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  By: super_wet_girl

I'm such a slut. I can't deny it. I gave my friends Dad a blow job last night. I've known him since I could remember! His daughter and I grew up together!


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Naughty level to be set later

It's not like I knew him, then went away and came back grown. I mean I grew up around them. I don't know what I was thinking.

I went to visit him, because I have been over to visit for a couple of months. My friend,Cindy told me that her Mother was leaving her Dad. I felt so bad. They've been together forever!

I gave Don a great big hug when he answered the door. I was glad to see him. We talked about old times. I had fun. But, i felt bad for him. He was all alone in that house!

Cindy was his last born. Don is in his late fifties and hasn't been single for over thirty years! I wished I could do something...

At first I was just messing with myself when I thought, "He needs a good blow job..."

As the evening went on, though, it seemed like a good idea. But who does he know that would do that?

Then it hit me..."I" could do it. I wanted to do it. Don was a sweet man. He deserves it!

I sat right on his lap and gave him a hug.

" I've missed you..." I said, resting my head on his shoulder.

"I've miss you too,sweety.." he said kindly.

" I'm sorry it's been so long." I said, squiming a little, as if i was adjusting myself.

Which, I was. Only I was nonchalantly bumping and rubbing his crotch. Don was wearing a pair of sweat pants. So I could see his bulge. After a while of giggling and wiggling, I finally felt his dick bumping against my butt.

I went to stand up and then "slipped". I fell back onto his lap. landing on his cock. I felt it dig into my ass a little.

"Oooh!" I squeaked in surprise.

'You Okay?" Don asked.

"Yeah..." I said. " Oh, wow..ummm.." I said, when I reached under my ass to see what hard thing I landed on. " That's NOT the remote!"

I had grabbed a handful of his hard on. He didnt seem to mind, though.

"Honey, I'm sorry, but I tried to keep calm. I just couldn't ignore all your bouncing around...." he laughed.

" Don't worry," I said, " It's not like you were thinking about fucking me, right?" I laughed.

" Uhhhh, well..." He stuttered, a bit surprised at my language.

" I should have been more careful! I shouldn't be surprised, I mean If I keep bumping my ass against your cock, ofcourse it's going to get hard!"

"Errr, yeah...." Don said.

"But, you got really hard!" I went on. " My butt must have felt good!" I laughed.

" Well, yes, It did.." He admited.

" You should have told me to get off of you, silly!"

" Awww, its fine..." He said.

" Fine, huh?" I smiled knowingly."You didn't mind one bit....oooohh. You are BAD!" I squealed.

" Bad?"

" I guess I should have 'wiggled' more..." I said, as I gyrated my hips, rubbing his swollen cock with my butt again.

" Alright, alright,,,I didn't mind... It aint often I got a pretty girl that wants to sit on my lap!" He chuckled.

As I laughed with him, I wrapped my hand around his cock, with a firm grip. Then rubbed it through the fabric of his sweats.

" Wow...Don, I really turned you on, didn't I? I asked, as I stroked him a few times.

"That aint helping,girl!" He said.

"It's not?" I said innocently.

I pulled on his waist band and pulled his cock out.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked.

" I think I'm looking at your cock!" I said. " I want to see it...I'm curious."

" Well, hell...I shouldn't allow this...I'm older than your father...Your a family friend!"

" You don't want me to stop... You want me to continue." I said cheerfully." Are you embarrassed?"

" A little.: He admited.

"Why!" I asked surprised.

"You must think I'm a dirty old man. Here I am sitting here with a hard on, letting you grab on it."

" I know why your letting me grab on it.." I said knowingly.


" Because you want to see what else I'll do.." I answered. " Now stop acting like you are ashamed! Be honest!"

'He chuckled..."Okay, okay...I got hard the minute you came through that door and hugged me! Feelin' your sexy body against me... Then you sat on my lap! Go on! Sit away! I couldn't think of anything else, but your ass! So, yeah, my penis is hard!"

" And now I'm holding It." I pointed out. " Does this feel good?" I asked tugging a few times.

"Hell , yes!"

" Will you pull your pants down more, for me? Please?"

He lifted his hips and pulled his sweats down.

"More..." I said.

Dons sweats were around his ankles now. I fondled his balls and stroked his shaft.

" I'm going to suck it? Okay?" I asked

" Go on honey." He said with a gasp.

" I want you to come in my mouth, too..."

I opened my mouth and gobbled his cock down.

Don groaned with pleasure as I sucked him off My pussy was soaked, I was so turned on.

Don gasped as his dick spasmed. I opened my mouth and stroked him until he squirted hot semen into my mouth.

I went home, a good deed done.

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smobrepus    (2011-11-05 01:40:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Good story but the final needs to be longer and more descriptive :P
CanadianCasanova    (2011-11-03 17:52:42)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Wish you had made this story longer!

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