Second Date   added 4 years ago    

  By: lynnfiresteel

I awoke again. Inside this dark box. I could hear you moving around in the apartment. Trapped inside this thing since last night. When i came over for our second date. The first date went so well and you seemed so nice but i just never expected this. I hear you leave, the door closing, the lock snapping shut. I tried to get out again. Tried screaming but no one came.


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I started to drift in and out of daydreams. Mostly about what happened last night when you lured me here. You showed me around pausing to kiss me in your bedroom. We went into the kitchen and you poured us each a glass of wine. Leading me into the living room we sat very close together on the couch. We were talking about places that we have been and places that we want to go. I started to feel drowsy and began yawning. You offered your lap and i sprawled out on the couch with my head cradled against your legs.
I awoke to pain. Blurry and stinging. I was in your apartment. You were sitting on a large chair next to the couch watching me. I was tied to the coffee but the coffee table had been flipped over. Each of my ankles held by rope on to its legs. My legs spread almost in splits. My wrists bound together with a leather strap that ran bhind my back. Leaving them useless at my sides. My mouth covered with a gag. The material wet and warm inside my mouth.
You approach slowly. Grabbing a handful of my hair as you bend down on one knee. You pull out a pair of scissors and begin cutting off my clothes. My pants, shirt, bra and panties. You slap my pussy several times with your strong hand and i wince in pain. Unable to escape or roll away. You start rubbing it violently. Spitting on your hand to get me wet. Forcing your fingers inside me over and over. You stop just before i cum. You go to the chair and grab a duffel bag. You pull out a vibrator and nipple clamps. You attach the clamps over the top of my piercings. Almost metal on metal as the clamps sink deeper between the thin flesh of my nipple and the titanium barbell.
You cover the vibrator in your spit. You turn it on full speed and begin dragging it over my whole pussy. Pressing it hard against my clit then abruptly pull it away when i start to cum. Over and over almost making me cum. My body glistening with sweat. I want to cum so bad. I am scared, terrified and turned on all at the same time.
You pull your pants down and expose your hard erect dick. You kneel in front of me. Tilting my head back you push the gag down over my chin and with the other hand push your cock in my mouth . You push it all the way in until i start to choke. Holding my face tightly in one postion so i couldn't spit it out or turn away. You pull it out and keep stroking it as you make me lick and suck on your balls. All of you soaked with my saliva as you continue to face fuck me. Occasionally reaching down to smack my pussy when i start to choke to much.

You take my large breasts and slide your dick in between them. You get up and move placing yourself between my spread legs. You take lube from the duffel bag and smear it all over my pussy and ass. You start fingering my ass and sliding your dick in and out of my pussy. Slow at first then you put your cock in my ass and grab the other legs of the coffee table. You slam against me and i moan in pain. I turn my head and bite down on the gag that hangs just below my mouth. Your dick gets so hard and i can feel you start to cum. You pull your dick out of me and cum all over my stomach and tits. Slapping it against my pussy to get every drop out. Then you collect it each spurt one at a time and rub it onto my face and mouth.

You untied my legs and forced me into this box. Naked sore and sticky from your cum i lay here and wait in this box for you to get back. Not sure the torture i will endure when you get back. 

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northerncharm224    (2011-12-01 18:08:26)    Flag as inappropiate
very descriptive almost as if youd experienced it ,

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