Revenge on my BFF\'s Mom   added 4 years ago    

  By: super_wet_girl

I felt a strong hand grab ahold of my ass. I froze instantly.


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Naughty level to be set later

"How's my girl?" A male voice asked.

It was Jim, Nikki's father, Which I figured.

"Sore..." I answered. " Thanks to your wife." I added.

"Yeah, she mentioned something about...'Punishment' and "Lessons'." Jim said wryly.

" I can't believe you told her!" I turned to face him.

"Told her?" He repeated. "Why do you think she took Nikki shopping,hmmm?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, confused.

"She didn't tell you? No, guess not..." He went on.

I listened in shock as Jim told me about how him and his wife, Donna, had made plans to seduce me. They knew I just turned 18, about to graduate from with their daughter. Donna came up with the whole plan.

"She beat my ass!" I yelled after Jim told his tale.

"Bad, huh?"

"Uh...Yeah! I cried and everything!" I was dizzy.

"She mentioned something like that..." He added.

"Fucking bitch...."

I thought for a minute...

"Jim, where is she now?" I asked.


I smiled...

"I need your help..."

"Oh, what do you need me to do?"

I told him my plan as he quietly listened. When i finished, he laughed and agreed to help.

He turned to leave. "Wait...' I stopped him.

I grabbed their pancake syrup out of the fridge. "Sit" I pointed to a chair at the kitchen table.

"Now, you promise to help me and do everything I asked,right?" I asked him.

"Cross my heart,,,"


I knelt down between his legs. I tugged at his pants. He lifted his ass and pulled them down to his feet. I grabbed his cock and felt it stiffen in my grasp. I tilted my head back and squeezed the syrup into my mouth.

A few weeks later I was ready to get my revenge.

Nikki was long asleep when I tip toed out of her room. Gently closing the door, I called Jim's cell, let it ring until I heard his phone go off. Then I hung up. I waited down stairs impatiently, until at long last my phone beeped. It was the text I was waiting for.

"Ready." It said.

I crept up to Jim and Donna's room. The door was slightly open. I grinned with delight when i looked in.

Donna was bent over. Jim was fucking her slowly from behind. She was ball gagged, blind folded, and best of all, hand cuffed to the bed frame.

Jim looked over at me and grinned back as I stepped in.

"Hold, on, honey." He said to Donna, as he pulled his cock out of her.

"Mmphh?" She noised.

I took Jims place behind Donna.

"Mmm...helooo,Donna..." I purred, grabbing onto her ass.

"Whhh thhh mmffkk?" She asked.

"Sshhh...don't waste your breath. It's me, Jessica. I'm sure you already know that, though.."

I knelt down between her legs. I tongued her pussy and ass until she moaned with pleasure.

"Like that?" I asked.

"Mmmm, hhmmm." She nodded..

"Before I go on, I want you to watch something." I removed her blind fold.

Jim was stretched out on the bed, inches away from her face. I went around the bed so I was facing her. I filled my mouth with syrup, and sucked Jims cock for him. After sucking the stickiness off his erect rod, I smiled at her.

" I promised your husband I would suck his cock if he helped me out." I said sweetly.

I lifted a wide leather belt from under the bed. I replaced the blindfold, and casually returned to my place behind Donna's vulnerable booty.

"Mmm-!" She let out a little cry of surprise.

I had barely swatted her with the belt, just casually swinging it, underhanded, at her ass. I hit her about five times. Not hard, just enough to make her ass redden a little.

" I remember how my ass stung when you spanked me...." I said, just as I swung fast and hard on her rump.

The smack was so loud, I startled my self!

"Mmmm!!!" Donna let out.

I could see the welt forming on her ass.

I swung again, harder on the other cheek. Donna's knees buckled, but she straightened back up.

Two welts now.

I swattted hard for a third time...

"Mmmm, hm,hm hm.." She moaned.

It sounded like she was moaning with pleasure, not pain!

I swung hard and fast, three more times. I was sweating! Donna collapsed to her knees. Then she got back to her feet. After she was up, She lifted her ass, slightly and shook it at me!

I snapped. I started to hit her all over. Legs, back, ass, shoulders... Some of the welts were bleeding. When I finally realized what I was doing, I dropped the belt. Jim wason his feet. Donna was on her knees again, not getting up. I could see tears streaming from under the blindfold. And she was smiling.

I quickly untied her hands.

"Oh, my God, Donna, I didn't mean...." I was about to cry.

I pulled off the tear soaked blindfold and removed the ball gag. I helped her onto the bed.

" Donna...?"

"Sshhh..." She put her finger to my lips. " You did good. I'm proud of you."


" It was a good plan." She croaked. " I was happy to hear your voice after you snuck in."

"Why?" I asked.

" Because I knew you wanted to get me back. I knew you'd be hard on me. Jim can't bring him self to go there, like that."

"Wait, you mean you, liked it?"

" I never felt anything like that... But, I did want it, to try it." She smiled. " I have an idea too... Jim, get bubba for us..."

Jim went to the closet and returned with her big strapon. He held it out to her.

"Jessica, would you like to wear it?" She asked....


I had a firm grip on Donna's throat. Her eyes bulged. Her ankles were cuffed to her respective wrists. Her legs bent at the knee as I pounded and thrust into her with her own huge strapon.

"I'm sorry,I'm sorry! uhhh uh uh, sssorry!" she repeated.

" Shut it, bitch!" I snapped.

I yanked her by the hair and smacked her in the mouth.

"Your husband loves my young pussy, got it? I've been sucking his cock all week, too!" I thrust hard into her a few times.

" Uhhh, uhh, ahhah!" She cried out.

I slapped her mouth again. Then I pinched her nipples.

" Jim likes having his daughters friend to suck him off.!" I taunted.

"Yes, oh y'yes!" She cried.

I made Donna come repeatedly that night. It felt good to be in control!




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CanadianCasanova Loved the strap-on action!

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