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"How do these look?" Nikki asked, doing a slow spin, so I could get a full view of her new thong panties.


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"Those are hot!" I said. It was true, too. Ecspecially on Nikki. She had a great ass, well, she had a great "everything."

"I know,right?" She squealed. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out an identicle pair. "I got these for you!"

"You're the shit!" I screeched.

I pulled off my jeans and panties on the spot. We were in the privacy of Nikki's room, so I didn't hesitate to try on my new undies. I did a spin like Nikki had just done. "Well?"

"You have a nice ass, Jessi." She answered.

"I mean how do they look on me? Duh!" I laughed.

"A-fucking-mazing! They look sexy as hell riding up on your hips like that."

We both jumped in front of her huge wall mirror to check ourselves out in our twin thongs. Nikki took off her shirt and bra,too.

"Ahh, that's better." She said massaging her flawless breasts. "Come on...Off!" She commanded, tugging on my shirt.

"Okay, hold on! Damn..."

I had to admit, I looked good too. My body was fuller, more "Matured." I was toned from working out with Nikki and her Mom, as well.

"Look at those jugs!" Nikki teased, lifting them and squeezing.

"Look at your own jugs, freak!" I laughed.

"I'm a freak, huh? You got some nerve!"

She had a point. I was the one watching her in the locker rooms at school, before we became friends.

Nikki turned back to the mirror and put her arm around my waist, tilting her head to the side.

" I bet guys at school think about us when they jack off." She said.

"You think?" I'd never thought about that...

"Oh, fo' sho', bitch!" Nikki giggled, pulling me close.

I liked it when Nikki touched me. A while back, Nikki showed me how a shower massager "Really" worked. After that, though, she never tried anything sexual towards me. I figured she didn't consider getting me off with a shower head "Sexual".

I was pretty sure she was also clueless about the encounters I had with both of her parents... Nikki and I were "Besties" and I didn't want to scare her off.

She continued to stare into the mirror, with her hand on my hip bone. I was starting to tingle where our flesh touched. I decided to put my arm around her waist, too. She rested her head on my shoulder. It felt nice being that close to her.

She turned towards me. "I love you, Jessi. You're my bestest best friend."

I turned to her. "I love you too, Nik-nik." I smiled.

She wrapped her arms around me and we hugged. Nikki smelled so good, like a flower. I became aware of her naked breasts pressed against mine. I tried to will my nipples not to stiffen, but they did anyway. Nikki looked up at me and pulled back a little, but kept my waist circled in her arms.

She smiled. " I can tell you anything..."


Her hand drifted down the small of my back and rested on my butt. I was starting to ache. What if I was reading to much into her touches? Her hand felt good on my ass, and I wanted to feel hers too.

I decided to play it off. "You like squeezing my ass?" I laughed.

" Sure do! "She shot back. "Looks like you do too, seeing how hard you're nippin' right now, ho...!"

I covered my breasts immediately, but she held onto me so i couldn't back away.

" Ho? Is that right?" I said, pushing her away from me playfully.

She stumbled back,but held tight to me pulling me along.. She plopped down on her bed as I stood close before her. I looked down at her, with a gentle smile. She looked up at me, seriously.

"For reals...I CAN tell you anything? Even if you don't agree...You'll still be my BFF?" She asked.

"Of course, biotch! Any-fucking-thing. What is it, hun?" I asked, intrigued.

She started to play with the hip strings of my new thong, trying to find the right words. I swayed in place as she pulled at me, snapping the strings.

"Nikki, seriously...What is it, huh?" I asked again.

She leaned towards me and kisssed my belly button. I shivered. She silently carressed my thighs and ass. Still silent. I reached down and ran my fingers through her hair, pulling her face towards me. She kissed my stomache again.

" I want you, jessi." She mumbled.

I felt her tongue in my belly button as she slowly licked around it. I closed my eyes and shuddered. My heart started to pound. I kept my hand in her hair,runnng my fingers through it.

"You want me? Go on, I'm listening..." I whispered.

"I want to feel you. I want to touch you all over. When you sleep over, I want to press up against your naked, warm body.."

I smiled. I remember waking up a few times snuggling with her.

"Is that why you touch me so much?"I asked.


"Lie down,then.."

I went to her bedroom door and locked it. I walked back to Nikki's bed and climbed in next to her. I snuggled close.

"How do you want us to lie?" I asked.

She rested her head on my right tit,pressing her face into it. Her arm draped across my waist. We lied there together in silence. I reached over and stroked her hair.

After a bit I turned toward her. My hand drifted from her hair to her shoulder, sliding down her arm. I traced my finger on her forearm, then rested my hand on her hip.

Nikki started to rub her fingers on my stomache, just under my belly button. It felt good. I was so turned on. I turned more towards her so our bellies touched. We looked into eachothers eyes.

"I want you, too, Nikki. I want you so, bad. Let's have eachother. No worries...Just honesty. Let's tell eachother what we want, Okay?"

"Yes..." She whispered.

"I want to lean over you, and kiss you on the mouth." I said first.

Nikki straightened onto her back as I leaned over her. Slowly our lips touched. Soflty at first, then deeply as our tongues rubbed passed eachother, licking. We kissed, only our mouths together.

" I have fantasized about something for a while now,Jessica," Nikki looked at me,eyes wide.

"Okay, tell me..."

I put on one of Nikki's long t-shirts she wore on our sleep overs. I removed my underwear and climbed under the covers. She had me roll onto my side facing away from her. Closed my eyes.

Nikki climbed into her bed, and scooted up next to me. Her arm gently slid under my neck, cradling my head. It felt nice. I could have really slept like that. With her free hand, Nikki rested her hand on my ass. She held me like that until I really started to doze off.

I was barely aware of her hand rubbing my ass, as my shirt was being gently pulled up.

I drifted back into conciousness. Nikki was pressed tight against me so I couldn't roll over.

"Nikki? What are you..."

"Sshhhh...' She hushed me.

I remembered what she told me to do next. I grabbed her hand to pull it off of my mouth. She clamped firm. My shirt was up over my waist in the back. My naked ass pressed against Nikki;s stomache. I wiggled it and squirmed. Her other hand was squeezing and rubbing my ass. I tried to "twist free", but, not to much to actually get away.

I felt her fingers dig into my ass crack, rubbing and prodding my cheeks.

I grabbed at the hand over my mouth and pulled. For a brief moment my mouth was free.

"Stop it...! Let me g-!" I was cut off as her hand clamped down again.

I broke out in goose pimples when she started to suck on my neck.

""MMMmm. " I groaned.

Nikki slid her hand down my wiggling ass and found my wet pussy. She used her middle and ring-fingers together to part my pussy from behind. Both of her fingers sank deep into my stuggling cunt. I tried to squeeze my pussy muscles to keep her from banging into me, but i was too wet.

"Don't fight it..." She whispered.

I twisted towards her, pinning her hand under my ass. As soon as I was on my back, Nikki swung her leg over, between my legs and wrapped my leg with her. Pulling her hand free from under my ass, she now was able to grope me from the front. Her two fingers found my wet slit once again.

I grabbed between my legs and pulled at her hand. She hooked her fingers and pressed on my G-spot. I couldn't fight it any more. My legs parted wide open. I rolled my hips in pleasure. I grabbed onto my titties and tweaked my nipples.

'Good, Jessi, just enjoy it." She cooed in my ear.

Her hand, on my mouth, relaxed. I sucked on her fingers and moaned.

"Yes, Nikki...I like that...Ohhh, fuuuck...mmmm..." I whined

My ass lifted up as I rocked my hips. I could hear sloppy sucking noises as my pussy was being banged by Nikki's eager fingers.

"I'm coming, Ohhhh, I'm coming...NOW!" I cried.

Nikki continued a few more seconds, then pulled her fingers free.

After a bit, when I was calmed down....Nikki said, "Your turn."






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easypeasy    (2011-11-06 12:41:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, really hot! Pussy is wet now. ;)
CanadianCasanova    (2011-11-04 15:44:09)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova I'm really liking this series!

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