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This is a follow up to "sexy sister"
which i posted 3 years ago. Honestly I haven't checked in frequently but when I did recently seeing the story got numerous requests for a sequel I had to post another story from later that summer. so here you go hope you all enjoy and like always comments and messages are welcome and I will try to get back to you all in a more timely manner.

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Naughty level to be set later

this story is somewhat true, somewhat imagination ill let you decide....

 After that amazing night with my sister I couldn't wait to get her alone again and see where things go next. Being summer however, we seem to always be surrounded by other people. my little brother was always home and my parents were home most weekends. We made due with little showings of affection when no one was looking though.

She would wear very skimpy and somewhat revealing clothes around the house when our parents were at work if my brother would ask it would be blamed on the heat of course. We would sneak passionate kisses and feel each others bodies teasingly when no one else was around. We both wanted more but the consequences of getting caught were really not worth the risk and we both knew it. 

One weekend we were invited to attend a party at one of my Aunts homes on a Friday afternoon. My Aunt lived a good 2 hours away and I knew if i attended the party I would get stuck there over night because my people drink heavily but they refuse to drink and drive. I told my mother I didn't want to go because of that and so did my sister but my brother wanted to go and catch up with the rest of the fam. After careful consideration my parents allowed us to stay home so long as we didn't try to throw a party and destroy the house. We agreed and finally our parents allowed us to stay home alone and watch the house while they were gone. 

The morning came and it was time for them to leave. The gave us some money for pizza and told us to behave and with that they were off to leave us to our own devices.
We were in no rush to get into anything sexual the moment the door closed behind them so we spent the majority of the afternoon lounging by the pool drinking rum and cokes, swimming, and taking in some good summer sun. She was wearing a tiny little bikini and I had the privilege of rubbing her down with sun tan lotion frequently throughout the day. We were really enjoying each others company and honestly i did not want this day to ever come to an end.  

As the afternoon wound down and dusk began to settle in we decided to take things inside and order some pizza and maybe pop on a movie or something. Now we had a few drinks throughout the day but we were only just a bit tipsy at best. Once I ordered the pizza I told my sister I was going to hop in the shower to get the chlorine off of me and get changed before the pizza arrived. She told me to hurry up because she had the same thing in mind and with that I went up stairs and headed into the bathroom. I made the shower short out of respect and brushed my teeth and left for my room clad in only a towel to change. To my surprise when I opened the door my sister was standing there completely naked and said "about time" kinda sarcastically. I couldn't reply as I was fixated on her absolutely stunning body. She just reached in, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and slipped past me and closed the door and began her shower. As I walked to my room to get changed I wondered why I didn't just invite her to get in the shower with me in the 1st place...gotta love the value of hindsight. 

I got changed quickly, just a pair of basketball shorts and a white T, slipped on some flip flops and went downstairs to prepare for dinner. I got a few plates for the pizza and brought them into the living room and went back to the kitchen to make us a few more drinks. The drinks I made all afternoon were considerably weaker than the ones I made this time but hey we were eating and we both liked to drink so it was cool. It was about this time I heard the shower turn off and my sister shuffle off to her room to get changed. The door bell rang and I knew the pizza was here so I ran off to go pay for it and brought it into the living room. I yelled up to my sister that the food was here and she informed me she would be down in a few minutes. I heard her go back into the bathroom and the unmistakable sound of the hairdryer going. I really wanted to see what she was going to be wearing but once I heard her doing her hair I knew she was going to look even hotter so the wait should be well worth it. Finally I heard the bathroom door open and close and I could hear her footsteps make their way towards the stairs. 

I was sitting on the couch and looked up to watch her come down the stairs and I was right, the added time was well worth the wait. She was wearing the shortest booty shorts I have ever seen. They were a cotton material blue with white writing on one of the legs. They were so short that the bottom of her very well shaped ass cheeks just peaked out of the bottom of them, not enough to be slutty but just enough to show off. Up top she was wearing a very very tight white short T shirt. Her young breasts didn't need any help being held up but the shirt encased them perfectly. She wasn't wearing any shoes or anything which i love and when she got a little close I was in for yet another surprise...she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see fully her perfect nipples protruding and just a hint of her light colored areolas. 

She saw me staring and I wasn't even trying to hide it. She came over to sit on the couch with me and instead of just plopping down she turned from me at an angle and slower than necessary she bent over revealing more of the bottom of her ass cheeks to me and I didn't see any signs of panties, either she was wearing a thong or nothing at all, either were more than acceptable to me! We decided on a movie to watch, it was some corny action movie. I couldn't even begin to tell you what the title was because my mind was obviously elsewhere. we took a couple slices of pizza each and grabbed our drinks. She took one sip and looked at me and said "are you trying to get me drunk?" to which I replied "I don't have to get you drunk do I?" she just laughed a little and we continued eating dinner and drinking while watching the movie. 

We finished eating and the movie still had about a good 45 minutes left on it so I paused it to clear the food. While I was in the kitchen I grabbed the rum and the 2 liter of coke and brought them back in the living room with me. When I got there I put both items down on the table next to our cups and my sister asked me if I would go upstairs and grab a blanket because she was cold. this is understandable the AC is always on and she was wearing next to nothing. Being the good brother that I am I went upstairs to get the blanket even though I knew doing so would deprive me of the spectacular view I have been enjoying all night.

I returned to find our glasses refilled and gave my sister the blanket. She told me she wanted to lay down on the couch but she wanted to drink this last drink quickly with me first. I agreed and we killed the drink (which was even stronger than the last one I made us) pretty quickly. After that she invited me to lay down on the couch with her so we could finish the movie. I laid on the back of the couch and she cuddled up to me throwing the blanked on top of the both of us. Then she did that move that girls do that all men love. She scooted her ass up extra close to my dick and gave it an extra little wiggle when it arrived. That's all it took and I was instantly hard. I knew she felt it but she didn't even flinch. I reached under the blanket and let my hand come to rest on her breast over the top of her shirt and gave her a little kiss on the side of her neck. We proceeded to watch the rest of the movie like that and as bad as the movie was I managed to smile through the rest of it.

As the movie came to an end I asked her what she wanted to do now. Her reply was simple, and very effective. She turned around facing me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I let my hand roam down to her ass and grabbed and massaged her ass and the back of her thigh. We continued making out like that for what seemed like forever but in reality was probably only a few minutes. I then broke our embrace and sat on the couch next to her, reached over and pulled her on top of me. she was now straddling my lap and we began to kiss again. I could feel the warmth of her pussy through our shorts on my hard cock. my hands roaming from her ass up to her tits never going under her clothing yet (as I said we had all the time in the world tonight so no reason to rush things when we could enjoy it). After another few minutes she broke our embrace this time and told me she wanted to go upstairs with me. I didn't even have to reply I just grabbed her by her hips and helped her off of me and with that she grabbed my hand and lead me up the stairs. Walking up the stairs was like in slow motion watching her ass jiggle and sway with each stair. When we reached the top I ask her "my room or yours" she said she wanted to go to my room because I had a queen sized waterbed.

When we got to my room I literally jumped on my bed and propped up a few pillows and looked at how stunning my sister looked standing there. I took my shirt off and threw it on the floor and she started to remove hers. She was looking me directly in the eyes very seductively and began to pull her shirt up very slowly smiling in knowing she had my complete attention. Finally the shirt rose to the point where her beautiful B cup breasts were free from that tight cotton prison. Just as I was savoring the sight of those young, firm, perfect tits she turned around. At first I was sad but when I realized what was next the sadness quickly dissipated. She put both thumbs inside either side of the waistband of her booty shorts and slightly bent over giving me the most perfect view. She removed them as slowly as she did her shirt. I was loving seeing every milometer of flesh as it was revealed to me. Before I knew it I was staring at her beautiful tight pussy from behind. She had the most perfect pussy I have ever seen even to this day. Her outer lips were so plump and juicy you could just barely see her inner lips with her legs together and her bent over the way she was. I could have stared at that sight all night long. After giving me such a great show her booty shorts finally hit her ankles and she kicked them off in the direction the shirt went flying just moments ago. Just as she was about to crawl in bed with me I heard the house phone ring, I knew it was the fam checking in so I had to go get it. I told her not to go anywhere I'd be right back and i literally sprinted to the phone. After assuring my fam that everything was under control we said goodnight and I ran back upstairs to resume what my sister and I had started. 

When I arrived I found my sister in the spot I previously was in propped up on a few pillows with one leg slightly crossed over the other. She put on HBO which just happened to be showing one of those Real Sex shows. I stood there for a few seconds to enjoy the amazing view. I jumped in bed next to her and without hesitation she rolled me over and got on top of me. The only thing separating my dick from her wet shaved pussy was nothing more than a pair of basketball shorts. She kissed me on my neck and ear lobes working her way down to my chest and when she reached my stomach she reached down and pulled my basketball shorts down. kissing further down she got to my cock and immediately shoved it deep into her warm waiting mouth. the feeling wasn't a new one but it was something i was longing for for weeks. i reached down and massaged her breasts as she sucked my dick like an expert. with all the anticipation i knew it wouldn't be more than 5 minutes before i was going to cum. I certainly wanted to prolong things and decided it was just about her turn to get some action.

Without warning i threw her off of me and onto her back and attacked her pussy with my mouth. this caught her off guard and i could tell she liked the aggressive nature of my actions. i licked from her pussy hole savoring her sweet taste up to her clit. i wrapped my lips around her clit and lightly circled my tongue around it. By this time she was soaking wet, i could feel her juices starting to drench my chin and she was bucking her hips wildly. It wasn't long before her body began to stiffen up and i knew her orgasm was coming fast. I broke my death lock on her clit and slipped 2 fingers into her incredibly tight pussy. I was young but i knew to do the "come here motion" while inside of her to hit her G spot. At the same time i made my way up to her tits and started to suck and caress them. This sent her over the edge and her lower body almost levitated off the bed and she was thrashing about moaning in absolute pleasure as her orgasm rushed over her. I began to slow down my finger action as her orgasm subsided eventually letting my fingers slide out and move up to gently rub her clit while i kissed her deeply.

 When her breathing regulated and she was able to speak she said "its your turn now, how do you want it?". I told her I wanted to sit on the edge of the bed and for her to get down on her knees and suck my dick. She got up and got off the bed her legs still a little wobbly and made her way down on her knees just like i asked her to. she reached up looking me dead in the eyes and grabbed my cock and stroked it a little. She leaned in and took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked and licked on it gently. Then she licked my cock from the base all the way up to the head licking around it slowly all the while looking me right in the eye. I could see that she loved me, and loved making me feel good and she was doing a really good job at that. She took my cock into her mouth, just the head at first with a lot of pressure swirling her tongue around my dick. She grabbed my dick with her hand and started to jerk it up and down at the same time. This just about sent me over the edge and I began to moan a little bit. She removed my cock from her mouth and asked me "Do you like it when your little sister sucks your cock?" i told her i love it and told her i wanted her to make me cum. "where?" she asked and i told her i wanted to cum all over her pretty little face. Without a word she began taking my dick into her mouth as deep as she could sucking faster and with a whole lot of spit. I knew i was about to cum and stood up. I told her to spit on my dick and jerk me off until I came all over her face. She did and started working my dick as fast as her little hands could move and almost without notice I started to cum. The first massive jet of cum stretched from her cheek up into her hair. Without so much as a flinch she aimed the 2nd towards her open mouth. Some landed in her mouth while some dribbled down her chin and dangled off a little. Then she did something unexpected ,she deep throated me taking almost all of my then rock hard cock into her mouth. I was still mid orgasm and was dumping load after load of cum deep into her mouth. It felt like i was cumming forever but eventually it did subside. She continued sucking my cock until I couldn't take it any more and had to tell her to stop. She swallowed the cum that was in her mouth and looked up at me and said "I love your cum, I wish we could do this every day". I told her there was always tomorrow morning and she smiled and got up to go clean her face (and hair) off.

When she came back she asked me if it were ok if she slept in my bed with me tonight. Of course being the great brother that i am i had no objections and she hoped in bed with me and we were cuddled up just like we were earlier on the couch only naked. She moved her ass up again next to my now naked cock and it twitched moving toward her pussy. I wanted to fuck her right then and there so bad and she could tell what I was thinking. She turned over towards me and said "that's going to have to wait until tomorrow morning". We kissed one last time and fell asleep in each others arms completely exhausted and totally sexually satisfied.

To be continued if the community wants more!

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juggfukkler    (2011-09-03 04:57:22)    Flag as inappropiate
great story, looking forward for pt. 3
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i say MORE!!!!!!
thatperv    (2011-07-14 23:22:36)    Flag as inappropiate
thatperv thank you for the comment, your motivation inspires me
anonimusrick    (2011-07-13 04:37:20)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

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