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  By: super_wet_girl

Enter your story here...  remember waking up to the sound of a muffled scream. There was some noise coming from down stairs, every so often I'd hear a bump or a bang. Concerned, i went to investigate the commotion. I could hear voices coming from our living room, so, I snuck downstairs and crawled to the livingroom entry. It was dark, but i could see well enough because of several night lights we have around the house.


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Naughty level to be set later

I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming out and showing myself. my sister, jenna, was being attacked by an intruder! He had her by the wrists, but she twisted away. She turned to run, but he tackled her from behind. , She hit face first on the floor. Stunned, she went limp, then tried to stand.
But, her attacker yanked her up by the hair and neck, and shoved her towards our couch. i was frozen in place... I wanted to run, was about to run.

My sister's pajama shirt was ripped open, the buttons gone. He pulled on her collar and the shirt was flung down. The bottoms of her pajama's were like sweat pants, only thinner. "He's killing her!", i thought wildly. She was in a daze and her attacker threw her into the couch, then pushed her face into the cushions. He had ahold of the back of her neck and she couldn't get away. he reached down between her legs and started rubbing her crotch.
" Be quiet, whore!" He hissed.
i heard a tearing sound as he ripped jennas pajamas. He tore open the back of her p.j.s and started to unbutton his pants.
"please, please, dont hurt me." she begged.
He said nothing, and pulled out his penis. it was long and thick. Scary big, like in movies. He clamped his hand over her mouth, and forced her over. i heard jenna try to cry out, when his penis started to penetrate her.
"How's that feel,cunt? Huh? You like a big dick deep in your snatch,,,"
He was thrusting deep and hard into her,and her cries where becoming deeper, turning into moans.
His testicle were making a rythmic slapping noise on her bottom.
Jenna stopped fighting him. He was so much bigger than her. He had her pinned, arm behind her back. Jennas butt was exposed. He was pulling her into him as he thrust into her. She could only make a muffled yelping noise.
I was terrified. i was trying to think of something to do!
then, he stopped his thrusting and let jenna drop to the couch. she was lying there, shaking
He yanked her to a sitting position.
"You know what this is?" he asked her.
when she didnt answer, he yanked her hair.
"Huh, bitch?"
"y,yes," she answered.
"What is it?"
"It's your penis..."
"It's my cock, slut!" he corrected
"It's your cock." she repeated.
"What is it for?"
Then he slapped her again. "Don't be dumb,bitch!"
" it's for fucking."
"Fucking what?"
"My pussy, its for fucking my pussy."
Did you like it in your pussy? Tell me!"
Y,yes... I liked it in my pussy...
"because i'm a slut and i like to have my pussy fucked with your huge cock!"
"What else?"
"What?" she asked confused.
"What else do you like to have fucked with my huge cock?"
"I d,dont know..."
"Dont lie, slut! What else?"
"Please..." she begged " Dont...'
His large erection was inches from her face now. he gripped the shaft firmly, pointing it at her. He rubbed it on her face, clubbing her with it. He started to rub it on her lips.
"What else?" He growled.
Jenna's lips slowly began to part as her mouth opened. as wide as she could she opend her mouth and started to suck on his massive penis. He stood rock still as she stroked and sucked on him. i realized at that point, my hand was between my legs. While i was watching from my hiding spot, i began to absent mindedly rub myself. Now, i was aware of the wetness in underwear. My vagina felt good.

i pulled my panties to the side and began to finger myself, as I watched Jenna suck on the intruders massive tool. She was making choking noises as he went deeper into her throat. Then he pulled her mouth off him
"What else do sluts like to have fucked?" He asked again.
jenna closed her eyes and began to sob
"Anwer...What else do you like, slut?"
" i like m,my ass fucked with your huge cock. Fucked hard..."
then, Jenna turned her butt towards him and bent over. He pushed his cock into her butt, while she spread her cheeks for him.
i had two of my fingers deep in my wet pussy by now. as he worked his way into her rear end, I started to push my finger into my backside.
His penis was about a quarter of its length into her and he couldnt go any deeper. He pulled back a little, then pushed in a little. Finally, he started to plunge deeper. Jenna was wiggling her butt, trying to work it in. She backed onto it until her butthole gave way and that huge dong was inside. Jenna was grunting with each thrust. Her breasts bouncing to the rhythm.
When he ejaculated he made jenna open her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. Then suddenly, he left. Jenna quietly rolled over to her side. I krept back to my room where I finished masturbating, pretendind the big intruder was raping my virgin hole.

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anonimusrick    (2011-10-09 13:36:58)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Be careful what you wish for little girl. MUAHAHA
I liked it very much. I wish it were more detailed.
When do we hear about your rape?
jalvar11    (2011-10-07 13:14:38)    Flag as inappropiate
jalvar11 What a freak... do you want to be raped?

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