The day I finally met my internet dom - Part two.   added 4 years ago    

  By: AllSortsOfGames

I sat on the floor my legs spread towards the fascinating beautiful brunet i called 'Big Daddy' and a big wad of cum gently rolled down my belly, i could feel my face flushed as I panted for breath.  That wash of post-ejaculation shyness filled me but i knew it was finally my turn to speak and i knew with all my heart what i wanted to say.


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Naughty level to be set later

     "I am your slave Mistress, i agree to all your desires."  she sprang from the couch where she'd say and watched me earnestly jerk myself and closed the space between is in a mighty pouncing slap around the face.

      "NEVER CALL ME MISTRESS!" she barked bringing her small hand firmly against my cheek again in a surprising painful slap.  "I am Big Daddy!" she loomed over me even though she wasn't far past five feet tall with a powerful air. "Call me Big Daddy!" she growled, 

    "Yes, Big Daddy." she smiled a girlish grin as I spoke the name.

    "Good, now on your knees pup." swiftly I planted my palms of the floor and raised my butt doggie style.  She lazily swatted my ass causing the cheeks to wobble under her hand.  "I have shown you the house, you know you are to serve me and you have seen me; i know you well pup, you're so much more honest while your cum is still dribbling over your smooth skin."  She reached under me and tickled my hairy belly mashing the warm spunk between her fingers, "you're a cute one, so easily manipulated, so eager to please - i will manipulate you into pleasing me." she withdrew the hand and moved it in front of my lips, instinctively i opened my mouth "i'll train you to please me, for a start you will learn when i put my hand to your lips you clean it!" she slapped my back with her spare hand and i licked at her sticky hand sucking my spunk from her fingers.  "mmmm, slut pup!" her free hand ruffled my shaggy hair as i lapped at her silk like skin and sucked on her perfect little fingers.  "yet, i must be sure you really accept - i asked you after your first ejaculation but we both know you normally need three before you're done." i sucked the salty bitterness from her small hand as seductively and sexually as i could manage, i began to loose myself in the pleasure of finally physically pleasing Big Daddy, the small feminine big daddy.  



She dried her clean hand in my hair then spooned another handful from my belly and fed it to me, "you're to be my 24/7 pup, I choose your attire, your demeanour, your conduct." She pushed three fingers between my lips for me to suck on, "if i choose to show my friends your cock you have no say in it, if i shave every hair from your body you will accept it is your desire, if i order you to empty yourself you will jerk until you cum!" she slides all four fingers and a thumb into my mouth and i lap and suck with pride, "your balls, your bladder, your ass, your guts - all mine" she pushed her hand into my mouth, as small as it was i still gagged and gasped around it "i will demean you, toy with you, torture you." she pushed hard into the back of my mouth making me convulse "i will abuse you." she pulled her spit covered hand from my mouth, "you're a soft little slut and i'm going to push you past your limits," she began to circle me slowly observing my bare body, "i will watch as you perform for me; as you jerk yourself dry, i will watch you fuck for me; whoever i choose, I will watch as your fucked for me; whoever i choose." she stopped behind me and pushed a wet finger between my cheeks and onto my anus.  "i will open you up," she massaged my hole gently before pushing hard against it "i will have you used in every way!" he finger forcefully slid inside me "i will use every inch of you!" she pushed deeper sliding slender knuckles though my ring until buried as deep as she could her digit moved inside me seeking out my secrets.



I knelt in silence as she probed and fingered my tight ass, she spat a large gobule of spit between my cheeks while she finger fucked my hole. "I will open you up so my hand fits inside" she tried to slip a finger in next to the one already gently pumping but i was too tight "but first i will have men enjoy your tightness." she withdrew the finger and moved it to my mouth, without grimace i accepted the shitty finger into my mouth and sucked the foul and bitter taste from it with the best facsimile of joy i could muster.   "I asked you once if you would be my slave, i asked before you knew anything and you agreed to everything."  she started to finger fuck my lips "I will tell you everything and beat you into believing it." she pushed her finger to it's limit depressing my tongue and crushing my lips, i opened to allow her all access and she cruely jammed it into my thought causing me to convulse, gag and retech but of course i didn't pull my head back as i so easily could or bite down to stop her, "you will feel my pain and ejaculate then agree again!" still i convulsed and gagged around her digit "or not" finally she let it slip from my lips and ruffled it in my hair to dry it.  


She led me by the cock to my fuck room when i was told to open a draw; inside clips, candles, whips and widgets were bundled in a pile "this is your toy's draw" she was fondling my ass as she spoke, "these are the soft toys." her hand stroked my bare back tracing my spine "below are your punishment items" she stroked the muscles of my shoulder blade, "below that are your girly things" she stroked my shoulders and squeezed gently "the bottom draw is macho things" she was stroking and squeezing my arms now, exploring my bicep as she spoke.  "Now, take all the things in the top draw and line them up around your spot." she slapped my back and moved away, towards the computer.  


It took about ten trips to carry all the odd shaped vibrators, dildos, cock rings, nipple clamps, whips, canes, paddles, bats and bottles into the room.  Big Daddy had been sitting on the computer in my fuck room but i couldn't see what she was doing, no matter it wasn't my business.  

 She came as i was finishing the arrangement, "on your back, legs spread." i obeyed instantly, four candles each a different colour were lit and she selected a strap which she placed loosely around my cock and balls, then she slid a ring over my semi-soft cock.  "play with it then tighten the ring." she said moving to fix a dog collar around my neck, i massaged my package as she clipped on the long black leather leash.  "keep going, i'll be back" she left the room and i was alone fondling myself in this strange house, i was for the first time scared and confused -then she returned and i clicked the ring's ratchet closed around my hard cock.  "Very good," she poured a pint glass of apple coloured liquid into my bowl "long ago i saw you lap your own piss from a similar bowl, now you drink mine." she paused to look at me, "oh yes, and your final piece of pup wear!" she motioned for me to roll over and i obeyed, "up!" i almost stood, but caught myself and rose to the doggie position.  In front of my face she waved a pair of black knickers, they were the sort that were even sexy screwed up on the floor - "Big Daddies Panties!" she proclaimed pushing them to my noise, "the smell of your master" I inhaled deeply, a pungent and rich flavour filled me; i was intoxicated with lust.  


I winched when she pushed a finger covered in her black panties against my anus, she pushed hard and the fabric felt rough against my ring.  I almost yelped as she shoved the digit inside me, i gritted my teeth and winced as she pushed fingerfulls of dry fabric into my now dry ring.  "Big Daddies knickers are your new tail." she withdrew her finger leaving them hanging from my hole and slapped my rump "wag it" i was slow to catch on so she slapped the side of my ass again "make it wag" i tried swinging my hips and flicking the fabric which pulled gently on my hole as they moved, i started to sway my ass feeling the tail swing from side to side,  Another slap round the ass, "wag it like a pup that's proud of his tail!" she spanked me again devilishly hard.  I got a good sway, my ass swung causing the panties to swing from side to side and crash against my buttocks.  "Good pup!" she ruffled my hair fondly as i swayed.  


She left me to practice while she set up a tripod behind me and ran a lead to the television, i watched as my swaying ass filled the screen.  "Let's make a video of my pup's first punishment!" she giggled and i watched her hand appear from the top of the screen and smack my ass hard.  I wagged my tail and this feminine hand hit me util my bum was burning red, the screen showed all, it showed the soft curve of my ass and my swaying panty tail and my thick thighs.  "Pup's penis should be on show," she slapped my outer thigh and guessing i spread my legs, she ruffled my hair then reached between my muscular thighs with her slender fingers and grasped my package which she pulled out being me, another slap told me to close my legs and hold it there,  "Doggie must always have his bits on display!" she resumed spanking me, i still couldn't accept such a small girl could be so strong and fierce but my brused and burning bum proved it.  


I sat looking at myself on the screen, my cock veiny and red because of the ring, my ass red and blotchy because of the beating -both swayed flicking the knickers.  I saw a streak on the screen falling towards my ass then burning - i really did yelp, she responded by dumping the whole load of melted wax onto my already sore ass with a splash which hit my cock and balls like an electric explosion.  I threw myself to the floor from sheer shock, the pain subsided slowly and a tingling sensation lingered "weakling!" she sneered placing a booted foot upon my back, "legs spread!" i opened them quickly from fear alone and again her small hand pulled my package out behind me but this time she laid in on the floor, lifted her boot from my back and lowered her toe down slowly on my blood filled dick - i winced as she rolled her toe and crushed it heavily, then she placed her foot over my entire package and slowly ground it against the floor, jesus christ it hurt!  She tapped her toe on my balls, rolling them in their sack under the tread of her sole.  "Now, back as you were!" i rose to my stance and she again hung my package between my thighs and closed them.  


She sdraddled me throwing one perfect leg over my body and sitting with her skirt covered rear just below my shoulders, her ass felt so soft and magical - fuck i wanted to explore it! "throw me off and you might hurt me" she giggled knowing my predicament, then on the screen i saw her slowly line up another of the candles with my sack, she smiled into the camera and tipped it all over my shaven ball bag; i couldn't help but convulse but i managed not to throw her off.  The next candle was emptied between my cheeks, locked in position i winced as the molten wax flowed into my creavace and around those knickers stuck in my ass, slowly it began to cool and solidify.  The forth was she balanced on my back while grasping my penis and sliding back the foreskin, oh fuck! i winced in anticipation but i was already screaming as i saw the candle tilt, the wax pour and boom my bellend was burning and my body was convulsing like a bucking broncho even though i was desperately trying not to throw her off she had to pull hard on my stinging cock to stay balanced.


Slowly it subsided, i regained my composure

    "I will teach you how I will ride you!" Big Daddy lifted her weight from my back and adjusted her skirt so that when she let herself fall back upon me i felt her bare buttocks crush against me, her smooth flesh against mine - my cock even in the pain it was in once again jerked to attention as an influx blood restored it's somewhat wilted form to rock hard erection.  Big Daddies little fingers were wrapt firmly around it and she pulled back on it a little painfully, "this means forward!' she giggled, one limb at a time her bore her weight forward until she slapped my rump and called me an idiot, i wasn't important enough to matter only her direction mattered and i'd just taken her backwards -every chastising word she beat my ass.  She tugged again and i reversed, she wriggled her hips pushing bare flesh into my back; i kept moving her way forwards.  when she pulled to the side i assumed correctly i was to turn that way, in this fashion i crawled backwards carrying her small frame on mine on several laps of the room while she directed me using my dick as a joystick; the whole time she was grinding her hips into my back, her strong thighs smooth and warm gripping against my flanks she tickled my back with her pubic bush.  What with the sensation of her body pressed so closely to mine and the jerking motions she made steering my cock it was all i could do not to explode, i think if it hadn't been for the warm glow of pain her wax torment gave i would have cum a while ago.  


She rode me to the toys and took a crop from the pile, steering my cock with her left she geed me up with the crop on my buttock with the right.  We toured the house now, through the kitchen and hall she rode me spanked and grinding.  When we got back to my spot she climbed off and told me to roll over,

     "lay on your back and let me good access to your nipples" she took a handful of spring loaded clamps from the floor and kneeling down gripped my nipple in two fingers and snapped the spring shut trapping a lump of flesh painfully.  She pinched another wadge of flesh the other side of my nipple so now the nipple was sticking out on stretched skin, the clamps ached painfully but nothing prepared me for the jolt of pain which hit when she closed a third smaller and metal clamp directly onto my nipple - i yelped and arched my back before subsiding.  Glancing to the screen i saw my distorted chest had a weight dangling from the nipple.  "Now, let's ride pup!" I carefully rolled to my feet making sure not to jolt the painful clamps, Big Daddy took the now almost flacid despite the cock ring controls and pulled into moving off towards the fuckroom, i was ridden backwards all over the lower floor, her loins again grinding into my bare back but this time every step caused my one pinched nipple to pull painfully.  She beat my ass mercilessness but i couldn't go any faster.  


My semi returned as she manipulated it, "when i pump you go faster!" she began sliding my foreskin back and forwards and i moved in time with her thrusts, "move your hips, don't forget the tail!" she increased her speed a little on the next lap of the room, i kept pace and attempted to turn my hips and swish my panties tail against her hand as i paced, "longer strides! more sway!" she demanded cracking my ass with the crop and taking up a steady pace pumping my cock, each long thrusting stride caused the skin to pull against the clamps but i was concentrating on so much else "left leg and right arm then right leg and left arm!" she called out, "more sway, use your back and hips!" i modified my stride and threw my ass into each prancing stride wincing at the maximum stretch at the nipple pain.  Three, four laps ever quicker she raced me backwards around the room, in figure eights and zigzags all the while her small knees digging into my flank she was grinding her hips and soft fur covered lips into the muscles of my back as they flexed and moved.  


At a full canter she had me race through the corridor and kitchen then the other way and dangerously i reveresed my ass up the stairs, her leaning forward so the moisture of her quim slithered against my bare flesh, then down and her round ass crushed into me so soft and creamy feeling; oh god my balls wanted to burst, she was pumping my rock like it was the last life raft on the titanic and i carried her in long fast strides each on electric in my entire body; the pump of the cock, the pain of the nipple, the sting of the crop....  around the house, back up and down the staries until bounding over my spot with a long fast thrust of the cock both the clamps holding my nipple out sprang free and the blood rushed back in an orgasum of pain i seemed to be able at last to feel every single one of the sharp teeth biting into my sore nipple and magnified a thousand times it exploded in my whole body and my cock exploded with cum as i stumbled into a heap with Big Daddy still grinding her hips into my thrashing form and jerking my spunk spitting cock.  ]


Slowly she let my still dribling cock slip from her fingers as she pushed her loins hard into me and groaned, "Well done, that was perfect!" she giggled then added "go into your room and write on your punishment chart that you need to be punished for cumming without Big Daddies permission." She lifted herself from me and moved away, "even though i gave you no choice and didn't tell you not to you're still getting punished," she threw the crop onto the toy pile, "this list is so when someone comes round that likes punishing people they always have a reason to punish you." my nipple really hurt now as i clambed to my feet and the weight swung twisting the brutal clip.  "it's on the back of the door in your fuck room, when you've done it you can come and agree again, or not" still naked but for a collar, leash and panty tail i went and added 'i deserve to be punished for cumming without Big Daddies Permission' then went nipple still screaming to kneel as exposed as possible and pledge myself to my Big Daddy.


Big Daddy cairfully unclipped the clamp and examined my screamingly sore nipple, "show the camera your marks, no, stand in position" she fetched the camera and zoomed it to all my damaged parts; the twisted nipple all bruised and still misshappen, then i was told to take off the collar and she showed the red line in my neck, the cock all veiny and red with the cockring soon shrunk when i unclipped it.  I bent over so she could show the fadded red hand marks on both buttocks and the cluster of red, blue and black streaks at the top of my right.  The tail was pulled from my dry hole, the red blotched from the wax still visible.  Now i'd seen my damage she filmed my face while i said "i like these marks, i want more, i will serve you if you promise to leave your mark on me." just as she asked, i then presented my anus "this is Big Daddies and Big Daddy can let anyone fuck it," i showed my cock and balls "this is Big Daddies and Big Daddy can fuck anyone with it" i showed my face again, "i'm pup; servant, slave, toy.  You should try and see how much i can take!'


She took the cameras memory card into the fuck room and closed the door, i cleaned the house and did the washing up.

     "Some friends want to watch the video i almost finished editing." she told me when she finally appeared, "they'll be here in two hours; prepare snacks, drinks, wash yourself, douche, i'll put your outfit on your bed." then she was gone again.


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So hot, can't wait for part 3!

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