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  By: Birdie238

There I was, standing in the middle of the park, dressed as a school girl as requested. My Mistress pulled me from the house earlier and brought me to a sex/costume shop to find this. It stunk of sweat and old cum, but Mistress still took me there. She dressed me in this short, red, plaid skirt, all white shirt that showed off my midriff and was only held together by a knot in the front, knee-high white socks, and black shoes. I had on a red plaid tie in place of my collar and my hair was up in two pony tails. Note that panties or a bra weren't a part of this outfit.


Anyway, my mistress dropped me off, telling me that I was to meet with a client of hers and was to do whatever he wanted. She emphasized the word "whatever." A few people were watching me, some undoubtedly thinking I was a hooker or something. That made me a  little nervous, but I would suck it up. I would do whatever my mistress wanted, just to make her happy.


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Naughty level to be set later

About 5 minutes later, I saw a figure approach me. It was a guy with short black hair and green eyes. He had on a pair of jeans and a black trench coat, drawing god knows what kinda attention to himself. When he got to me, he smiled sweetly. I could tell he was nervous too.

"You must be Kitten." He said to me.

I nodded, "Yes, sir." I didn't bother asking him his name.

He took my hand and led me off down the path into the woods. I laid my head on his shoulder and nuzzled him, Sir told me that guys like it when you showed them affection. I could see through his jeans that this guy liked it alot.

Eventually he stopped and turned me to face him. I looked up at him and smiled. He leaned in and kissed me hard, pushing my lips open with his then shoving his tongue into my mouth.

I kissed him back, of course. My Mistress would be mad if I didn't obey her. She said to do WHATEVER he wanted, and that's what I'd be doing. I opened my mouth wide to receive his tongue, which he eagerly shoved down my throat.

After a minute, he pulled away. He ran his fingertips down the backs if my thighs and I trembled slightly. That felt nice. When his hands made their way to my ass, he laughed. "No panties. Just how I like 'em." He put one hand between my legs and cupped my pussy.

I arched my back and moaned. His hands were warm and huge! He smiled and quickly pulled it away and put it back behind my thigh. That's when he picked me up and spread my legs apart. I got so scared for a second that I wrapped them around his waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his bulge grow against my bare pussy and I couldn't help but blush. It felt kinda big..

He smirked and pushed my skirt up, revealing my bare pussy. He gripped his hands on my ass and started gyrating his hips, brushing his bulge against my pussy's lips. The cold, metal zipper pushed against my clit, constantly applying pressure.

I shut my eyes tight and moaned in his ear. I heard him chuckle and start to buck his hips faster. I could feel myself getting wetter, soaking the front of his jeans.

In one swift motion, he reached up to my shirt and pulled at the knot, exposing my breasts. Then he reached up and tangled his fingers in my hair, pulling my head back.
I yelped and tightened my fingers in his shoulders. He kept up the humping, all the while keeping my head pulled back. Then he leaned forward and plopped one of my erect nipples in his mouth. I moaned as loud as I could without attracting attention. I could feel my cum building inside me, my body was trembling... A few seconds later, I came, my moans filling the entire forest.

He was gracious enough to let me come down from my high before he put me down in front of him, pushing me to my knees.

I looked up at him and he laughed, "God, Kitten. You've soaked my pants with your cum." He reached down and unzipped his pants, "I want you to suck me dry, girl."

I reached into his pants and pulled out his incredibly hard cock. I then did what I was told and began to wet it with my tongue. He grunted the initial contact, put his hand on the pack of my head and guided my movements.

After a few minutes of me slurping on his dick, he pulled me off by my hair and yanked me to my feet. He pushed me against a nearby tree and pinned both my hands above my head with only one of his hands. Using three other hand, he pushed my legs apart and placed his cock head between my legs, just against my pussy.

I moaned in frustration. I hated being teased. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him close, forcing him to enter me. We both moaned at the same time.

He grunted, "I thought sluts weren't suppose to have tight pussies." He started to thrust in and out of me, forcing my back against the tree bark. I cried out in pain, but he kept thrusting. I was trembling from the mixture of feelings, my body unable to cope with what I was feeling.

I twisted and squirmed against him. I could feel his dick throbbing inside me. He was ready to cum, as was I.

We both moaned and moved our hips against each other, our bodies getting sticky with sweat. Then we both came. He and my cum filled my pussy, warming my entire body. Then he quickly pulled out, letting me drop to my knees in front of him. He shot a little bit of his cum onto my face as he let out a heavy sigh. I was breathing hard as he pushed his penis back into his pants and zipped himself. He smiled down at me.

"Tell your mistress her money's in the mail. And that I said you weren't half bad."

I smiled up at him and bowed my head in appreciation. "Thank you."

He left right after that.

As I was rearranging my cloths, (wiping the cum off my face too) Lyssa walked into the clearing, smiling brightly. "Were you a good little slut today, Kitten?"

I smiled at her and nodded, "Yes, Mistress. I did exactly what you wanted."

She smiled and cupped my face in her hands. "I can see that. You've still got a little 'reward' on your face." I tried to wipe it, but she just chuckled and leaned in. Then she lightly licked the spot next to my lips with just the tip of her tongue. I froze, just feeling what her tongue felt like on my skin.

She stopped and smiled at me, "You know, Kitten. You could go out and sleep with everyone and it would be okay cause I know you'd always come home to me. You're my slut, and no one can have you." She grabbed a hold of my nipple through my shirt and twisted. I yelped and moaned. She continued, "Isn't that right, Slut?"

Through my gasps for breath, I managed to answer, "Y-yes, Mistress."

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Birdie238    (2011-12-04 01:22:50)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 This is the infamous Lyssa hacking my love's account lol isn't she wonderful??? She's such an amazing writer!!!! I love you kitten!!! *kiss*
smobrepus    (2011-11-25 06:37:16)    Flag as inappropiate
So hot! Please write more!

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