching on the dildo, feeling it slide at least a little as I fucked my wet cunt as hard as I could.  I leaned back on one hand and arched my back to feel the dildo push even deeper into my ass, and I turned the vibrator on high, using one leg to fuck my cunt up onto the vibrator and at the window as I pounded my pussy until I started coming, finally.  I let myself shout and moan and groan as my body shook and my cunt flooded with hot come all around the vibrator as I fucked myself through it.  My asshole spasmed and tried to push the cock out, but I sat down harder, and made myself keep it hard in my ass as I shuddered and spasmed and felt like I was coming forever.


Finally I felt like the last wave had passed, but I was still so turned on that I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and buzzed it right over my clit.  It made me shout and my whole body jerked with the intensity of it, but when I turned it down a little and started circling all around it, I felt my whole cunt clenching with want, and I let myself lay back on the bed, legs still spread wide and dildo still hard up my ass, buzzing and buzzing the vibrator over and around my clit while I circled my hot sloppy pussy up onto it slowly.  The pleasure just grew and grew, and my cunt got wetter and hotter, and my pussy hole felt like it was clenching tighter and tighter, and my asshole was hot and raw and fucked open around the dildo still sliding inside a little every time I moved.


By then my clit was desensitized enough that I needed to turn it back up to high, and I buzzed it right on my clit, letting my whole body tighten and clenching my cunt over and over as I held my clit right up against the buzzing head.  I circled just a little, just barely, letting my clit just barely rub against the hot, wet head of the vibrator, until suddenly I came again, with a loud yell, my body spasmed, and my cunt started clenching over and over uncontrollably.  I lay back on the bed again, shaking and shuddering and jerking as I held the vibrator against my clit, feeling wave after wave of spasming pleasure roll through me, my pussy wetter and hotter than I ever remember, and my clit throbbing nonstop as I fucked my cunt and my ass up and down through it.  God, it was amazingly hot.  I have no idea if the neighbors heard me, or the weird guy heard me, or if I just got to have the fantasy, but it made me come so hard to get off like that.


Today, I shaved my pussy again, and I fucked myself hard with my large butt plug in the shower.   I bent over and just gave it to myself from behind.  Nothing but soap and water for lube, but I fucked myself hard and fast, my asshole opening up to take it over and over.  God, I bet a lot of dudes would love the way my asshole opens up for their cocks.  Or ladies with strap-ons.  I could take it so hard.


Then I used the shower massager to pulse on my clit, and I bent over to pulse it over my asshole and up and down my crack.  I let it work all over my pussy for a while, feeling my cunt get wet with my own hot juices along with the shower water.  But no coming yet!


Now I've got a pair of panties pulled up between my ass cheeks and pussy lips.  It pushes on my clit every time I move, and my asshole is still really sensitive from the fucking I gave it in the shower.  Not sure what my plans are.  I might just finger myself right here in front of the computer, in the shared downstairs living area, quick and dirty.  I might go fuck myself with a dildo or a vibrator in my bedroom.  Maybe I could open the curtains and the window again, even though it's colder now.  I might go take some pictures and video.


That's another thing I did that last time, before I just fucked myself until I got off in front of the window.  I got a few great pictures of my freshly shaved pussy, all wet and glistening above where you can just see the base of the dildo with my asshole stretched around it.  And I managed to get a little video of me buzzing my clit and fucking my pussy with the dildo up my ass, so you can see it just sliding in and out of my asshole a little as I fuck the vibrator up my pussy.  I love looking at my own cunt so much.  I've got some of me pinching my nipples that get me really hot, too.


Anyway, not sure what I'm going to do, but I think it's time for the next phase.  My pussy is throbbing constantly now, from remembering how hot is was to fuck myself in front of my bedroom window like that, and from writing all of this down.  Have a good weekend, everybody!


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Comments for Some tales of recent masturbation

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easypeasy    (2013-07-13 19:32:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Hey, thanks, Carter01. That's why I post, so I love to hear it got you hot. Makes me wet in return. :)
easypeasy    (2013-07-13 19:31:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Ha, I'll keep that in mind, Clarkee. ;) For now, it's to get myself off, but I guess you never know?
Carter01    (2012-08-04 03:11:20)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice wow deff got me going
easypeasy    (2012-03-10 15:48:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Aw, thanks, jeb56. I don't come here often either, but sometimes it just...hits the spot. ;)
jeb56    (2012-03-05 23:17:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Been away for a while, but mmm nice to find you're still the hotttest writer here, easy. Verrrry satisfying descriptions of your self pleasure.
Clarkee    (2011-11-28 09:42:07)    Flag as inappropiate
Five years?? My word, by now you should have enough material to be able to start up your own website! Hopefully you'll give me a free lifetime membership for the suggestion ;-)
easypeasy    (2011-11-24 13:18:50)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks so much, Clarkee! Sorry (not) to tease, but I've been taking pics/vids of my pussy for 5 yrs now, so imagine all *that*. ;)
easypeasy    (2011-11-24 13:16:33)    Flag as inappropiate
"Sexy and slutty" works for me--thanks for saying so, Canadian Casanova. :)
easypeasy    (2011-11-24 13:15:20)    Flag as inappropiate
That's hot, CelticKnots! You should write about it! And thanks! :)
Clarkee    (2011-11-23 14:38:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Goodness me! Always fantastic easypeasy, you make me very hard. I would love to see the pics and videos you mention....mmmmm
CanadianCasanova    (2011-11-21 22:51:42)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova You never fail to please easy! Very sexy and slutty stuff!
CelticKnots    (2011-11-21 13:58:52)    Flag as inappropiate
CelticKnots Fantastic! I'm going to have to indulge myself with some of my toys after reading that!
easypeasy    (2011-11-20 15:55:30)    Flag as inappropiate
I certainly aim to please here, outlawwolf. ;) Glad you liked.
easypeasy    (2011-11-20 14:51:36)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks for always saying the nicest things, SooHard! ;)
outlawwolf    (2011-11-20 14:30:06)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawwolf Hmm. I can't help but feel like some part of this story was for me love ^_~. Loved every bit of it. Every email notification that I get comes with the hope that it's another one of your delicious stories.
Soohard08    (2011-11-20 14:12:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 The queen of masterbation that is you baby,i would do just like you do,if i had a tight cunt and ass hole....
Soohard08    (2011-11-20 14:01:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 I love the whay you give you great "nasty " masterbateing orgasmes,moore pleeease.
easypeasy    (2011-11-20 13:55:10)    Flag as inappropiate
So glad you think so, Piro_raeB! :)
Piro_raeB    (2011-11-20 05:05:50)    Flag as inappropiate
oh yes, amazing!

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